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German ancestry Politicians in Maryland

Talbot J. Albert Talbot Jones Albert (1847-1919) — also known as Talbot J. Albert — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Baltimore, Md., February 16, 1847. Republican. Lawyer; U.S. Consul in Brunswick, 1897-1916; Hanover, 1916. German and English ancestry. Died in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, N.J., March 18, 1919 (age 72 years, 30 days). Interment at Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
  Relatives: Son of William Julian Albert and Emily Jane (Jones) Albert; married to Olivia Patricia MacGill; second cousin thrice removed of John Eager Howard; third cousin once removed of Montgomery Blair and Francis Preston Blair Jr.; third cousin twice removed of George Howard and Benjamin Chew Howard; fourth cousin of James Lawrence Blair, Francis Preston Blair Lee, Gist Blair and Ethel Gist Cantrill; fourth cousin once removed of Edward Brooke Lee.
  Political family: Lee-Randolph family (subset of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Image source: U.S. passport application (1916)
  Henry Robert Baird (1876-1936) — also known as Henry R. Baird — of Port Huron, St. Clair County, Mich. Born in East China, St. Clair County, Mich., January 20, 1876. Republican. Lawyer; St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney, 1919; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1932. German and Scottish ancestry. Died in Baltimore, Md., May 7, 1936 (age 60 years, 108 days). Interment at Hillside Cemetery, St. Clair, Mich.
  Relatives: Son of William Baird and Catherine (Frank) Baird; half-brother of Lydia Low Baird (who married Ralph Waldo Muncy); married, March 5, 1915, to Adele L. Blinn.
  Political families: Muncy-Baird-Ackley family of St. Clair, Michigan; Kellogg-Adams-Seymour-Chapin family of Connecticut and New York (subsets of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
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  T. Franklin Bayer (b. 1863) — also known as T. Frank Bayer — of Hagerstown, Washington County, Md.; Huntingdon, Huntingdon County, Pa. Born in Antrim Township, Franklin County, Pa., April 1, 1863. Republican. Wholesale grocer; delegate to Republican National Convention from Pennsylvania, 1908. Christian Reformed. German ancestry. Member, Royal Arcanum. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of John N. Bayer and Mary E. (Miller) Bayer; married, December 4, 1885, to Elizabeth M. Barnhart; married, November 30, 1892, to Mary E. Shaffer.
  Valentine Brother (1773-1820) — of Ontario County, N.Y. Born in Fredericktown (now Frederick), Frederick County, Md., April 3, 1773. Member of New York state assembly from Ontario County, 1809-10, 1811-12, 1819-20; died in office 1820. German ancestry. Died in Stanley, Ontario County, N.Y., January 9, 1820 (age 46 years, 281 days). Interment at Old Number Nine Cemetery, Seneca town, Ontario County, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of Henry Brother and Eleanore Reb (Boogher) Brother; married, January 18, 1795, to Margaret Schell; second great-grandfather of Montgomery Schuyler Jr..
  Political family: Livingston-Schuyler family of New York (subset of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
  Henry Joseph Emmel (1844-1927) — also known as Henry J. Emmel — of Spring Hill, Stearns County, Minn.; Melrose, Stearns County, Minn. Born in Cumberland, Allegany County, Md., March 17, 1844. Democrat. Merchant; farmer; member of Minnesota state house of representatives, 1878, 1909-10 (District 31 1878, District 54 1909-10). German ancestry. Died September 8, 1927 (age 83 years, 175 days). Interment at St. Michael's Cemetery, Spring Hill, Minn.
  Relatives: Son of Joseph Emmel and Kunigunda (Fischer) Emmel; married to Apollonia (Miesen) Schoenborn.
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John Hubner John Hubner (1840-1920) — of Baltimore, Md.; Catonsville, Baltimore County, Md. Born in Lonnerstadt, Bavaria, Germany, December 26, 1840. Democrat. Naturalized U.S. citizen; brick manufacturer; real estate developer; bank director; member of Maryland state house of delegates, 1887-92; Speaker of the Maryland State House of Delegates, 1891-92; member of Maryland state senate, 1893-96, 1901-04. Lutheran. German ancestry. Member, Freemasons. Died in Baltimore, Md., September 8, 1920 (age 79 years, 257 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Michael Hubner and Mary Hubner; married 1863 to Mary Ann Harken; grandfather of John Hubner II.
  Political family: Livingston-Schuyler family of New York (subset of the Four Thousand Related Politicians).
  Image source: Men of Mark in Maryland (1912)
  Harold LeClair Ickes (1874-1952) — also known as Harold L. Ickes — of Hubbard Woods, Cook County, Ill.; Winnetka, Cook County, Ill.; Olney, Montgomery County, Md. Born in Frankstown, Blair County, Pa., March 15, 1874. Lawyer; delegate to Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1920; U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1933-46; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Illinois, 1936, 1940, 1944; newspaper columnist. Presbyterian. Scottish and German ancestry. Member, American Civil Liberties Union; American Bar Association; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. Died, in Emergency Hospital, Washington, D.C., February 3, 1952 (age 77 years, 325 days). Interment at Sandy Spring Friends Cemetery, Sandy Spring, Md.
  Relatives: Son of Jesse Boone Williams Ickes and Martha Ann (McCune) Ickes; married 1911 to Anna Wilmarth Thompson; married, May 24, 1938, to Jane Dahlman; father of Harold McEwen Ickes; nephew by marriage of John Clarence Cudahy.
  Political family: Ickes family.
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John E. Kehl John Elwin Kehl (1870-1936) — also known as John E. Kehl — of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio; Asheville, Buncombe County, N.C. Born in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, October 10, 1870. Bookkeeper; printer; U.S. Consul in Stettin, 1897-1908; Sydney, 1908-11; Salonika, 1911-18; Aarhus, 1918-20; Stuttgart, as of 1926-29; U.S. Consul General in Hamburg, as of 1931-32. German ancestry. Died, in Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Md., April 2, 1936 (age 65 years, 175 days). Interment at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Relatives: Son of John Kehl and Louise (Buckley) Kehl.
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  Image source: U.S. passport application (1921)
  Augustus Kohler (born c.1827) — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Germany, about 1827. Commission merchant; Vice-Consul for Russia in Baltimore, Md., 1864-77; business partner of Emil O. Nolting. German ancestry. Burial location unknown.
  Loren H. Laughlin (1896-1966) — of Beatrice, Gage County, Neb.; Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb. Born in Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, August 13, 1896. Republican. Lawyer; served in the U.S. Army during World War I; member of Nebraska state senate 16th District, 1925-29; delegate to Republican National Convention from Nebraska, 1928, 1936; candidate for U.S. Representative from Nebraska 1st District, 1940; served in the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II; senior claims commissioner, Manila, Philippines, 1947-48; hearing examiner, Federal Trade Commission, 1953-66. Scotch-Irish and German ancestry. Member, American Bar Association; American Legion; Forty and Eight; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Modern Woodmen of America; Knights of Pythias; Freemasons; Shriners; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Died in Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Md., June 21, 1966 (age 69 years, 312 days). Interment at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.
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  Richard James Leupold (1870-1928) — also known as Richard J. Leupold — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Genoa (Genova), Italy, August 31, 1870. Naturalized U.S. citizen; commission merchant; importer; Consul for Chile in Baltimore, Md., 1895-1907; Vice-Consul for Argentina in Baltimore, Md., 1916-25; general manager, Garrison Fire Detection System. German ancestry. Died, from a cerebral hemorrhage, in Baltimore, Md., December 7, 1928 (age 58 years, 98 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Herman Otto Heinrich Leupold and Eliza Charlotte (Dobree) Leupold; married, April 20, 1895, to Elizabeth Gibson Cunningham.
John Luetkemeyer John Alexander Luetkemeyer (1910-1998) — also known as John Luetkemeyer — of Homeland, Baltimore, Md.; Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. Born in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, February 12, 1910. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II; banker; Maryland state treasurer, 1963-73. German ancestry. Died in Roland Park, Baltimore, Md., September 17, 1998 (age 88 years, 217 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Gustave Luetkemeyer and Julie (Lueke) Luetkemeyer; married to Anne McLanahan.
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  Image source: Baltimore Sun, September 20, 1998
William W. McIntire William Watson McIntire (1850-1912) — also known as William W. McIntire — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pa., June 30, 1850. Republican. Machinist; insurance agent; lawyer; U.S. Representative from Maryland 4th District, 1897-99. Episcopalian. Scotch-Irish and German ancestry. Died on a boat while fishing in the Middle River (or Gunpowder River), Baltimore County, Md., March 30, 1912 (age 61 years, 274 days). Interment at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
  Relatives: Married to Hortense Hay Hardesty.
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  Image source: Autobiographies and Portraits of the President, Cabinet, etc. (1899)
  Charles Nitze (1830-1909) — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Magdeburg, Germany, August 18, 1830. Banker; Vice-Consul for Russia in Baltimore, Md., 1879-1903. German ancestry. Died, from a stroke of paralysis, in Roland Park, Baltimore, Md., October 21, 1909 (age 79 years, 64 days). Interment at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
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Hermann Oelrichs Hermann Oelrichs (1850-1906) — of New York, New York County, N.Y. Born in Baltimore, Md., June 8, 1850. Democrat. Steamship agent; banker; member of Democratic National Committee from New York, 1888. German ancestry. Died, from liver trouble, on board the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, in the North Atlantic Ocean, September 1, 1906 (age 56 years, 85 days). Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, N.Y.
  Relatives: Son of Henry Ferdinand Oelrichs and Julia Matilda (May) Oelrichs; married 1890 to Theresa Alice 'Tessie' Fair (daughter of James Graham Fair).
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  Image source: Washington Times, September 4, 1906
  Oscar L. Pulse (1851-1923) — of Decatur County, Ind. Born in Hamilton County, Ohio, February 14, 1851. Democrat. School teacher; farmer; lumber business; member of Indiana state house of representatives, 1883. Methodist. Dutch and German ancestry. Died in Maryland, March 15, 1923 (age 72 years, 29 days). Interment at South Park Cemetery, Greensburg, Ind.
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John J. Raskob John Jacob Raskob (1879-1950) — also known as John J. Raskob — Born in Lockport, Niagara County, N.Y., March 19, 1879. Democrat. Executive at General Motors and DuPont; Chairman of Democratic National Committee, 1928-32. Catholic. German and Irish ancestry. Died in Centreville, Queen Anne's County, Md., October 15, 1950 (age 71 years, 210 days). Interment at Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington, Del.
  Relatives: Son of John Raskob and Anna Frances (Moran) Raskob; married 1906 to Helena Springer Green.
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  Image source: Library of Congress
  Robert Sargent Shriver Jr. (1915-2011) — also known as R. Sargent Shriver, Jr.; "Sarge" — Born in Westminster, Carroll County, Md., November 9, 1915. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; lawyer; organized and directed the Peace Corps, 1961-66; U.S. Ambassador to France, 1968-70; candidate for Vice President of the United States, 1972; candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1976. Catholic. German ancestry. Member, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994. Died, from Alzheimer's disease, in Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, Montgomery County, Md., January 18, 2011 (age 95 years, 70 days). Interment at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Centerville, Mass.
  Relatives: Son of Robert Sargent Shriver and Hilda (Shriver) Shriver; married, May 23, 1953, to Eunice Mary Kennedy (daughter of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr.; sister of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, Robert Francis Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith and Edward Moore Kennedy; aunt of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend); father of Maria Owings Shriver (who married Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger) and Mark Kennedy Shriver; nephew of James Causten Shriver; grandson of Thomas Herbert Shriver; great-grandson of Thomas Johns Perry.
  Political family: Kennedy family.
  Sargent Shriver Elementary School, in Silver Spring, Maryland, is named for him.
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  Books about R. Sargent Shriver: Scott Stossel, Sarge: The Life and Times of Sargent Shriver — Mark Shriver, A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver
John L. Thomas, Jr. John Lewis Thomas Jr. (1835-1893) — also known as John L. Thomas, Jr. — of Cumberland, Allegany County, Md.; Baltimore, Md. Born in Baltimore, Md., May 20, 1835. Republican. Lawyer; delegate to Maryland state constitutional convention, 1863-64; U.S. Representative from Maryland 2nd District, 1865-67; delegate to Republican National Convention from Maryland, 1868; U.S. Collector of Customs, 1869-73, 1877-82. Methodist. French and German ancestry. Died in Baltimore, Md., October 15, 1893 (age 58 years, 148 days). Interment at Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
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  Image source: History of Baltimore City and County (1881)
  William H. Volkmar (1845-1904) — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Maryland, 1845. Contractor; U.S. Vice Consul in Puerto Cabello, 1888-1904, died in office 1904. German ancestry. Died in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, April 20, 1904 (age about 58 years). Interment at Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, Md.
  Relatives: Father of Luz Maria Volkmar (who married of Eleazer López Contreras).
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  Frederick von Versen (b. 1847) — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Germany, 1847. Naturalized U.S. citizen; shipping business; U.S. Vice & Deputy Consul General in Berlin, 1887-89; U.S. Deputy Consul General in Berlin, 1894-1911; U.S. Vice Consul in Berlin, as of 1916. German ancestry. Burial location unknown.
  Frank Charles Wachter (1861-1910) — also known as Frank C. Wachter — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Baltimore, Md., September 16, 1861. Republican. U.S. Representative from Maryland 3rd District, 1899-1907; candidate for mayor of Baltimore, Md., 1903. Lutheran. German ancestry. Died in Baltimore, Md., July 1, 1910 (age 48 years, 288 days). Interment at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
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William Wirt William Wirt (1772-1834) — of Virginia. Born near Bladensburg, Prince George's County, Md., November 8, 1772. Lawyer; prosecuting attorney at the treason trial of Aaron Burr, 1807; U.S. Attorney for Virginia, 1816-17; U.S. Attorney General, 1817-29; Anti-Masonic candidate for President of the United States, 1832. Presbyterian. German and Swiss ancestry. Died in Washington, D.C., February 18, 1834 (age 61 years, 102 days). Interment at Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
  Relatives: Son of Jacob Wirt and Henrietta Wirt; married, May 28, 1795, to Mildred 'Millie' Gilmer (niece of John Walker and Francis Walker; aunt of Thomas Walker Gilmer); married, September 7, 1802, to Elizabeth Washington Gamble (sister-in-law of William Henry Cabell); father of Catherine Gratten Wirt (who married Alexander Randall); grandfather of John Wirt Randall; great-grandfather of Hannah Parker Randall (who married William Bladen Lowndes).
  Wirt County, W.Va. is named for him.
  Other politicians named for him: Wirt AdamsWilliam Wirt VirginWilliam Wirt WatkinsWilliam Wirt VaughanWilliam W. WarrenWilliam Wirt CulbertsonWilliam Wirt HerodWilliam W. DixonWilliam Wirt HendersonWilliam W. HastingsW. Wirt Courtney
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  Books about William Wirt: Gregory Kurt Glassner, Adopted Son: The Life, Wit & Wisdom of William Wirt, 1772-1834
  Image source: The South in the Building of the Nation (1909)
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