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Florida Delegation to the
1996 Democratic National Convention

Delegation chair: Lawton Chiles

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Nicholas G. Alexiou, Clearwater - Donna H. Ausman, Tallahassee - Jon Ausman, Tallahassee - T. Wayne Bailey, DeLand - Carrie Baker, Deltona - Leona Barakat, Davie - Russell G. Barakat, Davie - Cathy Bartolotti, Tampa - Mary Bennett, Ormond Beach - Mitchell W. Berger, Parkland - Annie Betancourt, Miami - Vivian Biagini, Bonita Springs - Elaine Bloom, Miami Beach - Cathy Boyd, Lady Lake - Terrie W. Brady - William Brandt, Jr., Miami - Corrine Brown - Shirley Brown, Sarasota - Bob Buckhorn, Tampa - Ronald Bunting, Tallahassee - Iva Carter, Clearwater - Robert Carver, Tallahassee - Joseph Chapman III, Panama City - Cynthia Moore Chestnut, Gainesville - Lawton Chiles - Jim Cobb, Williston - Irma Cohen, West Hollywood, Hollywood - George Comerford, Lake Worth - John P. Comerford, Tequesta - Tom Comingore, Cape Coral - Sharon ComKowycz, Winter Haven - Ken R. Cooper, Orlando - Carolyn B. Cornwell, Jacksonville - Frank Cummings, Jacksonville - Joyce M. Cusack, DeLand - Carol Cymanick, Orlando - Marna S. Davidson, Lake Worth - Willye Dennis, Jacksonville - Jacques Despinosse, North Miami - Peter R. Deutsch - Nancy M. Dick, Wauchula - Preston Drummer, Jacksonville - Buddy Dyer, Orlando - Albert J. Edden, Fort Lauderdale - Barbara S. Effman, Sunrise - Simon Ferro, Miami - Howard Forman, Pembroke Pines - Arden Fowler, Cortez - Lois J. Frankel, West Palm Beach - Eufaula S. Frazier, Miami - Halley Frye, Blountstown - Bobbie A. Gant, Kissimmee - Juanita Geathers, Winter Haven - Seymour Gelber, Miami Beach - Robert Geltner, Fort Myers - Sam M. Gibbons - Diane Glasser, Tamarac - Lori A. Glasser, Sunrise - Susan Glickman, Indian Rocks Beach - Terrence Gourdine, Clearwater - Bob Graham - Michael Gudis, Homosassa - William D. Gunter, Jr., Tallahassee - Suzanne Gunzburger, Hollywood - Charles Hall, Hialeah - Alcee L. Hastings - Samuel Herron, Jr., Venice - Anthony C. Hill, Sr., Jacksonville - Betty Holzendorf, Jacksonville - Gloria G. Jackson, Plantation - Kenneth Jenne II, Fort Lauderdale - Harry Johnston - Daryl L. Jones, Miami - Mikel D. Jones, Boynton Beach - Blondie Jordan, Orlando - Arthenia L. Joyner, Tampa - Helene Kansas, Satellite Beach - Catherine Kelly, Tallahassee - Katherine C. Kelly, Palm Beach - Lavern R. Kelly, Deltona - Vivian D. Kelly, Quincy - Lisa King, Jacksonville - Charles L. Kinker, Titusville - Sylvia Kling, Plantation - Ginger Koch, Cape Coral - Charles Kohn, Atlantic Beach - Maria Laga, Spring Hill - Phyllis S. Lapidus, Boca Raton - Albert K. Leach, Jr., Sarasota - Leonard Lee, Sunrise - Marilyn Lenard, Tallahassee - Willie F. Logan, Opa-Locka - Elsa M. Lopez, Miami - Barbara Lumpkin, Winter Springs - Monroe W. Mack, Tampa - Buddy Mackay, Jr., Tallahassee - Anne Mackenzie, Fort Lauderdale - Joan Mandelion, Tamarac - William Mauk, Jr., Miami - Kerry McCarthy, St. Augustine - Christopher McLaughlin, Lakeland - Luella J. McQueen, Jacksonville - Matthew Meadows, Tallahassee - Carrie P. Meek - Kendrick B. Meek, Miami - Lesley Miller, Jr., Tampa - Marty Monroe, Tallahassee - Bryden Moon, Winter Park - Joseph Mooney, Pensacola Beach - Carlton Moore, Fort Lauderdale - Marianne Moore, Satellite Beach - Bill Nelson - Roslyn Norris, Tallahassee - Grace Northrop, Gainesville - Karen Nuland, Jacksonville - John Olsen, Pensacola - Frank C. Ortis, Pembroke Pines - Bessie Outley, Wauchula - John C. Parker, Jacksonville - Rudolph Parker, Perry - Marjorie Pease, Tarpon Springs - Charles Perez, Tallahassee - Jorge M. Perez, Miami - Douglas Peterson - Melinda Piller, Tallahassee - Deborah Platt, Inverness - Jonathan Poverud, DeLand - Marta Prado, Hollywood - Fred Pratt, Gainesville - Gloria B. Pressley, Fort Lauderdale - John C. Rayson, Pompano Beach - Alzo J. Reddick, Orlando - James Reese, Pensacola - Julia Reese, Pensacola - Daniel Reynolds, Fort Lauderdale - Javier Rodriguez, Miami - Marvin S. Rosen - Carmen Sanchez, Tampa - Sheila Schneider, Clermont - Juanita Scott, Pensacola - Perkins T. Shelton, St. Petersburg - Jack Shifrel, Coral Springs - Ronald A. Silver, North Miami Beach - Jane Silverberg, Redington Beach - Sylvia Simmons, Atlantic Beach - Murray Sisselman, Miami - Bertha Smith, Margate - Nadine R. Smith, Clearwater - Myrtle Smith-Carroll, St. Petersburg - David Stack, Oakland Park - Helen L. Strain, Gainesville - Meril Stumberger, Boca Raton - Maurice Sussman, West Palm Beach - John Taylor, Auburndale - Karl Thompson, Melbourne - Karen L. Thurman, Dunnellon - Donna Tornillo, Miami - Marjorie R. Turnbull - Marci Vasilinda, Tallahassee - Aaron Wallace, Tallahassee - Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Davie - Jack Weiss, West Palm Beach - Donald Wheat, St. Petersburg - Irma Wheat, St. Petersburg - Gerald White, Tampa - Frank W. Williams, Tallahassee - Mike Williams, Fernandina Beach - Carrenaese Williams Levarity, Miami - Barbara Wilson, Fort Lauderdale - Mary Wilson, Orlando - Paullette Wimberly, Miami - John Wright, Jacksonville - Mae Yates, Delray Beach - Raymond Zeller, Miami - Beverly Zufall, Palmetto

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Judy Batchelder, Jacksonville - Marsha Berdit, Jacksonville - Gary Blake, Boca Raton - Robin Bodiford, Fort Lauderdale - Geraldine Chapman, Tampa - Mary Clinton, Vero Beach - Janet Cruz, Tampa - Charles Cyrus, Sr., Tallahassee - Charles Floyd, Gainesville - Karen J. Hazlett, Jacksonville - Douglas Head, Orlando - Shirley Heller, Pembroke Pines - Paul Hitchens, St. Petersburg - Owen Huntley, Fort Lauderdale - Gwendolyn O. Johnson, Wellington - Melton Little, Parrish - Pamela Madison, Hollywood - Preston W. Marshall, Jr., Miami - Carl Mayes, Margate - Chuck Mohlke, Naples - Emma Moran, Jacksonville - Durell Peaden, Jr., Crestview - Ari Porth, Coral Springs - John Sabin, Clearwater - Edna Saffy, Jacksonville

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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