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  Mary Rose Oakar (b. 1940) — of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Washington, D.C. Born in Ohio, March 5, 1940. Democrat. U.S. Representative from Ohio 20th District, 1977-93; defeated, 1992; member, Rules Committee, Democratic National Convention, 2008. Female. She and two nephews were indicted in 1995 over a scheme to evade campaign finance limits and put money into her campaign under the names of fake donors; she was also charged with obtaining money through bad checks on the House bank; pleaded not guilty to seven felonies, and challenged the validity of the charges; in 1998, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor campaign finance violations. Still living as of 2014.
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  Thomas Joseph O'Brien (1878-1964) — also known as Thomas J. O'Brien; "Blind Tom" — of Chicago, Cook County, Ill. Born in Chicago, Cook County, Ill., April 30, 1878. Democrat. Accountant; member of Illinois state house of representatives, 1907-10, 1929-32; U.S. Representative from Illinois 6th District, 1933-39, 1943-64; died in office 1964; arrested in a police raid on a gambling establishment, 1935; Cook County Sheriff, 1939-42; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Illinois, 1960. Catholic. Member, Knights of Columbus. Died in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Md., April 14, 1964 (age 85 years, 350 days). Interment at Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside, Ill.
  Relatives: Son of Thomas O'Brien and Mary (Murphy) O'Brien; married, July 15, 1920, to Nettie Kaufer.
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  Elmer B. O'Hara — of Detroit, Wayne County, Mich. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Michigan, 1932; Wayne County Clerk, 1933-36; Michigan Democratic state chair, 1935-36; tried and convicted, along with State Sen. A. J. Wilkowski and others, on vote fraud charges in 1936; sentenced to four to five years in prison; also convicted on charges of bribing the Macomb County Drain Commissioner. Burial location unknown.
  Edson Baldwin Olds (1802-1869) — also known as Edson B. Olds — of Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio; Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. Born in Marlboro, Windham County, Vt., June 3, 1802. Democrat. Physician; member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1842-43, 1845-46, 1862-66; member of Ohio state senate, 1846-48; U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1849-55 (9th District 1849-53, 12th District 1853-55); defeated, 1854; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Ohio, 1864. Arrested for alleged disloyalty to the Union and imprisoned in Fort Lafayette in 1862. Died in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, January 24, 1869 (age 66 years, 235 days). Interment at Forest Cemetery, Circleville, Ohio.
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  James Harrison Oliver (1857-1928) — also known as J. H. Oliver — of Shirley, Charles City County, Va. Born in Houston County, Ga., January 15, 1857. As a naval commander, he was arrested and court-martialed over his role in a 1904 collision in Delaware Bay; acquitted and reinstated; Governor of U.S. Virgin Islands. Died, of heart disease, in Charles City County, Va., April 6, 1928 (age 71 years, 82 days). Interment at Shirley Plantation Cemetery, Shirley, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Thaddeus Oliver and Sarah Penelope (Lawson) Oliver; married, December 7, 1893, to Marion Carter (1856-1952).
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  Nehemiah George Ordway (1828-1907) — also known as Nehemiah G. Ordway — of Warner, Merrimack County, N.H. Born in Warner, Merrimack County, N.H., November 10, 1828. Republican. New Hampshire Republican state chair, 1860; member of New Hampshire state house of representatives from Warner, 1875-77; member of New Hampshire state senate 9th District, 1879-80; Governor of Dakota Territory, 1880-84. Indicted on corruption charges in 1883; his criminal trial in 1884 was cut short by a jurisdiction ruling; removed from office by President Arthur. Died July 1, 1907 (age 78 years, 233 days). Interment at Pine Grove Cemetery, Warner, N.H.
  Relatives: Father of George Ordway (1843?-?).
  Walter S. Orlinsky (1938-2002) — also known as Wally Orlinsky; "Wally Appleseed" — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Baltimore, Md., May 19, 1938. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Maryland state house of delegates from Baltimore city 2nd District, 1967-72; candidate for Presidential Elector for Maryland, 1972; candidate in primary for Governor of Maryland, 1978; pleaded guilty to Federal charges of accepting a bribe from an FBI informant posing as a sludge hauler; served 4.5 months in prison; pardoned by President Bill Clinton in 2000. Member, National Trust for Historic Preservation; American Civil Liberties Union; Phi Alpha Delta. Died February 9, 2002 (age 63 years, 266 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Married 1961 to Jo-Ann Mayer (divorced); married to Judy Longenecker Taylor.
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  Samuel Orr (1890-1981) — of Bronx, Bronx County, N.Y. Born July 11, 1890. Socialist. Lawyer; member of New York state assembly from Bronx County 4th District, 1918, 1920, 1921; defeated, 1918; expelled 1920; resigned 1920; delegate to Socialist National Convention from New York, 1920; candidate for New York state senate, 1922 (22nd District), 1928 (22nd District), 1933 (21st District); candidate for U.S. Representative from New York 23rd District, 1926, 1930, 1932, 1934; New York City Magistrate, 1941-51. Jewish. Expelled from the New York State Assembly over alleged disloyalty, along with the other four Socialist members, April 1, 1920; re-elected to the same seat in a special election, but resigned in protest when three other Socialist members were expelled again. Died, in Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, Bronx County, N.Y., August 29, 1981 (age 91 years, 49 days). Burial location unknown.
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  Henry Osborne (1751-1800) — of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa.; Camden County, Ga. Born in Newtown Limavady (now Limavady), County Londonderry, Ireland (now Northern Ireland), August 21, 1751. Delegate to Continental Congress from Georgia, 1786; justice of Georgia state supreme court, 1787-89; superior court judge in Georgia, 1789-91. Removed from offices he held in Pennsylvania in June 1783 following the supreme executive council's determination that he was a bigamist; convicted by the Georgia senate in December 1791 of election fraud. Died in St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Ga., November 9, 1800 (age 49 years, 80 days). Burial location unknown.
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  Thomas Mott Osborne (1859-1926) — also known as Thomas M. Osborne; "Tom Brown" — of Auburn, Cayuga County, N.Y. Born in Auburn, Cayuga County, N.Y., September 23, 1859. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1896, 1924; Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1898; mayor of Auburn, N.Y., 1903-05. Son of the founder of International Harvester; prison reformer; New York State Public Service Commissioner; New York State Fish and Game Commissioner, 1911; warden of Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, N.Y., 1914-16; indicted by a grand jury in 1915 for alleged perjury and neglect of duty; tried, but the charges were dismissed; commander of naval prison, Portsmouth, N.H., 1917-20. Died in Auburn, Cayuga County, N.Y., October 20, 1926 (age 67 years, 27 days). Interment at Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of David Munson Osborne and Eliza Lidy (Wright) Osborne (1830-1911); married 1886 to Agnes Devens (1865-1896); father of Charles Devens Osborne and Lithgow Osborne; first cousin six times removed of Benjamin Franklin; second cousin once removed of Charles Taylor Sherman, Barzillai Bulkeley Kellogg, William Tecumseh Sherman, Lampson Parker Sherman and John Sherman; third cousin once removed of Wharton Barker; third cousin thrice removed of Ira Yale; fourth cousin of Dwight Arthur Silliman; fourth cousin once removed of Howkin Bulkley Beardslee, Henry Jarvis Raymond, Edwin Olmstead Keeler (1846-1923) and Asbury Elliott Kellogg.
  Political families: Sherman family of Connecticut; Keeler-Floyd-Sherman-Bangs family of New York; Kellogg-Seymour-Chapin-Adams family of Connecticut and New York (subsets of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
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Yari Osorio Yari Osorio — of New York City (unknown county), N.Y. Born in Cali, Colombia. Socialist. Emergency medical technician; anti-war and social justice activist; arrested in October, 2011, along with hundreds of others, during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City; Socialism and Liberation candidate for Vice President of the United States, 2012. Colombian ancestry. Still living as of 2012.
  Image source: Campaign web site (2012)
  John Louis O'Sullivan (1813-1895) — also known as John L. O'Sullivan — of New York, New York County, N.Y. Born, of American parents, in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Gibraltar, November 15, 1813. Democrat. Member of New York state assembly from New York County, 1841-42; delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1844; U.S. Charge d'Affaires to Portugal, 1854; U.S. Minister to Portugal, 1854-58. Episcopalian; later Catholic. Cofounder and editor of The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, a journal that published the works of Emerson, Hawthorne and Whitman, as well as political essays on Jacksonian Democracy, 1837-46. Early advocate in 1840s for abolition of the death penalty. Invented the term "manifest destiny" to explain and justify the westward expansion of the United States. Took part in the failed expedition of Narcisco Lopez to take Cuba from Spanish rule; as a result, was charged in federal court in New York with violation of the Neutrality Act; tried and acquitted in March 1852. Died, of influenza and the effects of an earlier stroke, in a residential hotel in New York, New York County, N.Y., March 24, 1895 (age 81 years, 129 days). Interment at Moravian Cemetery, New Dorp, Staten Island, N.Y.
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