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  MCCULLOCH: See also John McCulloch Spencer
  McCulloch, A. R. — of Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Ohio, 1916 (alternate), 1924, 1928, 1940. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Abram — of Ohio County, W.Va. Member of West Virginia state house of delegates from Ohio County, 1901-02. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Albert P. — Coughlin's Principles candidate for U.S. Representative from Massachusetts 12th District, 1936. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Alexander — of Point Pleasant, Mason County, Va. (now W.Va.). Democrat. Postmaster at Point Pleasant, Va., 1829-32. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Allen — of Farmington, San Juan County, N.M. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from New Mexico, 2008. Still living as of 2008.
  McCulloch, Ben See Benjamin McCulloch
  McCulloch, Benjamin (1811-1862) — also known as Ben McCulloch — of Texas. Born November 11, 1811. Member of Texas Republic Congress, 1839; general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Killed in the Civil War at Pea Ridge, Benton County, Ark., March 7, 1862 (age 50 years, 116 days). Interment at Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Tex.
  McCulloch County, Tex. is named for him.
  McCulloch, Carleton B. — of Indianapolis, Marion County, Ind. Democrat. Candidate for Governor of Indiana, 1920, 1924; alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Indiana, 1940, 1948; candidate for Presidential Elector for Indiana. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Charles — Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Indiana, 1888. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, D. A. — of Alma, Harlan County, Neb. Member of Nebraska state house of representatives, 1903. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, E. F., Jr. — of Elizabethtown, Bladen County, N.C. Democrat. Member of North Carolina state senate 11th District, 1921-22. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Edgar A. — Democrat. Member, Federal Trade Commission, 1927-33; chair, Federal Trade Commission, 1929. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Elmer L. — of Adams, Berkshire County, Mass. Republican. Member of Massachusetts state house of representatives Third Berkshire District, 1923-24. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Frank W. — Democrat. Member, National Labor Relations Board, 1961-70; chair, National Labor Relations Board, 1961-70. Still living as of 1970.
  McCulloch, Fred — of Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 1928. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Gayla — of Farmington, San Juan County, N.M. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from New Mexico, 2008. Female. Still living as of 2008.
  McCulloch, George (1792-1861) — of Center Line, Centre County, Pa. Born in Maysville, Mason County, Ky., February 22, 1792. Democrat. Member of Pennsylvania state senate 17th District, 1832-36; U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 14th District, 1839-41. Died April 6, 1861 (age 69 years, 43 days). Interment at Church Hill Cemetery, Near Port Royal, Juniata County, Pa.
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Hugh McCulloch McCulloch, Hugh (1808-1895) — of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Ind.; Washington, D.C.; Vansville, Prince George's County, Md. Born in Kennebunk, York County, Maine, December 7, 1808. Republican. Lawyer; banker; U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, 1863-65; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1865-69, 1884-85. Died in Vansville, Prince George's County, Md., May 24, 1895 (age 86 years, 168 days). Interment at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
  Relatives: Son of Hugh McCulloch (1773-1830) and Abigail (Perkins) McCulloch; married, June 23, 1834, to Eunice Hardy; married, March 21, 1838, to Susan Maria Man.
  McCulloch Hall (dormitory, built 1926), at Harvard University Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, is named for him.  — The World War II Liberty ship SS Hugh McCulloch (built 1943 at Richmond, California; scrapped 1962) was named for him.
  Coins and currency: His portrait appeared on $20 U.S. national bank notes in 1902.
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  Image source: Life and Work of James G. Blaine (1893)
  McCulloch, J. B. — Populist candidate for Governor of Nevada, 1898. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, James — of Clinton, Vermillion County, Ind. Democrat. Postmaster at Clinton, Ind., 1837-49, 1853-61. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, James H. — of Baltimore, Md. U.S. Collector of Customs, 1808-36. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, John (1806-1879) — of Shaver's Creek, Huntingdon County, Pa. Born in McCulloch Mills, Juniata County, Pa., November 15, 1806. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 18th District, 1853-55; delegate to Pennsylvania state constitutional convention, 1874. Died May 15, 1879 (age 72 years, 181 days). Interment at Riverside Cemetery, Huntingdon, Pa.
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  McCulloch, John Howard — also known as John McCulloch — of Beckley, Raleigh County, W.Va. Democrat. Mayor of Beckley, W.Va., 1970-82. Still living as of 1982.
  McCulloch, John M. — of Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pa. Democrat. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Pennsylvania, 1912. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, John W. — of Owensboro, Daviess County, Ky. Republican. Member of Republican National Committee from Kentucky, 1912. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, John W. — of Multnomah County, Ore. Candidate in primary for justice of Oregon state supreme court, 1938. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, L. A. — also known as "Skeet" — of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, N.M. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from New Mexico, 1972. Still living as of 1972.
  McCulloch, Linda (b. 1954) — Born in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, December 21, 1954. Democrat. Member of Montana state house of representatives 70th District, 1995-2000; Montana superintendent of public instruction, 2001-09; secretary of state of Montana, 2009-17. Female. Still living as of 2017.
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  McCulloch, Mark — of Austin, Travis County, Tex. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Texas, 2004. Still living as of 2004.
Philip D. McCulloch, Jr. McCulloch, Philip Doddridge, Jr. (1851-1928) — also known as Philip D. McCulloch, Jr. — of Marianna, Lee County, Ark. Born in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tenn., June 23, 1851. Democrat. Lawyer; chair of Lee County Democratic Party, 1875-93; candidate for Presidential Elector for Arkansas; U.S. Representative from Arkansas 1st District, 1893-1903. Died in Marianna, Lee County, Ark., November 26, 1928 (age 77 years, 156 days). Interment at Cedar Heights Cemetery, Marianna, Ark.
  Relatives: Son of Dr. Philip D. McCulloch and Lucy V. (Burrus) McCulloch.
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  Image source: Autobiographies and Portraits of the President, Cabinet, etc. (1899)
  McCulloch, Robert (d. 1905) — of Cooper County, Mo. Missouri registrar of lands, 1881-91. Died in Cooper County, Mo., September 4, 1905. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, Robert — of Gunnison, Gunnison County, Colo. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Colorado, 1968. Still living as of 1968.
  McCulloch, Roscoe Conkling (1880-1958) — also known as Roscoe C. McCulloch — of Canton, Stark County, Ohio; Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Born in Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio, November 27, 1880. Republican. U.S. Representative from Ohio 16th District, 1915-21; defeated, 1912; candidate for Governor of Ohio, 1920; U.S. Senator from Ohio, 1929-30; defeated, 1930. Methodist. Died in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Fla., March 17, 1958 (age 77 years, 110 days). Interment at Hillcrest Cemetery, West Palm Beach, Fla.
  Presumably named for: Roscoe Conkling
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  McCulloch, W. H. — of Iowa. Member of Iowa state house of representatives, 1884. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Grandfather of Carroll A. Lane.
  McCulloch, William H., Jr. — of Albany County, N.Y. Candidate for New York state assembly from Albany County 3rd District, 1900. Burial location unknown.
  McCulloch, William Moore (1901-1980) — also known as William M. McCulloch — of Piqua, Miami County, Ohio. Born near Holmesville, Holmes County, Ohio, November 24, 1901. Republican. Member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1933-44; served in the U.S. Army during World War II; U.S. Representative from Ohio 4th District, 1947-73; delegate to Republican National Convention from Ohio, 1964. Member, American Bar Association. Died in Washington, D.C., February 22, 1980 (age 78 years, 90 days). Interment at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.
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  MCCULLOCK: See also Clara Street Wescott
  McCullock, F. H. — Democrat. Delegate to Gold Democrat National Convention from Virginia, 1896. Burial location unknown.

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