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  Joseph Barker (c.1806-1862) — of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa. Born in Allegheny County, Pa., about 1806. Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1850-51; defeated, 1851, 1852. In 1849, after an anti-Catholic speech, he was arrested, charged with using obscene language, obstructing the streets, and causing a riot, convicted, and sentenced to a year in prison; elected mayor in 1850 while still incarcerated. While mayor, he was twice arrested on charges of assault and battery. In 1851, he was convicted of riot. Struck and killed by a railroad train, in Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pa., August 2, 1862 (age about 56 years). Interment at Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Robert Page Walter Morris (1853-1924) — also known as R. Page W. Morris — of Lynchburg, Va.; Duluth, St. Louis County, Minn. Born in Lynchburg, Va., June 30, 1853. Republican. College professor; lawyer; postmaster at Lynchburg, Va., 1883-85; candidate for U.S. Representative from Virginia 6th District, 1884; district judge in Minnesota 11th District, 1895-96; U.S. Representative from Minnesota 6th District, 1897-1903; U.S. District Judge for Minnesota, 1903-23; took senior status 1923. Arrested in Salt Lake City, 1921, following an accident in which his car struck a pedestrian, Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes. Died in Rochester, Olmsted County, Minn., December 16, 1924 (age 71 years, 169 days). Interment at Forest Hill Cemetery, Duluth, Minn.
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  Daniel Frederick Pagelsen (1873-1939) — also known as Daniel F. Pagelsen — of Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Mich. Born in Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Mich., September 26, 1873. Republican. Lawyer; Vice-Consul for Sweden & Norway in Grand Haven, Mich., 1904; justice of the peace; Vice-Consul for Sweden in Grand Haven, Mich., 1914; Ottawa County Circuit Court Commissioner, 1919-34; arrested in March 1930, charged with driving while drunk, and fined $50; arrested again in August, and pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, second offense; the Ottawa County Bar Association urged leniency, but he was sentenced to six months in prison. Danish and German ancestry. Died in Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Mich., January 31, 1939 (age 65 years, 127 days). Interment at Lake Forest Cemetery, Grand Haven, Mich.
  Relatives: Son of Charles Theodor Pagelsen and Ernestine (Kant) Pagelsen; married, September 27, 1905, to Nancy Chadbourne.
  See also Find-A-Grave memorial
  Stanley J. Pacholek (1890-1932) — of Hamtramck, Wayne County, Mich. Born in Poland, December 8, 1890. Undertaker; candidate for mayor of Hamtramck, Mich., 1932 (primary), 1932. Polish ancestry. Arrested in April, 1932, for drunk driving; died by suicide in his jail cell, by hanging himself with his scarf, in Birmingham, Oakland County, Mich., April 19, 1932 (age 41 years, 133 days). Burial location unknown.
  Ernest A. Moross (c.1874-1949) — of Mosherville, Hillsdale County, Mich. Born about 1874. Manager for Indianapolis Speedway, and for many early 20th century race car drivers; retired from automobile racing in 1916; candidate in Republican primary for Michigan state house of representatives from Hillsdale County, 1930; Communist candidate for Michigan state senate 10th District, 1932; in 1933, he refused to renew his car's license plates as a protest against the cost; when his car was seized, he and his wife locked the doors and remained inside it for a month; finally police broke into the car and arrested them; convicted of resisting arrest, and sentenced to 30 days in jail. Died in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Calif., April 4, 1949 (age about 75 years). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Brother-in-law of Robert Oakman.
Roger A. Davis Roger Alfred Davis (1889-1967) — also known as Roger A. Davis — of Hartly, Kent County, Del. Born in Delaware, March 2, 1889. Grocer; member of Delaware state house of representatives from Kent County 4th District, 1931-32, 1953-54; arrested, in April 1954, by Maryland State Police, on U.S. Route 50, and charged with drunk and reckless driving, as well as disorderly conduct; jailed overnight, pleaded guilty, and fined. Died in Hartly, Kent County, Del., December 6, 1967 (age 78 years, 279 days). Interment at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Camden, Del.
  Relatives: Son of Robert Alfred Davis and Sarah Ann (Jones) Davis; married 1918 to Hannah Boulden Kirk; father of Roger Elmer Davis; third cousin thrice removed of Daniel Rodney and Caleb Rodney.
  Political families: Rodney family of Delaware; Lawrence-Andrew-Rodney-Parrish family of Adel, Georgia (subsets of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
  See also Find-A-Grave memorial
  Image source: Wilmington (Del.) News Journal, December 27, 1930
  Charles Anthony Buckley Jr. (born c.1926) — also known as Charles A. Buckley, Jr. — of Bronx, Bronx County, N.Y.; Hartsdale, Westchester County, N.Y. Born about 1926. Democrat. Lawyer; candidate for Presidential Elector for New York; charged in 1965 with drunken driving following an automobile accident in Hartsdale, N.Y. Still living as of 1965.
  Relatives: Son of Charles Anthony Buckley.
  Edward Moore Kennedy (1932-2009) — also known as Edward M. Kennedy; Ted Kennedy; "Lion of the Senate" — of Boston, Suffolk County, Mass. Born, in St. Margaret's Hospital, Dorchester, Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., February 22, 1932. Democrat. Lawyer; U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, 1962-2009; died in office 2009; candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1980; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Massachusetts, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008. Catholic. Irish ancestry. Pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after his car plunged off the Dike Bridge, on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts, killing passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, on July 18, 1969. Died, from brain cancer, in Hyannis Port, Barnstable, Barnstable County, Mass., August 25, 2009 (age 77 years, 184 days). Interment at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr. and Rose (Fitzgerald) Kennedy; brother of Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Eunice Mary Kennedy (who married Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.), Patricia Kennedy Lawford (who married Peter Lawford), Robert Francis Kennedy and Jean Kennedy Smith; married, November 30, 1958, to Virginia Joan Bennett (divorced 1982); married, July 3, 1992, to Victoria Anne Reggie (daughter of Edmund M. Reggie); married, November 29, 1958, to Virginia Joan Bennett (born 1936); father of Patrick Joseph Kennedy (born 1967); uncle of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Joseph Patrick Kennedy II, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. and Mark Kennedy Shriver; grandson of Patrick Joseph Kennedy (1858-1929) and John Francis Fitzgerald.
  Political family: Kennedy family.
  Cross-reference: Murray M. Chotiner
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  Books by Edward M. Kennedy: True Compass: A Memoir (2009)
  Books about Edward M. Kennedy: Adam Clymer, Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography — Richard E. Burke, The Senator : My Ten Years With Ted Kennedy — Peter S. Canellos, Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy
  Critical books about Edward M. Kennedy: Bernard Goldberg, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37) — Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince, The Kennedys: All the Gossip Unfit for Print
  Wilbur Daigh Mills (1909-1992) — also known as Wilbur D. Mills — of Kensett, White County, Ark. Born in Kensett, White County, Ark., May 24, 1909. Democrat. State court judge in Arkansas, 1934-38; U.S. Representative from Arkansas 2nd District, 1939-77; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Arkansas, 1940, 1956; candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1972. Methodist. Member, Freemasons. In October 1974, he was driving late at night in Washington, D.C. without lights on; when stopped by police, he was seen to be intoxicated and his face was bloody from a scuffle; an Argentine striptease artist named Fanne Fox leaped from his car and jumped into the nearby Tidal Basin; after this incident highlighted his alcoholism, he was forced to resign his powerful chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee and seek treatment. Died in 1992 (age about 83 years). Interment at Kensett Cemetery, Kensett, Ark.
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  Hosea Lorenzo Williams (1926-2000) — also known as Hosea Williams — of Savannah, Chatham County, Ga.; Atlanta, Fulton County, Ga.; Decatur, DeKalb County, Ga. Born in Attapulgus, Decatur County, Ga., January 5, 1926. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II; walked with a cane due to wartime injury; ordained minister; candidate for U.S. Senator from Georgia, 1972; member of Georgia state house of representatives 54th District, 1975-85; candidate for mayor of Atlanta, Ga., 1989. African ancestry. Member, NAACP; Phi Beta Sigma; Elks; Freemasons; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Disabled American Veterans; American Legion. Civil rights leader; active in sit-ins and protest marches in Savannah and elsewhere; arrested at least 135 times. As Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "field general" in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march which helped galvanize support for Black voting rights. In 1968, he was present at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., when King was assassinated. Convicted in 1981 of leaving the scene of an accident, and jailed for six months. Died, of cancer, at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Fulton County, Ga., November 16, 2000 (age 74 years, 316 days). Entombed at Lincoln Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.
  Relatives: Married to Juanita Elizabeth Terry Williams.
  Personal motto: "Unbought and unbossed."
  See also Wikipedia article — Find-A-Grave memorial
  Ike Franklin Andrews (1925-2010) — also known as Ike F. Andrews — of Siler City, Chatham County, N.C. Born in Bonlee, Chatham County, N.C., September 2, 1925. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II; lawyer; member of North Carolina state senate 13th District, 1959-60; member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1961-62, 1967-72; alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from North Carolina, 1964; U.S. Representative from North Carolina 4th District, 1973-85; defeated, 1984. Baptist. Member, American Bar Association; Jaycees. In October 1982, he was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Died in Carrboro, Orange County, N.C., May 10, 2010 (age 84 years, 250 days). Interment at Bonlee Baptist Church Cemetery, Bonlee, N.C.
  Relatives: Son of Archie Franklin Andrews and Ina (Dunlap) Andrews; married 1947 to Jo Anne Johnson.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — Find-A-Grave memorial
  Daisy L. Elliott (1917-2015) — also known as Daisy Elizabeth Lenoir — of Detroit, Wayne County, Mich. Born in Filbert, McDowell County, W.Va., November 26, 1917. Democrat. Realtor; delegate to Michigan state constitutional convention from Wayne County 4th District, 1961-62; member of Michigan state house of representatives, 1963-78, 1981-82 (Wayne County 4th District 1963-64, 22nd District 1965-72, 8th District 1973-78, 1981-82); defeated in primary, 1950 (Wayne County 1st District), 1954 (Wayne County 11th District), 1956 (Wayne County 4th District), 1958 (Wayne County 4th District), 1960 (Wayne County 4th District), 1982 (8th District); delegate to Democratic National Convention from Michigan, 1968 (alternate), 1976; co-author of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act; candidate for Michigan state senate 5th District, 1978; arrested in April 1982 for driving a stolen 1977 Cadillac deVille automobile; arraigned on a charge of receiving and concealing stolen property; she claimed she had bought the car from a dealer, but the firm had no record of this, and the document she presented had been faked; lost renomination as State Representatve in August 1982, while under indictment; convicted in November 1982 and sentenced to 60 days in jail. Female. African ancestry. Member, NAACP; League of Women Voters; Junior League. Died, in DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, Detroit, Wayne County, Mich., December 22, 2015 (age 98 years, 26 days). Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Mich.
  Relatives: Daughter of Robert Lenoir and Daisy (Dorm) Lenoir.
  The Elliott-Larsen Building (housing state offices; built 1919-21; burned 1951 and rebuilt; previously named for Lewis Cass; given present name in 2020), in Lansing, Michigan, is partly named for her.
  See also Wikipedia article — Find-A-Grave memorial
  John William Snow (b. 1939) — also known as John W. Snow — of Richmond, Va. Born in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, August 2, 1939. Lawyer; chairman and chief executive officer of CSX railroad; charged with driving while intoxicated, in West Valley City, Utah, 1982;; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 2003-06; director, Marathon Oil Co. Episcopalian. Member, Delta Tau Delta. Still living as of 2020.
  Relatives: Married to Frederica Wheeler.
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  Louis Stokes (1925-2015) — of Warrensville Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Born in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, February 23, 1925. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II; lawyer; U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1969-99 (21st District 1969-93, 11th District 1993-99); delegate to Democratic National Convention from Ohio, 1972, 1996. Methodist. African ancestry. Member, Freemasons; Kappa Alpha Psi. Arrested for drunken driving in 1983; convicted on a lesser charge and fined. Died August 18, 2015 (age 90 years, 176 days). Interment at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.
  Relatives: Brother of Carl Burton Stokes.
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  Richard Joyner Holland Sr. (1925-2000) — also known as Richard J. Holland, Sr. — of Windsor, Isle of Wight County, Va. Born in Suffolk, Va., August 12, 1925. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; banker; member of Virginia state senate 15th District, 1980-2000; died in office 2000. Congregationalist. Acquitted of drunk driving in 1986, but convicted of reckless driving and refusal to take a breath test; indicted in federal court for 31 felony counts of bank fraud; charges were dismissed in April 1998, and the prosecution ruled to be vexatious; he and his son received a $570,000 reimbursement for legal fees. Died in Windsor, Isle of Wight County, Va., April 16, 2000 (age 74 years, 248 days). Interment at Windsor Cemetery, Windsor, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Shirley T. Holland.
  Nick Joe Rahall II (b. 1949) — of Beckley, Raleigh County, W.Va. Born in Beckley, Raleigh County, W.Va., May 20, 1949. Democrat. Staff assistant to U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd, 1972-74; director of Rahall Communications, family business, owning radio and TV stations; delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1972, 1980, 1984, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008; U.S. Representative from West Virginia, 1977-2012 (4th District 1977-93, 3rd District 1993-2012); arrested in California for drunk driving, 1988. Presbyterian. Lebanese ancestry. Member, Rotary; Elks; Moose; Eagles; NAACP; National Rifle Association; Freemasons; Shriners. Still living as of 2014.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — NNDB dossier
  Robert L. Clifford (1924-2014) — of Chester Township, Morris County, N.J. Born in Passaic, Passaic County, N.J., December 17, 1924. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; associate justice of New Jersey state supreme court, 1973-94; convicted of drunk driving in 1989. Member, American Bar Association; American Judicature Society. Died in Chester Township, Morris County, N.J., November 29, 2014 (age 89 years, 347 days). Burial location unknown.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Marvin Lee Worthington (1940-2000) — also known as Marvin L. Worthington; Pete Worthington — of Washington, Mason County, Ky. Born December 5, 1940. Engineer; farmer; member of Kentucky state house of representatives, 1978-2000; died in office 2000. Baptist. Member, Freemasons; Farm Bureau; Odd Fellows. Charged with drunken driving and speeding in Fayette County, Ky., in 1992; pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless driving. Driving on U.S. Highway 68 while intoxicated, he crossed the center line and collided with another car; both he and the other driver (Sherri Commodore Chambers) were killed, near Mayslick, Mason County, Ky., October 12, 2000 (age 59 years, 312 days). Burial location unknown.
  David Jaye (b. 1958) — also known as Dave Jaye — of Washington, Macomb County, Mich. Born in 1958. Republican. Member of Michigan state house of representatives, 1989-93 (26th District 1989-92, 32nd District 1993); defeated, 1986; member of Michigan state senate 12th District; elected 1998; defeated in primary, 2001. Convicted of drunk driving in 1993, and sentenced to 10 days in jail; pleaded guilty to drunk driving in June 2000, and sentenced to 45 days in jail. Expelled from the Michigan state senate. Still living as of 2001.
  Charles Richard Imbrecht (1949-2000) — also known as Charles R. Imbrecht — of Ventura, Ventura County, Calif.; Sacramento, Sacramento County, Calif. Born in Ventura, Ventura County, Calif., February 4, 1949. Republican. Lawyer; member of California state assembly 36th District, 1976-82; candidate for California state senate 18th District, 1982. Lutheran. Pleaded guilty in 1997 to charges of drunk driving and marijuana possession and served one month in jail. Died, apparently from a heart attack, in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, Calif., January 18, 2000 (age 50 years, 348 days). Interment at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park, Ventura, Calif.
  Relatives: Son of Earl Richard Imbrecht and Hazel Victoria (Berg) Imbrecht; married, September 23, 1979, to Alida Margit Bergseid.
  Roy C. Lewellen — also known as Bill Lewellen — of Marianna, Lee County, Ark. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Arkansas state senate, 1990. Refused to take a blood-alcohol test following a November 1998 accident in which he struck a woman with his Cadillac, dragging her 55 feet; his driver's license was suspended for six months. A charge of driving while intoxicated was dismissed. Still living as of 2000.
  Joseph F. Young Jr. (b. 1950) — also known as Joe Young, Jr. — of Detroit, Wayne County, Mich. Born in Detroit, Wayne County, Mich., November 4, 1950. Democrat. Member of Michigan state house of representatives, 1979-94 (15th District 1979-92, 4th District 1993-94); member of Michigan state senate 1st District, 1995-; defeated in primary, 1988. Catholic. African ancestry. Member, NAACP; Knights of Columbus. Arrested on July 21, 2000 on Interstate 96 near Howell, Michigan, and charged with drunk driving; pleaded guilty in September 2000 to impaired driving; sentenced to six months probation, and fined. Still living as of 2000.
  Relatives: Son of Joseph F. Young Sr..
  Walter Fox McKeithen (1946-2005) — also known as Fox McKeithen — of Louisiana. Born in Columbia, Caldwell Parish, La., September 8, 1946. Member of Louisiana state house of representatives, 1983-87; secretary of state of Louisiana, 1987-2005; resigned 2005; pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, 2000; delegate to Republican National Convention from Louisiana, 2004. Methodist. Member, Farm Bureau; Rotary; Jaycees. Died July 16, 2005 (age 58 years, 311 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of John Julian McKeithen and Marjorie (Funderburk) McKeithen; father of Marjorie McKeithen.
  Political family: McKeithen family of Columbia, Louisiana.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Kevin Ryan (born c.1952) — of Montville, New London County, Conn. Born about 1952. Democrat. Optician; member of Connecticut state house of representatives 139th District, 1993-. Arrested for drunk driving on July 12, 2001; pleaded guilty in September and sentenced to 120 days in prison; released January 1, 2002. Still living as of 2002.
  William John Janklow (1939-2012) — also known as William J. Janklow; Bill Janklow — of South Dakota. Born in Chicago, Cook County, Ill., September 13, 1939. Republican. South Dakota state attorney general, 1975-79; Governor of South Dakota, 1979-87, 1995-2002; candidate for Presidential Elector for South Dakota; U.S. Representative from South Dakota at-large, 2003-04; resigned 2004. Lutheran. Involved in a traffic accident in 2003 when he ran a stop sign and hit a motorcyclist; convicted of second-degree manslaughter; sentenced to 100 days in jail and three years probation. Died in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, S.Dak., January 12, 2012 (age 72 years, 121 days). Interment at Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, S.Dak.
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  Lewis Brooks Patterson (1939-2019) — also known as L. Brooks Patterson — of Oakland County, Mich. Born in Loogootee, Martin County, Ind., January 4, 1939. Republican. Lawyer; Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney, 1972-88; candidate for U.S. Senator from Michigan, 1978; delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1984 (alternate), 1988; Oakland County Executive, 1993-2019; charged with reckless driving following a traffic stop in 2003. Died, from pancreatic cancer, in Independence Township, Oakland County, Mich., August 3, 2019 (age 80 years, 211 days). Burial location unknown.
  See also Wikipedia article
  John Stozich (c.1927-2004) — of Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. Born in Mingo Junction, Jefferson County, Ohio, about 1927. Republican. Member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1983-91; director, Ohio Department of Industrial Relations, 1991-95; mayor of Findlay, Ohio, 1996-2000; convicted of vehicular manslaughter in May, 2004 for a traffic accident in which a woman died; sentenced to three years probation; a jail term was suspended. Catholic. Died, in Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center, Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio, July 5, 2004 (age about 77 years). Burial location unknown.
  Arthur E. Teele (1946-2005) — also known as Art Teele — of Florida. Born in Prince George's County, Md., May 14, 1946. Republican. Served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war; lawyer; director, U.S. Urban Mass Transportation Administration, 1981-83; candidate for Presidential Elector for Florida; as Miami city commissioner in 1997-2004, he chaired the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA); an investigation of corruption in the agency, started in 2003, led to charges that he had accepted $135,000 in kickbacks from two construction companies; as a result, he was removed from office in 2004 by Gov. Jeb Bush; in August, 2004, when he and his wife were under surveillance, he drove his car at a police detective in an attempt to run him over, and also threatened to kill police officers who had been following his wife during the investigation; convicted in March 2005 on charges related to this incident; indicted on July 14, 2005, on federal conspiracy and money laundering charges, over a scheme to fraudulently obtain contracts for electrical work at the Miami International Airport through a "minority-owned" shell company; published police reports revealed that he had put his mistress on the CRA payroll, that he regularly bought and used cocaine, and that he frequently made use of a male prostitute. Church of God in Christ. African ancestry. Member, Kappa Alpha Psi; NAACP; Freemasons. Came to the offices of the Miami Herald newspaper, and shot himself in the head with a semiautomatic pistol; he died two hours later in the trauma unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Miami-Dade County, Fla., July 27, 2005 (age 59 years, 74 days). Interment at Culley's MeadowWood Memorial Park, Tallahassee, Fla.
  Relatives: Married to Stephanie Kerr.
  See also Wikipedia article — OurCampaigns candidate detail
  Peggy A. Lautenschlager (b. 1955) — also known as Peg Lautenschlager — of Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wis. Born in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wis., November 22, 1955. Democrat. Lawyer; Winnebago County District Attorney, 1985-88; member of Wisconsin state assembly, 1989-93; candidate for U.S. Representative from Wisconsin 6th District, 1992; U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, 1993-2001; Wisconsin state attorney general, 2003-07; defeated in primary, 2006; in February 2004, en route from Madison to Fond du Lac, she accidentally drove a state-owned car into a ditch; pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and refusing a blood test; lost her license for a year, paid a fine of $784, and a self-imposed penalty of $3,250; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Wisconsin, 2004, 2008. Female. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Still living as of 2011.
  Relatives: Married to Bill Rippl.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Kevin Patrick Brady (b. 1955) — also known as Kevin Brady — of The Woodlands, Montgomery County, Tex. Born in Vermillion, Clay County, S.Dak., April 11, 1955. Republican. Member of Texas state house of representatives 15th District, 1991-96; U.S. Representative from Texas 8th District, 1997-; arrested on October 7, 2005, near Vermillion, S.D., and charged with driving while intoxicated. Catholic. Member, Rotary. Still living as of 2014.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — NNDB dossier
  Patrick Joseph Kennedy (b. 1967) — also known as Patrick J. Kennedy — of Providence, Providence County, R.I.; Portsmouth, Newport County, R.I. Born in Brighton, Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., July 14, 1967. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Rhode Island, 1988, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008; member of Rhode Island state house of representatives, 1988-94; U.S. Representative from Rhode Island 1st District, 1995-; pleaded guilty in 2006 to charges of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Catholic. Still living as of 2014.
  Relatives: Son of Edward Moore Kennedy and Joan Bennett Kennedy; nephew of Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, Robert Francis Kennedy and Jean Kennedy Smith; grandson of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr.; great-grandson of Patrick Joseph Kennedy (1858-1929) and John Francis Fitzgerald; first cousin of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Joseph Patrick Kennedy II, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. and Mark Kennedy Shriver.
  Political family: Kennedy family.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier
  Books about Patrick Kennedy: Darrell M. West, Patrick Kennedy : The Rise to Power
  Kumar P. Barve (b. 1958) — of Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Md. Born in Schenectady, Schenectady County, N.Y., September 8, 1958. Democrat. Member of Maryland state house of delegates District 17, 1991-; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Maryland, 2000; candidate for Presidential Elector for Maryland. Hindu. Indian subcontinent ancestry. Arrested November 29, 2007, and charged with driving while intoxicated. Still living as of 2012.
  Relatives: Son of Prabhakar Barve and Neera Barve; married to Maureen Quinn.
  See also Wikipedia article
  Vito John Fossella (b. 1965) — also known as Vito Fossella — of Staten Island, Richmond County, N.Y. Born in Staten Island, Richmond County, N.Y., March 9, 1965. Republican. Lawyer; member, New York City Council, 1994-97; U.S. Representative from New York 13th District, 1997-2009. Catholic. Italian and Irish ancestry. In May, 2008, he was arrested in Alexandria, Virginia, for driving while intoxicated; a week later, he admitted to an extramarital affair with Air Force Lt. Col Laura Fay, and that he was the father of her 3-year-old child; the scandal led him to retire from Congress. Still living as of 2014.
  Relatives: Married 1990 to Mary Patricia Rowan; great-grandson of James Aloysius O'Leary.
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier
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