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  Margaret Andrews (1901-1990) — also known as Margaret Susanna Bringgold; Mrs. R. C. Andrews — of Lindstrom, Chisago County, Minn. Born in Pine Island, Goodhue County, Minn., April 28, 1901. Republican. Lawyer; librarian; secretary of Minnesota Republican Party, 1945-50; delegate to Republican National Convention from Minnesota, 1948, 1952 (alternate). Female. Catholic. Member, American Legion Auxiliary. Died October 1, 1990 (age 89 years, 156 days). Interment at Fairview Cemetery, Lindstrom, Minn.
  Relatives: Daughter of Jacob A. Bringgold, Jr. and Mary Alice (Finn) Bringgold; married, June 30, 1927, to Raymond Charles Andrews.
  Epitaph: "Wife - Mother"
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  Hannah Diggs Atkins (b. 1923) — of Oklahoma. Born in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, N.C., November 2, 1923. Reporter; school teacher; librarian; member of Oklahoma state house of representatives, 1969-80; secretary of state of Oklahoma, 1987-91. Female. African ancestry. Still living as of 1999.
  Relatives: Daughter of James Thackeray Diggs and Mabel Kennedy Diggs; married to Charles N. Atkins.
  Frank W. Ballance Jr. (b. 1942) — of Warrenton, Warren County, N.C. Born in Windsor, Bertie County, N.C., February 15, 1942. Democrat. Lawyer; librarian; college professor; member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1982-85; member of North Carolina state senate, 1989-2002; delegate to Democratic National Convention from North Carolina, 1996, 2000; U.S. Representative from North Carolina 1st District, 2003-04; resigned 2004; indicted in federal court in September 2004 on federal money laundering charges for diverting state funds through a charitable foundation; pleaded guilty to one count, sentenced to four years in prison, fined $10,000, ordered to pay restitution, and disbarred. African ancestry. Still living as of 2014.
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  Benjamin H. Barrows (1847-1910) — of Omaha, Douglas County, Neb. Born near Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, December 30, 1847. Newspaper reporter; member of University of Nebraska board of regents, 1875-76; U.S. Consul in Dublin, 1876-86; librarian; U.S. Surveyor of Customs, 1903-10; died in office 1910. Died, from bronchitis and heart disease, in Omaha, Douglas County, Neb., December 30, 1910 (age 63 years, 0 days). Interment at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Omaha, Neb.
  Relatives: Son of Willard Barrows and Ann Barrows; brother of Caroline Barrows (who married Joseph Hopkins Millard); married 1878 to Lizzie Phelan; married to Gertrude Carpenter Fitzpatrick.
  Political family: Millard family of Omaha, Nebraska.
  Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin (1837-1914) — also known as S. G. W. Benjamin — of New York; Washington, D.C.; Burlington, Chittenden County, Vt. Born, of American parents, at Argos, Greece, February 13, 1837. Librarian; author; artist; U.S. Minister to Persia, 1883-85; U.S. Consul General in Teheran, as of 1883-85. Member, Sons of the Revolution; Society of Colonial Wars; Phi Beta Kappa; American Forestry Association; Navy League. Died in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vt., July 19, 1914 (age 77 years, 156 days). Interment at Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Vt.
  Relatives: Son of Nathan B. Benjamin and Mary Gladding (Wheeler) Benjamin; married, October 20, 1863, to Clara Stowell; married, November 16, 1882, to Fanny Nichols Weed.
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  Books by Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin: Our American Artists
  Laura Bush (b. 1946) — also known as Laura Lane Welch — Born, in Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland, Midland County, Tex., November 4, 1946. Republican. School teacher; librarian; First Lady of Texas, 1995-2000; First Lady of the United States, 2001-09. Female. Still living as of 2022.
  Relatives: Daughter of Harold Bruce Welch and Jenna Louise (Hawkins) Welch; married 1977 to George Walker Bush (son of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce; brother of John Ellis Bush; uncle of George Prescott Bush; grandson of Prescott Sheldon Bush).
  Political family: Bush family of Texas and Massachusetts.
  The Laura Bush Community Library, in Austin, Texas, is named for her.
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  Lillain Symes Clements — also known as Lillian B. Symes — of California. Socialist. Librarian; delegate to Socialist National Convention from California, 1920; candidate for U.S. Senator from California, 1938. Female. Burial location unknown.
  Willye F. Clayton Dennis (1926-2012) — also known as Willye Dennis — of Jacksonville, Duval County, Fla. Born in Jacksonville, Duval County, Fla., March 14, 1926. Democrat. Librarian; civil rights leader; in December, 1989, she was the target of attempted murder when a mail bomb was sent to her office; she did not open the package, and the bomb was defused; member of Florida state house of representatives 15th District, 1993-99; resigned 1999; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Florida, 1996. Female. Baptist. African ancestry. Member, NAACP; Delta Sigma Theta. Died March 9, 2012 (age 85 years, 361 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Daughter of Eli Clayton and Claudia Clayton; married, February 7, 1954, to Leo Dennis.
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  Theodore Frelinghuysen Dwight (1846-1917) — also known as Theodore F. Dwight — of Washington, D.C.; Boston, Suffolk County, Mass. Born in Auburn, Cayuga County, N.Y., June 11, 1846. Librarian; director, Boston Public Library, 1892-94; U.S. Consular Agent in Vevey, 1904-14. Bisexual. Died in Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., February 3, 1917 (age 70 years, 237 days). Interment at Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Mass.
  Relatives: Son of Almon Dwight and Cyria (White) Dwight; married, November 5, 1895, to Sally Pickman Loring (daughter of George Bailey Loring); father of Lawrence Dwight.
  Political families: Kellogg-Adams-Seymour-Chapin family of Connecticut and New York; Otis family of Connecticut; Adams-Baldwin family of Boston, Massachusetts; Saltonstall-Weeks family of Massachusetts; Pike family of Lubec, Maine; Crowninshield-Adams family of Savannah, Georgia (subsets of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  James Lorimer Graham (c.1832-1876) — Born in New York, New York County, N.Y., about 1832. Editor, Putnam's magazine; librarian; U.S. Consul in Florence, 1869-76. Died April 30, 1876 (age about 44 years). Interment at Porta a Pinti or English Cemetery, Firenze, Italy.
  Relatives: Son of Nathan Burr Graham, Jr. and Marie Antoinette (McCoskry) Graham.
  Robert Allen Haden (b. 1908) — also known as R. Allen Haden — of Memphis, Shelby County, Tenn. Born in Kiangyin (Jiangyin), China, June 2, 1908. Librarian; U.S. Vice Consul in Genoa, 1931-32; Singapore, 1932; Buenos Aires, as of 1938. Burial location unknown.
Eric Hass Eric Hass (1905-1980) — of Oregon; Manhattan, New York County, N.Y. Born in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb., 1905. Socialist. Advertising business; Socialist Labor candidate for U.S. Senator from Oregon, 1936; editor of The Weekly People, 1938-68; Industrial Government candidate for U.S. Senator from New York, 1944; candidate for mayor of New York City, N.Y., 1949 (Industrial Government), 1957 (Socialist Labor), 1961 (Socialist Labor), 1965 (Socialist Labor); candidate for Governor of New York, 1950 (Industrial Government), 1958 (Socialist Labor), 1962 (Socialist Labor); Socialist Labor candidate for President of the United States, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964; librarian. German and Danish ancestry. Resigned or expelled from the Socialist Labor Party, 1969. Died, from a heart attack, in Community Hospital, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Calif., October 2, 1980 (age about 75 years). Burial location unknown.
  Image source: The Daily Tar Heel (Chapel Hill, N.C.), April 14, 1948
  Marie Hilson Katzenbach (1882-1970) — also known as Marie H. Katzenbach; Marie Louise Hunt Hilson — of Trenton, Mercer County, N.J. Born in Trenton, Mercer County, N.J., December 8, 1882. Librarian; member, New Jersey State Board of Education, 1921-64; delegate to New Jersey state constitutional convention from Mercer County, 1947. Female. French ancestry. Member, Daughters of the American Revolution; Colonial Dames. Died in Princeton, Mercer County, N.J., February 4, 1970 (age 87 years, 58 days). Interment at Ewing Cemetery, Ewing, N.J.
  Relatives: Daughter of Cleveland Hilson and Matilda Emily (Hunt) Hilson; married, November 7, 1911, to Edward Lawrence Katzenbach; mother of Nicholas de Belleville Katzenbach; second great-granddaughter of Moore Furman.
  Political family: Katzenbach family of New Jersey.
  The Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf, in Trenton, New Jersey, is named for her.
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  Robert Woodrow Levering (1914-1989) — also known as Robert W. Levering — of Fredericktown, Knox County, Ohio. Born near Fredericktown, Knox County, Ohio, October 3, 1914. Democrat. Librarian; lawyer; U.S. Representative from Ohio 17th District, 1959-61; defeated, 1948, 1950, 1954, 1956, 1960, 1962; alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Ohio, 1964. Died in Fredericktown, Knox County, Ohio, August 11, 1989 (age 74 years, 312 days). Cremated.
  Relatives: Married to Eileen Rosemary Burdick (daughter of Usher Lloyd Burdick; sister of Quentin Northrop Burdick).
  Political family: Burdick family of Fargo, North Dakota.
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  James Logue — of Lexington, Fayette County, Ky. School principal; librarian; mayor of Lexington, Ky., 1842-45. Burial location unknown.
  Evelyn Silliman Malone (1905-1981) — also known as Evelyn Malone; Evelyn I. Silliman; Mrs. M. W. Malone — of Windom, Cottonwood County, Minn. Born in Windom, Cottonwood County, Minn., December 25, 1905. Democrat. School teacher; librarian; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Minnesota, 1948, 1952 (alternate), 1960; Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor state chair, 1960-62. Female. Methodist. Member, American Association of University Women; Order of the Eastern Star; Daughters of the American Revolution. Struck by a car while walking in Sun City, Arizona, and died soon after, in a hospital at Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz., February 18, 1981 (age 75 years, 55 days). Interment at Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, Minn.
  Relatives: Daughter of William LeRoy Silliman and Lottie (Pletz) Silliman; married, January 12, 1943, to Maurice William 'Pat' Malone; married, June 7, 1975, to John O. Burton.
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  Thomas Herbert Norton (b. 1851) — also known as Thomas H. Norton — of White Plains, Westchester County, N.Y. Born in Rushford, Allegany County, N.Y., June 30, 1851. Republican. Chemist; newspaper editor; university professor; librarian; U.S. Consul in Harput, 1900-05; Smyrna, 1905-06; Chemnitz, 1906-14. Presbyterian. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Sons of the American Revolution; Sons of the Revolution; Society of Colonial Wars; Delta Kappa Epsilon; American Chemical Society. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Rev. Robert Norton and Julia Ann Granger (Horsford) Norton; married, December 27, 1883, to Edith Eliza Ames.
  Rosemary Mason Ogden (b. 1909) — also known as Rosemary Ogden — of Romeo, Macomb County, Mich. Born in Fairmont, Marion County, W.Va., January 6, 1909. Republican. Librarian; member of Michigan Republican State Central Committee, 1947-49. Female. Episcopalian. Burial location unknown.
  Major Robert Odell Owens (1936-2013) — also known as Major R. Owens — of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y. Born in Collierville, Shelby County, Tenn., June 28, 1936. Democrat. Librarian; member of New York state senate 17th District, 1975-82; delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1996, 2000, 2004; U.S. Representative from New York, 1983-2007 (12th District 1983-93, 11th District 1993-2007). Baptist. African ancestry. Member, NAACP. Died, from renal failure and heart failure, in New York University Langone Medical Center, Manhattan, New York County, N.Y., October 21, 2013 (age 77 years, 115 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Ezekiel Owens and Edna Owens; married 1956 to Ethel Werfel; married to Maria Cuprill; father of Chris Owens.
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  William Palmer (1907-1991) — of Flint, Genesee County, Mich. Born in Sycamore, DeKalb County, Ill., January 6, 1907. Democrat. Librarian; member of Michigan state senate 13th District, 1933-37; resigned 1937; candidate for Michigan state house of representatives 59th District, 1972. Died in 1991 (age about 84 years). Interment at East Lawn Memory Gardens, Okemos, Mich.
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Whitelaw Reid Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912) — also known as James Whitelaw Reid; "Agate" — of Manhattan, New York County, N.Y. Born in Cedarville, Greene County, Ohio, October 27, 1837. Republican. Newspaper editor; librarian; cotton planter; U.S. Minister to France, 1889-92; candidate for Vice President of the United States, 1892; U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, 1905-12, died in office 1912. Died in London, England, December 15, 1912 (age 75 years, 49 days). Interment at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of Robert Charlton Reid and Marion Whitelaw (Ronald) Reid; married, April 26, 1881, to Elizabeth Mills (aunt of Ogden Livingston Mills); father of Ogden Mills Reid; uncle of Ella Spencer Reid (who married Ralph Chandler Harrison); grandfather of Ogden Rogers Reid.
  Political family: Livingston-Schuyler family of New York (subset of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
  Reid Hall (built 1948, demolished 2006), a dormitory at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, was named for him.
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  Image source: Cornell University Library
  Dorothy H. Rose (b. 1920) — of Angola, Erie County, N.Y. Born in Buffalo, Erie County, N.Y., September 21, 1920. Democrat. Librarian; member of New York state assembly, 1965-68 (Erie County 8th District 1965, 163rd District 1966, 147th District 1967-68). Female. Catholic. Member, League of Women Voters; Grange; Delta Kappa Gamma. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Married to Thomas A. Rose.
  Byrd Fanita Sawyer (b. 1895) — also known as Byrd Fanita Wall; Mrs. Harry W. Sawyer — of Fallon, Churchill County, Nev.; Sparks, Washoe County, Nev. Born in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Mo., May 5, 1895. Democrat. School teacher; librarian; candidate for Presidential Elector for Nevada; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Nevada, 1948 (member, Credentials Committee), 1952. Female. Member, American Association of University Women; National Education Association; Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Sigma Phi. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Daughter of Henry J. Wall and Burd (McIlvaine) Wall; married, September 11, 1923, to Harry W. Sawyer.
  Miles Osborne Sherill (b. 1841) — of Catawba County, N.C. Born in Catawba County, N.C., July 26, 1841. Democrat. Served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War; lost a leg at the battle of Spotsylvania Court House, 1864; probate judge in North Carolina, 1868; member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1882-83; member of North Carolina state senate, 1885-86, 1893-94; North Carolina state librarian, 1913. Methodist. Member, Odd Fellows. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Hiram Sherill and Sarah Sherill; married 1867 to Sarah R. Bost.
  Mary A. Sleeth (born c.1876) — of Rushville, Rush County, Ind. Born in Indiana, about 1876. Republican. Librarian; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Indiana, 1924, 1936; farm administrator for Wendell Willkie. Female. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Daughter of George Sleeth; sister of Charlotte Sleeth Farrar.
  Political family: Sleeth family of Rushville, Indiana.
  Foster Waterman Stearns (1881-1956) — also known as Foster Stearns — of Hancock, Hillsborough County, N.H. Born in Hull, Plymouth County, Mass., July 29, 1881. Republican. Librarian; member of New Hampshire state house of representatives, 1937; U.S. Representative from New Hampshire 2nd District, 1939-45; delegate to Republican National Convention from New Hampshire, 1940 (Honorary Vice-President), 1948. Died June 4, 1956 (age 74 years, 311 days). Interment at Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, N.H.
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  William Swift (b. 1794) — of Lexington, Fayette County, Ky. Born in Massachusetts, 1794. Candle manufacturer; librarian; mayor of Lexington, Ky., 1855-58. English ancestry. Burial location unknown.
  James Hammond Trumbull (1821-1897) — also known as J. Hammond Trumbull — of Hartford, Hartford County, Conn. Born in Stonington, New London County, Conn., December 20, 1821. Philologist; Connecticut State Librarian, 1854-55; secretary of state of Connecticut, 1861-66. Died in Hartford, Hartford County, Conn., August 5, 1897 (age 75 years, 228 days). Interment at Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, Conn.
  Relatives: Son of Gurdon Trumbull and Sarah Ann (Swan) Trumbull; married 1855 to Sarah A. Robinson; second cousin of Erskine Mason Phelps; third cousin thrice removed of George Champlin and Daniel Cady; fourth cousin once removed of Irving Dilley Tillman.
  Political families: Kellogg-Adams-Seymour-Chapin family of Connecticut and New York; Livingston-Schuyler family of New York (subsets of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Allura E. Ulch (1852-1936) — of Ceres, Stanislaus County, Calif. Born in 1852. Librarian; postmaster at Ceres, Calif., 1901-05. Female. Died in 1936 (age about 84 years). Interment at Ceres Memorial Park, Ceres, Calif.
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  James William Zevely (1861-1927) — also known as J. W. Zevely — of Muskogee, Muskogee County, Okla.; Washington, D.C.; Manhattan, New York County, N.Y. Born in Linn, Osage County, Mo., October 8, 1861. Democrat. Librarian; secretary of Missouri Democratic Party, 1888; Inspector in Charge for U.S. Department of the Interior; lawyer; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Oklahoma, 1912, 1916; as attorney for the Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation, and for Harry F. Sinclair, he was a figure in the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s. Died, of pernicious anemia and liver cirrhosis, in East Hampton, Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y., June 10, 1927 (age 65 years, 245 days). Interment somewhere in Paris, Ky.
  Relatives: Son of Thaddeus Zevely and Mary A. Zevely; married, June 23, 1908, to Janie C. Clay.
  The champion racehorse "Zev" (1920-1943) was named for him by Harry F. Sinclair.
"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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