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Coffee and Tea Industry Politicians

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  Sam Ackerman (b. 1934) — of Chicago, Cook County, Ill. Born in New York City (unknown county), N.Y., December 23, 1934. Democrat. Personnel director, Continental Coffee Co.; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Illinois, 1972. Jewish. Member, Americans for Democratic Action; American Civil Liberties Union. Still living as of 1973.
  Relatives: Son of Joseph Ackerman and Regina (Marmorstein) Ackerman; married 1970 to Martha Sue Gordon.
  Jacob Baiz (1843-1899) — also known as Jacobo Baiz — of New York, New York County, N.Y. Born in Barcelona, Venezuela, 1843. Commission merchant; coffee importer; Consul-General for Guatemala in New York, N.Y., 1874-77; Consul-General for Salvador in New York, N.Y., 1875-77; Charge d'Affaires for Honduras, 1878; Consul-General for Honduras in New York, N.Y., 1885-96. Jewish. Member, Freemasons. Died in Manhattan, New York County, N.Y., June 13, 1899 (age about 55 years). Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, N.Y.
  Relatives: Married 1868 to Emily Mendes Seixas (1848-1938).
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  Nathaniel Barnes (1847-1910) — of Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kan. Born in Somerset, Perry County, Ohio, November 9, 1847. Republican. Coffee broker; mayor of Kansas City, Kan., 1893-95; delegate to Republican National Convention from Kansas, 1896; postmaster at Kansas City, Kan., 1897-1902. Died, from a cerebral hemorrhage, in Kansas City, Jackson County, Mo., February 11, 1910 (age 62 years, 94 days). Interment at Huron Indian Cemetery, Kansas City, Kan.
  Relatives: Son of Weaver Barnes and Chrislann (Vanatta) Barnes.
  Charles Frederick Bishop (1844-1913) — also known as Charles F. Bishop; Charles Frederick Bischoff — of Buffalo, Erie County, N.Y. Born in Williamsville, Erie County, N.Y., October 14, 1844. Democrat. Dealer in tea, coffee, and spices; mayor of Buffalo, N.Y., 1890-94. German ancestry. Member, Freemasons; Shriners. Died, of cancer, in Buffalo, Erie County, N.Y., September 14, 1913 (age 68 years, 335 days). Interment at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N.Y.
  Relatives: Married, August 6, 1865, to Kate Moran.
  William Horacio De Savigny (b. 1860) — also known as William H. De Savigny — of Ramsey County, Minn. Born in Quebec, September 24, 1860. Naturalized U.S. citizen; coffee grower; U.S. Consular Agent in Matagalpa, 1905-14, 1916-27. Burial location unknown.
  Oliver D. S. Gallup (1857-1920) — of Park Ridge, Cook County, Ill.; Chicago, Cook County, Ill. Born in Iowa, September, 1857. Coffee business; clothing salesman; village president of Park Ridge, Illinois, 1893-97. Died April 29, 1920 (age 62 years, 0 days). Interment at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Ill.
  Relatives: Son of Benjamin F. Gallup and Emma Gallup; married, June 23, 1883, to May F. Ruger.
  William H. Lawrence (b. 1863) — of Illinois. Born in Chicago, Cook County, Ill., July 11, 1863. Coffee broker; U.S. Vice Consul in Santos, 1901-21. Burial location unknown.
  Isaac A. Manning (1864-1942) — of Salem, Marion County, Ore.; Portland, Multnomah County, Ore. Born in Abington, Wayne County, Ind., January 14, 1864. Republican. Telegraph operator; newspaper reporter; real estate and insurance business; coffee planter; U.S. Consular Agent in Matagalpa, 1899-1905; U.S. Consul in Cartagena, 1907-09; La Guaira, 1909-11; Barranquilla, 1911-16. Congregationalist. Died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Calif., December 17, 1942 (age 78 years, 337 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of William Manning (1832-1914) and Sarah Jane (Hunt) Manning (1835-1875); married, July 6, 1887, to Alice Hatch (died 1912); married, March 22, 1913, to Lia Curiel.
  Ralph Rappé McKee — also known as Ralph R. McKee — of Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio; Tompkinsville, Staten Island, Richmond County, N.Y. Born in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio. Democrat. Publishing business; tea importing business; member of New York state assembly from Richmond County, 1912-13. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of John D. McKee and Marian (Rappé) McKee; married, June 8, 1893, to Nora Lowe.
  William Owen (b. 1852) — Born in Washington, D.C., August 23, 1852. Coffee planter; U.S. Vice & Deputy Consul General in Guatemala City, 1904-14. Burial location unknown.
  Henry Cardwell Potter (1822-1902) — of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa. Born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa., February 28, 1822. Republican. Commission merchant; coffee importer; Consul for Nicaragua in Philadelphia, Pa., 1875-96; Vice-Consul for Costa Rica in Philadelphia, Pa., 1899-1901. English ancestry. Died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa., March 6, 1902 (age 80 years, 6 days). Interment at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.
  Relatives: Son of John Potter (1784-1833) and Harriet (Cardwell) Potter (1786-1863); married 1852 to Amanda Inskeep Moore (1827-1903).
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  Fred Rose, Jr. (b. 1895) — of Hobart, Lake County, Ind. Born in Hobart, Lake County, Ind., February 14, 1895. Republican. Coffee salesman; mayor of Hobart, Ind., 1939-44, 1952-59. Universalist. Member, Freemasons; American Legion. Burial location unknown.
  William Frederick Morgan Rowland (1842-1883) — also known as W. F. Rowland — of New York, New York County, N.Y. Born in Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio, May 10, 1842. Coffee importer; U.S. Consul in Nice, 1883, died in office 1883. Member, Union League. Died in Thun, Switzerland, August 3, 1883 (age 41 years, 85 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Rev. James E. Rowland (1814-1854) and Catherine Avery (Morgan) Rowland (1815-1912); married to Isabella Maria McKinnell; nephew of Edwin Denison Morgan (1811-1883); second cousin of Morgan Gardner Bulkeley and William Henry Bulkeley; second cousin once removed of Edwin Barber Morgan and Christopher Morgan; second cousin thrice removed of Waightstill Avery; third cousin once removed of Alfred Avery Burnham; third cousin thrice removed of George Champlin; fourth cousin once removed of Lorenzo Burrows and William Waigstill Avery.
  Political families: Kellogg-Seymour-Chapin-Adams family of Connecticut and New York; Pendleton family of Connecticut (subsets of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  Charles Edgar Sanborn (1860-1905) — also known as Charles E. Sanborn — of Somerville, Middlesex County, Mass.; Marblehead, Essex County, Mass. Born in Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine, April 29, 1860. Partner in Chase & Sanborn (co-founded by his father in 1862), coffee roasters and importers; Consul for Costa Rica in Boston, Mass., 1889-96. Died, from a stroke of apoplexy, at the Hotel Tudor on Beacon Streeet, Boston, Suffolk County, Mass., January 27, 1905 (age 44 years, 273 days). Interment at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.
  Relatives: Son of James Solomon Sanborn and Harriet N. (Small) Sanborn; married, August 1, 1887, to Florence A. Blazo (1858-1918).
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  Charles Morton Stewart (1828-1900) — also known as C. Morton Stewart — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Maryland, July 16, 1828. Coffee importer; bank director; Consul for Argentina in Baltimore, Md., 1864-98; Consul for Venezuela in Baltimore, Md., 1875-77. Died in Hampton, Va., August 13, 1900 (age 72 years, 28 days). Interment at St. Thomas Episcopal Church Cemetery, Owings Mills, Md.
  Relatives: Son of David Stewart and Mary Adelaide (Morton) Stewart (1806-1834); married, February 26, 1850, to Sophia DeButts (1828-1864); married, April 30, 1866, to Josephine Lurman (1847-1929); father of Charles Morton Stewart, Jr.; first cousin of Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1851-1921).
  Political family: Stewart family of Baltimore, Maryland.
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  Nicolás Francisco Veloz (1880-1957) — also known as Nicolás Veloz — of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y. Born December 27, 1880. Coffee business; Honorary Vice-Consul for Venezuela in New York, N.Y., 1915-45; Consul for Venezuela in New York, N.Y., 1946-50. Died in February, 1957 (age 76 years, 0 days). Interment at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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  Vincent Joseph Vidal (1858-1941) — also known as Vincent J. Vidal; Vicente J. Vidal — of Pensacola, Escambia County, Fla. Born in Mahon, Minorca, December 26, 1858. Naturalized U.S. citizen; merchant; coffee roaster; printing business; Honorary Vice-Consul for Guatemala in Pensacola, Fla., 1900-31; Honorary Consul for Cuba in Pensacola, Fla., 1904-14; Commercial Agent (Consul) for Uruguay in Pensacola, Fla., 1913-23; Honorary Vice-Consul for Uruguay in Pensacola, Fla., 1926-41; Vice-Consul for Brazil in Pensacola, Fla., 1929. Spanish ancestry. Member, Rotary; Elks; Knights of Pythias. Died in Pensacola, Escambia County, Fla., September 26, 1941 (age 82 years, 274 days). Interment at St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Fla.
  Relatives: Married, March 30, 1880, to Catherine 'Kate' Kupfrian (1861-1885); married 1886 to Sarah 'Sadie' Roth (1865-1916); married 1917 to Stella Owens (1889-1984).
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Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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