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  Robert Cumming Schenck (1809-1890) — also known as Robert C. Schenck — of Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. Born in Franklin, Warren County, Ohio, October 4, 1809. Lawyer; member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1839-43; U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1843-51, 1863-71 (3rd District 1843-51, 1863-67, 5th District 1867-69, 3rd District 1869-71); U.S. Minister to Brazil, 1851-53; Great Britain, 1870-76; general in the Union Army during the Civil War. While U.S. minister to Great Britain in 1871, he promoted the sale of shares in the Emma Silver Mine Company, of which was a director; quietly sold his own shares before news about the mine's depletion caused their value to collapse. His diplomatic immunity enabled him to avoid facing fraud charges in a British court. Died in Washington, D.C., March 23, 1890 (age 80 years, 170 days). Interment at Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio.
  Cross-reference: John W. Chanler
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  John W. Flaherty (1832-1904) — of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y. Born in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland, 1832. Democrat. Ship carpenter; contractor; Independent Democratic candidate for New York state assembly from Kings County 7th District, 1874; Brooklyn Commissioner of City Works; indicted, along with George C. Bennett, in December 1878, for conspiracy to defraud the city of $50,000; tried and convicted; fined $250; the conviction, which he claimed was the work of Mayor James Howell and the corrupt "Brooklyn Ring", was reversed on appeal; Independent Democratic candidate for mayor of Brooklyn, N.Y., 1879. Catholic. Irish ancestry. Member, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Died, from Bright's disease, in Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y., October 26, 1904 (age about 72 years). Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  Stephen Wallace Dorsey (1842-1916) — also known as Stephen W. Dorsey — of Helena (now part of Helena-West Helena), Phillips County, Ark.; Little Rock, Pulaski County, Ark.; Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Calif. Born in Benson, Rutland County, Vt., February 28, 1842. Republican. U.S. Senator from Arkansas, 1873-79; delegate to Republican National Convention from Arkansas, 1876, 1880. Indicted in 1881 for his participation in the Star Route frauds against the U.S. Post Office Department; tried twice in 1882-83 and ultimately acquitted. Died March 20, 1916 (age 74 years, 21 days). Interment at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colo.
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  Charles H. Houghton — of Metuchen, Middlesex County, N.J. Born in New York. Colonel in the Union Army during the Civil War; lost a leg in a Civil War battle; U.S. Collector of Customs, 1875-82. Member, Grand Army of the Republic. Arrested in May 1882, and charged with embezzlement, fraud, and forgery; tried, convicted, and fined. Burial location unknown.
  Albert Hiram Lennox (1842-1907) — also known as Albert H. Lennox; Albert Hiram Lenox — of Camden, Camden County, N.J. Born in Trenton, Mercer County, N.J., December 22, 1842. Shipbroker; commission merchant; Vice-Consul for Haiti in Philadelphia, Pa., 1877-83; Consul for Greece in Philadelphia, Pa., 1881-91; Consul for Haiti in Philadelphia, Pa., 1883-91; in 1891, he and other officers of some mutual benefit associations were charged in Philadelphia with obtaining money under false pretenses; in 1894, he resisted eviction for non-payment of rent; he was no longer consul, but falsely claimd diplomatic immunity; the government of Haiti contradicted his claim, and a scandal resulted. Died in Camden, Camden County, N.J., July 4, 1907 (age 64 years, 194 days). Interment at Colestown Cemetery, Cherry Hill Township, Camden County, N.J.
  Relatives: Son of Elizabeth Jane Lenox and Hiram Lenox; married to Emma Stoy.
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  John Hampton Hoge (1856-1903) — also known as J. Hampton Hoge — of Montgomery County, Va. Born in 1856. Republican. In October 1893, he was appointed Consul at Amoy, China, and set out for San Francisco en route to his post; just before leaving town, he gave a bad check to settle a debt; on the train to San Francisco, he was conspicuously drunk on the entire journey; President Cleveland rescinded the appointment, and Hoge was ridiculed in newspapers all over the U.S.; candidate for U.S. Representative from Virginia 6th District, 1894, 1896; candidate for Governor of Virginia, 1901. Died in 1903 (age about 47 years). Interment at Westview Cemetery, Blacksburg, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Daniel Howe Hoge and Ann Hawes (DeJarnette) Hoge; brother of Samuel Harris Hoge; married to Lulu Otey; first cousin of James Hoge Tyler.
  Political family: Hoge family of Virginia.
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  Louis Stern (c.1856-1901) — of St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minn. Born in Germany, about 1856. Democrat. Naturalized U.S. citizen; newspaper reporter; U.S. Commercial Agent (Consul) in Bamberg, 1893-1901. Jewish. Arrested and fined in Kissingen, Germany, 1895, for insulting the Baron von Thuengen; also charged with misrepresenting his 15-year-old son as being twelve in order to get cheaper passage to Europe for him on a steamship; the U.S. Consul General in Berlin asserted that Mr. Stern was "very harshly and unjustly treated". Depressed over financial problems and perceived anti-Semitism, he began neglecting his work; he was recalled as commercial agent in 1901, but remained at Bamberg; his failure to return money he had collected on behalf of U.S. citizens led to a judgement against him for 2,000 marks, which he was unable to pay; he died by self-inflicted gunshot, in the public gardens at Bamberg, Germany, June 10, 1901 (age about 45 years). Burial location unknown.
  John Looney (1865-1942) — also known as Patrick John Looney — of Rock Island, Rock Island County, Ill. Born in Ottawa, La Salle County, Ill., October 5, 1865. Lawyer; newspaper publisher; indicted with others in 1897 over a scheme to defraud the city of Rock Island in connection with a storm drain construction project; convicted, but the verdict was overturned on appeal; candidate for Illinois state house of representatives, 1900; created and led a crime syndicate in northwest Illinois, with interests in gambling, prostitution, extortion, and eventually bootlegging and automobile theft; indicted in 1907 on 37 counts of bribery, extortion, and libel, but acquitted; shot and wounded by hidden snipers on two occasions in 1908; on February 22, 1909, he was shot and wounded in a gunfight with business rival W. W. Wilmerton; on March 22, 1912, after publishing personal attacks on Rock Island Mayor Henry M. Schriver, he was arrested, brought to the police station, and severely beaten by the mayor himself; subsequent rioting killed two men and injured nine others; resumed control of the Rock Island rackets in 1921; in 1922, he was indicted for the murder of saloon keeper William Gabel, who had provided evidence against Looney to federal agents; arrested in Belen, N.M., in 1924, and later convicted of conspiracy and murder; sentenced to 5 years in prison for conspiracy and 14 years for murder; served 8 1/2 years. Irish ancestry. Died, of tuberculosis, in a sanitarium at El Paso, El Paso County, Tex., 1942 (age about 76 years). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Patrick Looney and Margaret Looney; married 1892 to Nora O'Connor; nephew of Maurice T. Maloney.
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  John Hipple Mitchell (1835-1905) — also known as John H. Mitchell; John Mitchell Hipple — of Portland, Multnomah County, Ore. Born in Washington County, Pa., June 22, 1835. Republican. Lawyer; member of Oregon state senate, 1862-66; U.S. Senator from Oregon, 1873-79, 1885-97, 1901-05; died in office 1905. Indicted in December 1904 in connection with land frauds; a bribery charge was added later. Died in Portland, Multnomah County, Ore., December 8, 1905 (age 70 years, 169 days). Interment at River View Cemetery, Portland, Ore.
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  Frank P. Demarest — of Mont Moor, Rockland County, N.Y.; West Nyack, Rockland County, N.Y. Member of New York state assembly from Rockland County, 1888-89, 1891, 1900. Indicted several times on various offenses in 1891-03; tried in 1903 and acquitted; indicted on fraud charges in 1904; he had presented claims against the Town of Clarkstown for services he had not provided; tried in Rockland County and convicted on November 18, 1904. Burial location unknown.
  John Hicklin Hall (1854-1937) — also known as John H. Hall — of Portland, Multnomah County, Ore. Born in Multnomah County, Ore., July 17, 1854. Member of Oregon state house of representatives, 1891-92; U.S. Attorney for Oregon, 1897-1904. Removed from office as district attorney; tried and convicted in 1905 on land fraud charges; later pardoned by President Taft. Died in Portland, Multnomah County, Ore., July 27, 1937 (age 83 years, 10 days). Interment at River View Cemetery, Portland, Ore.
  Relatives: Father of John Hubert Hall; second cousin of Louis Blasdel Ewbank.
  Political family: Hall family of Oregon.
Henry Wulff Henry Wulff (1854-1907) — of Chicago, Cook County, Ill. Born in Meldorf, Germany, August 24, 1854. Republican. Cook County Clerk, 1886-94; delegate to Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1892; Illinois state treasurer, 1895-97; president of Continental Financing Company, which in 1905 was investigated by the Illinois Attorney General as a fraud scheme; charged in federal court with using the mails to defraud, he and an associate pleaded guilty in 1906, and were sentenced to prison. Member, Freemasons; Foresters; Redmen; Knights of Pythias. Died in Chicago, Cook County, Ill., December 27, 1907 (age 53 years, 125 days). Interment at Union Ridge Cemetery, Chicago, Ill.
  Relatives: Son of Claus Wulff and Catherine Wulff; married 1875 to Katherine Englehart.
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  Image source: Chicago Tribune, June 19, 1905
  William H. Reynolds (1868-1931) — of Long Beach, Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. Born in Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y., February 29, 1868. Republican. Builder; real estate developer; member of New York state senate 3rd District, 1894-95; indicted by a grand jury in August 1917 for perjury, over his 1912 expert testimony on the value of land sought by the city for a park; the grand jury alleged that he falsely denied any personal interest in the realty company which owned the property; also indicted in October 1917, with three others, for conspiracy defraud the city of $500,000 by inflating the appraisal; the indictments were dismissed in May 1920 over the prosecutor's delay of the trial; village president of Long Beach, New York, 1921-22; mayor of Long Beach, N.Y., 1922-24; removed 1924; defeated, 1925; indicted on May 1, 1924, along with the Long Beach city treasurer, for misappropriating city funds in connection with a bond issue; tried in June 1924, convicted, sentenced to six months in the county jail, and automatically removed from office as mayor; released pending appeal; the Appellate Division reversed the conviction in June 1925 and ordered a new trial; the indictment was dismissed in June 1927. English and Scotch-Irish ancestry. Member, Elks; Freemasons. Died, from heart disease, in Manhattan, New York County, N.Y., October 13, 1931 (age 63 years, 0 days). Interment at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of William Reynolds and Margaret (McChesney) Reynolds; married to Elise Guerrier.
  Harry Micajah Daugherty (1860-1941) — also known as Harry M. Daugherty — of Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio; Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Born in Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio, January 26, 1860. Republican. Lawyer; Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney; member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1890-94; delegate to Republican National Convention from Ohio, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1924; U.S. Attorney General, 1921-24. Methodist. Scotch-Irish ancestry. Subject of a Senate investigation of his conduct as Attorney General; resigned under fire; indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, but acquitted in 1927. Died in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, October 12, 1941 (age 81 years, 259 days). Interment at Washington Cemetery, Washington Court House, Ohio.
  Relatives: Son of John H. Daugherty and Jane A. (Draper) Daugherty; married, September 3, 1884, to Lucie Walker.
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  Books by Harry M. Daugherty: Inside Story of the Harding Tragedy (1932)
  Motley H. Flint (1864-1930) — of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Calif. Born in Somerville, Middlesex County, Mass., February 19, 1864. Republican. Postmaster at Los Angeles, Calif., 1904-10; banker; provided critical support for the Warner Brothers Movie studio in its early years; one of the promoters of Julian Petroleum Corporation, a Ponzi scheme which collapsed in 1927; about 40,000 investors lost their money; tainted by the scandal, he moved to Europe for a time. Member, Freemasons. Called as a witness in a civil suit involving David O. Selznick; after his testimony, as he returned to the audience section of the courtroom, in Los Angeles City Hall, he was shot and killed by Frank Keaton, in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Calif., July 14, 1930 (age 66 years, 145 days). Keaton, who had lost his money in Julian Petroleum, was immediately arrested, and subsequently tried, convicted, and hanged. Entombed in mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Calif.
  Relatives: Son of Francis Eaton Flint and Althea Louise (Hewes) Flint; brother of Frank Putnam Flint; fourth cousin once removed of Benjamin Dexter Sprague.
  Political families: Bache-Dallas family of Pennsylvania and New York; Flint-Bache family (subsets of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Maurice E. Connolly (1881-1935) — of Corona, Queens, Queens County, N.Y.; Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, Queens County, N.Y. Born in Corona, Queens, Queens County, N.Y., 1881. Democrat. Lawyer; borough president of Queens, New York, 1911-28; resigned 1928; delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1912, 1916, 1924; candidate for Justice of New York Supreme Court 2nd District, 1918; resigned as borough president in April, 1928 during an investigation of a sewer graft scandal; convicted in October 1928 of conspiracy to defraud the city; sentenced to one year in prison and fined $500; following an unsuccessful appeal, he served the prison sentence in 1930-31. Irish ancestry. Died, from a cerebral hemorrhage, in Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, Queens County, N.Y., November 24, 1935 (age about 54 years). Interment at Mount St. Mary Cemetery, Flushing, Queens, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of Maurice Connolly and Mary Jane Connolly; married to Helen M. Connell; father of Helen F. Connolly (daughter-in-law of Leander Bernard Faber).
  Cross-reference: Clarence J. Shearn
Daniel R. Crissinger Daniel Richard Crissinger (1860-1942) — also known as Daniel R. Crissinger — of Marion, Marion County, Ohio. Born in Tully Township, Marion County, Ohio, December 10, 1860. Democrat. Lawyer; Marion County Prosecuting Attorney, 1889-94; Marion city solicitor, 1895-1900; one of the organizers of the Marion County Telephone Company; candidate for U.S. Representative from Ohio 13th District, 1904, 1906; banker; U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, 1921-23; member, board of governors, Federal Reserve, 1923-27; in December 1929, he, along with U.S. Rep. Frederick N. Zihlman, and five others, officers of the F. H. Smith Company, which had promoted and sold apparently worthless securities, were indicted on federal charges of using the mails to commit fraud; most of those indicted went to prison, but Crissinger and Zihlman were never tried, and charges against them were dismissed in 1932. German ancestry. Member, Freemasons; Shriners; Knights Templar; Elks; Knights of Pythias; Eagles. Died in Marion, Marion County, Ohio, July 12, 1942 (age 81 years, 214 days). Interment at Marion Cemetery, Marion, Ohio.
  Relatives: Son of John Crissinger and Margaret Ganshorn (Dunham) Crissinger; married 1888 to Ella Frances Scranton.
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  Image source: Federal Reserve History
  Frederick Nicholas Zihlman (1879-1935) — also known as Frederick N. Zihlman — of Cumberland, Allegany County, Md. Born in Carnegie, Allegheny County, Pa., October 2, 1879. Republican. Glass blower; president, Maryland Federation of Labor, 1906-07; member of Maryland state senate, 1910-17; U.S. Representative from Maryland 6th District, 1917-31; defeated, 1914, 1930; investigated in 1924 by the U.S. House over an accusation that he accepted a bribe of $5,000 from a "fixer"; the charges were not substantiated; delegate to Republican National Convention from Maryland, 1928 (member, Resolutions Committee); in December 1929, he, Daniel R. Crissinger, and five others, officers of the F. H. Smith Company, which had promoted and sold apparently worthless securities, were indicted on federal charges of using the mails to commit fraud; most of those indicted went to prison, but Zihlman and Crissinger were never tried, and charges against them were dismissed in 1932. Methodist. Swiss ancestry. Member, Moose. Died in Cumberland, Allegany County, Md., April 22, 1935 (age 55 years, 202 days). Interment at St. John the Evangelist Cemetery, Forest Glen, Md.
  Relatives: Son of Nicholas Zihlman and Julia (Etzel) Zihlman; married to Margaret C. Dahl.
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Samuel Insull Samuel Insull (1859-1938) — of Chicago, Cook County, Ill.; Kenilworth, Cook County, Ill.; near Libertyville, Lake County, Ill. Born in London, England, November 11, 1859. Republican. Associate of Thomas Edison and executive of electric utilities; one of the founders of the company that became General Electric; also had major holdings in railroads; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1904; when his utility holding company collapsed, wiping out the stockholders, he fled the country; indicted in 1932 on fraud and embezzlement charges; ultimately extradited from Turkey in 1934; tried in Chicago and found not guilty. Congregationalist. Member, Union League. Died from a heart attack, in the Place de la Concorde station on the Paris Métro subway system, Paris, France, July 16, 1938 (age 78 years, 247 days). Interment at Putney Vale Cemetery, London, England.
  Relatives: Son of Samuel Insull and Emma (Short) Insull; married, May 24, 1899, to Margaret A. Bird.
  Cross-reference: Forest A. Harness
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  Image source: Time Magazine, November 29, 1926
  Stephen J. Stilwell (1866-1942) — of Bronx, Bronx County, N.Y.; Mamaroneck, Westchester County, N.Y. Born in New York, May 10, 1866. Democrat. Lawyer; member of New York state senate 21st District, 1909-13; removed 1913; charged in 1913 with extorting a bribe of $3,500 from George H. Kendall, president of the New York Bank Note company, over a bill that Kendall supported; tried in the State Senate and found not guilty on April 15 by a vote of 28 to 21; indicted on May 12 by a grand jury for soliciting a bribe; tried soon after, and convicted on May 24; this removed him from office; sentenced to four to eight years in prison; after his release, he moved to Mamaroneck and entered the real estate business; indicted in 1934 on charges that he defrauded his former stenographer of $9,000 when she came to him seeking a Naval Academy appointment for her son, but the case did not go to trial; arrested in March 1941 and indicted in April on charges that he attempted to bribe a Mamaroneck village trustee $1,000 to obtain a police job for an associate; pleaded guilty, but never sentenced; while incarcerated, his legs were amputated. Died, while a prisoner awaiting sentence, in Grasslands Hospital, Valhalla, Westchester County, N.Y., April 20, 1942 (age 75 years, 345 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Mary Delia (Archer) Stilwell and William Jewitt Stilwell; married, February 14, 1887, to Celia A. Blanck.
  Washington Irving Vanderpoel (born c.1880) — also known as W. Irving Vanderpoel — of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y.; Freeport, Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. Born in New York, about 1880. Democrat. Newspaper reporter; insurance broker; village president of Freeport, New York, 1925-26; candidate for U.S. Representative from New York 1st District, 1926. Dutch ancestry. Indicted in December 1936, along with his brother Edwin and others, by a federal grand jury, over his involvement in a stock swindle; found not guilty, but his brother was convicted. Burial location unknown.
  Presumably named for: Washington Irving
  Relatives: Son of Edwin Colburn Vanderpoel.
  Jacob P. Nathanson (1901-1986) — of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y.; Lake Worth (now Lake Worth Beach), Palm Beach County, Fla. Born in Russia, February 21, 1901. Democrat. Lawyer; member of New York state assembly from Kings County 14th District, 1927-33; defeated in primary, 1933. Jewish. Charged in 1930 with professional misconduct by the Brooklyn Bar Association, over his handling of a client's $500 bail payment; suspended from the practice of law in 1931, and ordered to pay restitution. Indicted in October and November 1938 on charges of forgery, grand larceny, and subornation of perjury, over his involvement in fraudulent bail bonds; pleaded guilty to subornation of perjury, and testified against other conspirators; disbarred in 1939. Died in Palm Beach County, Fla., March 2, 1986 (age 85 years, 9 days). Interment somewhere in Palm Beach County, Fla.
  Nathan Lieberman (c.1888-1939) — also known as Leonard Madden — of Manhattan, New York County, N.Y. Born about 1888. Republican. Lawyer; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1912; member of New York state assembly from New York County 17th District, 1921; in March 1939, he was charged, along with two others, over a stock fraud scheme; he pleaded not guilty and was released on bail; meanwhile, in a separate case, he was indicted in Broome County. Member, Freemasons; Elks. Died, apparently of pneumonia, while attempting to kill himself with poison, in his room at the Tudor Hotel (where he had registered under the assumed name "Leonard Madden"), Manhattan, New York County, N.Y., March 12, 1939 (age about 51 years). Burial location unknown.
Frank D. McKay Frank D. McKay (1883-1965) — of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Mich. Born in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Mich., November 4, 1883. Republican. Financier; political boss who dominated Republican politics in Michigan for years; delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1920, 1928, 1932 (alternate), 1936, 1940, 1944; Michigan state treasurer, 1925-30; investigated by a grand jury in 1931 over his handling of state funds while Treasurer; member of Republican National Committee from Michigan, 1940-44; subject of three federal grand jury investigations in 1940 over alleged fraud, extortion and kickbacks; indicted in 1944 for bribery of state legislators; hired a Purple Gang figure to murder the star witness, State Sen. Warren G. Hooper, and the case collapsed; charged in 1945, along with William McKeighan, with conspiracy to violate state liquor laws; tried in 1946; the judge directed a verdict of not guilty. Died in Miami Beach, Dade County (now Miami-Dade County), Fla., January 12, 1965 (age 81 years, 69 days). Entombed at Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Relatives: Son of James D. McKay and Ellen (Zimmerman) McKay; married, May 31, 1906, to Agnes Christine Hermansen.
  Cross-reference: Edward N. Barnard — William Green
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  Image source: Michigan Manual 1927
  James Michael Curley (1874-1958) — also known as James M. Curley; "The Rascal King" — of Jamaica Plain, Boston, Suffolk County, Mass. Born in Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., November 20, 1874. Democrat. Real estate and insurance business; president, Hibernia Savings Bank; member of Massachusetts state house of representatives, 1902-03; U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, 1911-14, 1943-47 (10th District 1911-13, 12th District 1913-14, 11th District 1943-47); resigned 1914; mayor of Boston, Mass., 1914-18, 1922-26, 1930-34, 1946-50; defeated, 1917, 1937, 1941, 1949, 1951, 1955; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Massachusetts, 1928, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948, 1952, 1956; Governor of Massachusetts, 1935-37; defeated, 1924, 1938; candidate for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, 1936; member of Democratic National Committee from Massachusetts, 1940-54; indicted in federal court in 1943, with Donald W. Smith and others, over his participation in Engineers Group, Inc., which fraudulently obtained war contracts; re-indicted in 1944; tried in 1945-46 and convicted; sentenced to six to eighteen months in prison and fined $1,000; released in November 1947 when his sentence was commuted by President Harry Truman. Catholic. Irish ancestry. Member, Eagles; Moose; Elks; Knights of Columbus; Ancient Order of Hibernians. Died in Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., November 12, 1958 (age 83 years, 357 days). Interment at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Roslindale, Boston, Mass.
  Relatives: Son of Michael Curley and Sarah (Clancy) Curley; brother of John J. Curley; married, June 27, 1906, to Mary Emelda Herlihy; married, January 7, 1937, to Gertrude Marion (Casey) Dennis.
  Cross-reference: Joseph Santosuosso
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  Books about James M. Curley: Jack Beatty, The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley — Gerald Leinwand, Mackerels in the Moonlight : Four Corrupt American Mayors — William M. Bulger & Robert J. Allison, James Michael Curley
  Donald Wakefield Smith — also known as Donald W. Smith — of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa.; Washington, D.C. Democrat. Member, National Labor Relations Board, 1936-39; indicted in federal court in 1943, with James M. Curley and others, over his participation in Engineers Group, Inc., which fraudulently obtained war contracts; re-indicted in 1944; tried in 1945-46 and convicted; sentenced to four months to one year and one day in prison and fined $1,000. Burial location unknown.
  Major B. Coxson (c.1929-1973) — of Camden, Camden County, N.J. Born about 1929. Convicted 10 times on fraud and larceny charges, most related to automobile theft; served 22 months in federal prison; candidate for mayor of Camden, N.J., 1973. African ancestry. Admitted four men to his house, who bound and gagged him and his family, and shot each one, killing him and wounding the others, in Cherry Hill, Camden County, N.J., June 9, 1973 (age about 44 years). Burial location unknown.
  Jack Paul Faustin Gremillion (1914-2001) — also known as Jack P. F. Gremillion — of Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La. Born in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, La., June 15, 1914. Democrat. Lawyer; served in the U.S. Army during World War II; Louisiana state attorney general, 1956-72; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 1960. Catholic. Member, American Legion; Disabled American Veterans; Knights of Columbus; Order of Alhambra; Elks; Lions; American Bar Association. While opposing New Orleans school desegregation in federal court in 1960, walked out of the courtroom, calling the court a "den of iniquity"; convicted of contempt of court; sentence was suspended. Indicted in 1969 for fraud and conspiracy over his dealings with the bankrupt Louisiana Loan and Thrift Corp.; tried in 1971 and acquitted. Convicted later that year on federal perjury charges in a related case; sentenced to three years in prison; served 15 months. Pardoned in 1976 by Gov. Edwin Edwards. Died in Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La., March 2, 2001 (age 86 years, 260 days). Interment at Greenoaks Memorial Park, Baton Rouge, La.
  Salvador Anzelmo (born c.1924) — of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, La. Born about 1924. Member of Louisiana state house of representatives, 1969. Indicted in 1969 on fraud and conspiracy charges in connection with the bankrupt Louisiana Loan and Thrift Corporation. Still living as of 1969.
  Bruce Bennett — Arkansas state attorney general, 1957; indicted in 1969 on fraud and conspiracy charges over his relationship with the bankrupt Arkansas Loan and Thrift Corporation. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.
  Raymond James Donovan (1930-2021) — also known as Raymond J. Donovan — of Short Hills, Essex County, N.J. Born in Bayonne, Hudson County, N.J., August 31, 1930. Insurance business; construction executive; U.S. Secretary of Labor, 1981-85; in 1982, he was investigated by a federal special prosecutor over allegations of links to organized crime figures, but insufficient evidence was found for any prosecution; indicted in 1984 over alleged fraud on a subway construction project in the Bronx, New York City; resigned from the Cabinet; tried in 1987 and found not guilty; following his acquittal, he famously asked, "Which office do I go to, to get my reputation back?". Catholic. Died, from congestive heart failure, in New Vernon, Morris County, N.J., June 2, 2021 (age 90 years, 275 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of David Donovan and Eleanor Donovan; married 1957 to Catherine Sblendorio.
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  Joseph L. Galiber (c.1924-1995) — of Bronx, Bronx County, N.Y. Born about 1924. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II; member of New York state senate, 1969-95 (32nd District 1969-82, 31st District 1983-95); died in office 1995; alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1984, 1988. African ancestry. Indicted twice on fraud charges; acquitted both times. Died at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, New York County, N.Y., November 21, 1995 (age about 71 years). Burial location unknown.
  Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. (1922-2018) — also known as Lyndon LaRouche; Lyn Marcus — of New York City (unknown county), N.Y.; Leesburg, Loudoun County, Va. Born in Rochester, Strafford County, N.H., September 8, 1922. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II; U.S. Labor candidate for President of the United States, 1976; candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004; indicted, with others, on fraud and conspiracy charges in 1986 over solicitation of loans from supporters without intending to repay them; also charged with obstruction of justice over destruction of financial records; tried in federal court in Boston; a mistrial was declared in 1988; re-indicted in federal court in Virginia on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud, and tax evasion; convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison; released on parole in 1994; Independent candidate for U.S. Representative from Virginia 10th District, 1990. Died in 2018 (age about 95 years). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Jessie Lenore (Weir) LaRouche and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Sr.; married 1954 to Janice Neuberger; married 1977 to Helga Zepp.
  Cross-reference: Ramsey Clark
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  Books by Lyndon H. LaRouche: Now, Are You Ready To Learn Economics? — How to Defeat Liberalism and William F. Buckley — Earth's Next Fifty Years
  Books about Lyndon H. LaRouche: Michael O. Billington, Reflections of an American Political Prisoner : The Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement
  Critical books about Lyndon H. LaRouche: Helen Gilbert, Lyndon Larouche: Fascism Restyled for the New Millennium — Dennis King, Lyndon Larouche and the New American Fascism
  Edwin Meese III (b. 1931) — also known as Ed Meese; "Reagan's Geographer" — Born in Oakland, Alameda County, Calif., December 2, 1931. Lawyer; legal affairs secretary to Gov. Ronald Reagan, 1967-68; executive assistant and chief of staff, 1969-74; law professor; U.S. Attorney General, 1985-88. Lutheran. Member, Federalist Society. The independent counsel who investigated the Wedtech scandal reported that Meese, who had worked as a lobbyist for Wedtech, was complicit in the company's bribery and fraud; following this disclosure, he resigned from the Cabinet. Still living as of 2020.
  Relatives: Son of Edwin Meese, Jr. and Leona Meese; married 1959 to Ursula Herrick.
  See also Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier — Internet Movie Database profile
  Gentry Crowell (1932-1989) — of Tennessee. Born in Chestnut Mound, Smith County, Tenn., December 10, 1932. Democrat. Member of Tennessee state house of representatives, 1969-77; secretary of state of Tennessee, 1977-89; died in office 1989. His office was a target of the federal "Operation Rocky Top" investigation into fraudulent charity bingo games; his administrative assistant admitted to longtime embezzlement. Suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound on December 12, 1989, and died eight days later in Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville, Davidson County, Tenn., December 20, 1989 (age 57 years, 10 days). Interment at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, Tenn.
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  Gerald McCann (born c.1950) — of Jersey City, Hudson County, N.J. Born in Jersey City, Hudson County, N.J., about 1950. Democrat. Mayor of Jersey City, N.J., 1981-85, 1989-92; defeated, 1985; removed 1992; chair of Hudson County Democratic Party, 1984-85. Catholic. Convicted in 1992 on federal charges of fraud and tax evasion, and sentenced to federal prison. Still living as of 2003.
  Alberto Gutman (b. 1959) — also known as Al Gutman — of Florida. Born in Havana (La Habana), Cuba, January 4, 1959. Republican. Member of Florida state house of representatives, 1984-92; member of Florida state senate 34th District, 1992-99. Jewish. Cuban ancestry. Member, Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; B'nai B'rith; Freemasons. In 1999, he was indicted, along with his wife and 23 others, on charges of Medicaid fraud and conspiracy; pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy charges that he helped set up home health care companies that never did any legitimate business, got names of purported patients from voter lists, and received over $800,000 in Medicare payments; resigned from the Florida Senate as part of the plea bargain; sentenced in 2000 to five years in prison, fined, and ordered to pay restitution. Still living as of 1999.
  Nick Wilson (born c.1943) — of Pocahontas, Randolph County, Ark. Born about 1943. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Arkansas state senate, 1971-98. Convicted in November, 1999, on federal tax evasion charges. Pleaded guilty in March, 2000 to fraud; 128 other charges were dropped in return for his agreement to testify against three others. Still living as of 2000.
  Edward Maurice Mezvinsky (b. 1937) — also known as Edward Mezvinsky — of Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa; Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pa. Born in Ames, Story County, Iowa, January 17, 1937. Democrat. Member of Iowa state legislature, 1970; U.S. Representative from Iowa 1st District, 1973-77; defeated, 1970, 1976; Pennsylvania Democratic state chair, 1981-86; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Pennsylvania, 1984. Jewish. Ukrainian ancestry. Indicted in March, 2001 on 56 federal fraud charges; pleaded guilty to 31, and sentenced to prison. Still living as of 2014.
  Relatives: Married 1963 to Myra Shulman; married 1975 to Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky; father of Marc Mezvinsky (son-in-law of William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton).
  Political family: Clinton family of Wadesboro, North Carolina (subset of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Wallace G. Wilkinson (1941-2002) — also known as "The Weasel" — of Lexington, Fayette County, Ky. Born in Casey County, Ky., December 12, 1941. Democrat. Governor of Kentucky, 1987-91. During bankruptcy proceedings in 2001, it was revealed that Wilkinson had been operating a Ponzi scheme, and that his liabilities exceeded his assets by $300 million; he repeatedly refused to answer questions under oath, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. However, he died before any prosecution could take place. Died, of lymphatic cancer and a stroke, in St. Joseph Hospital, Lexington, Fayette County, Ky., July 5, 2002 (age 60 years, 205 days). Entombed at Sarasota Memorial Park, Sarasota, Fla.
  See also National Governors Association biography — Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier
  James W. Treffinger — of Verona, Essex County, N.J. Republican. Essex County Executive; candidate for U.S. Senator from New Jersey, 2000. Pleaded guilty in 2003 to corruption and fraud charges; ordered to pay $30,000 restitution, and sentenced to 13 months in federal prison. Still living as of 2003.
  Earle Elias Morris Jr. (1928-2011) — also known as Earle E. Morris, Jr. — of Pickens, Pickens County, S.C. Born in Pickens, Pickens County, S.C., July 14, 1928. Democrat. Banker; merchant; member of South Carolina state house of representatives, 1951-54; member of South Carolina state senate, 1954-70 (Pickens County 1954-66, 2nd District 1966-70); delegate to Democratic National Convention from South Carolina, 1956, 1968, 1972; South Carolina Democratic state chair, 1966-68; Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, 1971-74; South Carolina state comptroller general, 1976-99; convicted in 2004 of securities fraud following the collapse of Carolina Investors, though he denied any intent to defraud anyone; sentenced to 44 months in prison. Presbyterian. Member, Lions; Elks; Moose; Woodmen of the World; Jaycees; Kiwanis; Blue Key; Freemasons; Shriners; Phi Kappa Phi. Died, from prostate cancer, in Lexington, Lexington County, S.C., February 11, 2011 (age 82 years, 212 days). Entombed in mausoleum at Bush River Memorial Gardens, Columbia, S.C.
  Relatives: Son of Earle Elias Morris and Bernice (Carey) Morris; married, April 12, 1958, to Jane Lewis Boroughs; married, October 4, 1972, to Carol Telford.
  Epitaph: "Life Journey Of Dignity" / Beloved Husband, Father and Friend.
  See also Wikipedia article — Find-A-Grave memorial
  Robert W. Levy (b. 1947) — also known as Bob Levy — of Atlantic City, Atlantic County, N.J. Born in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, N.J., May 16, 1947. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war; mayor of Atlantic City, N.J., 2005-07; resigned 2007. Falsely claimed to have served in the U.S. Army U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets); admitted that he used false information in his service record to obtain benefits; disappeared on September 26, 2007; his lawyer announced on October 10 that he had resigned; pleaded guilty in November to defrauding the Department of Veterans Affairs, sentenced to three years probation, fined, and ordered to pay restitution. Still living as of 2008.
  Relatives: Married 1964 to Hazel Washington.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Tony F. Mack (b. 1966) — of Trenton, Mercer County, N.J. Born in Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga., January 8, 1966. Democrat. Mercer County Freeholder, 1997-2008; alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from New Jersey, 2000; mayor of Trenton, N.J., 2010-14; removed 2014; arrested in September 2012, and charged with accepting a bribe, fraud, and extortion; tried and convicted in 2014, and sentenced to five years in prison. African ancestry. Member, NAACP; Urban League. Still living as of 2014.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Stephen Ernest Stockman (b. 1956) — also known as Steve Stockman — of Beaumont, Jefferson County, Tex. Born in Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County, Mich., November 14, 1956. Republican. Accountant; U.S. Representative from Texas 9th District, 1995-97; defeated, 1992 (9th District), 1996 (9th District), 2006 (22nd District); candidate for Texas railroad commissioner, 1998; candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas, 2014; arrested in March 2017 and charged in federal court on multiple counts, including obtaining $1.25 millon under false pretenses, money laundering, making false statements to the FEC, not reporting income on his tax return; tried starting in January 2018; convicted in April of 23 felonies; sentenced to ten years in prison and ordered to pay more than $1 million restitution. Baptist. Member, National Rifle Association. Still living as of 2020.
  Relatives: Married 1988 to Patti Ferguson.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier — OurCampaigns candidate detail — Encyclopedia of American Loons
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