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French ancestry Politicians in Wisconsin

Paul R. Alfonsi Paul R. Alfonsi (1908-1989) — of Minocqua, Oneida County, Wis.; Middleton Branch, Dane County, Wis. Born in Pence, Iron County, Wis., February 13, 1908. School teacher and principal; insurance business; member of Wisconsin state assembly, 1933-40, 1959-70 (Iron and Vilas counties 1933-40, Iron, Oneida and Vilas counties 1959-70); Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, 1937; served in the U.S. Army during World War II; Presidential Elector for Wisconsin, 1960; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin, 1964. Corsican ancestry. Died November 22, 1989 (age 81 years, 282 days). Burial location unknown.
  Image source: Wisconsin Blue Book 1940
  George Antheme Beauchamp (1899-1990) — also known as George A. Beauchamp — of Grosse Pointe Shores, Wayne County, Mich. Born in Superior, Douglas County, Wis., May 4, 1899. Republican. Lawyer; candidate for supervisor of Grosse Pointe Township, Michigan. French Canadian ancestry. Died, in Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Oakland County, Mich., March 12, 1990 (age 90 years, 312 days). Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Mich.
  Relatives: Son of George N. Beauchamp and Marie (Beaulieu) Beauchamp (1879-1956); married, May 23, 1931, to Marjory Lloyd Huston (1906-1979; daughter of Roscoe Burhans Huston (1881-1949)).
  Leon Donald Case (b. 1877) — also known as Leon D. Case — of Watervliet, Berrien County, Mich. Born in Ellsworth, Pierce County, Wis., January 15, 1877. Democrat. Newspaper publisher; member of Michigan state senate 7th District, 1913-14, 1933-36; defeated, 1914, 1928; candidate in primary for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan, 1936; secretary of state of Michigan, 1937-38; defeated, 1938. English and French ancestry. Interment at Old Watervliet Cemetery, Watervliet, Mich.
S. J. Conklin Sylvester Jones Conklin (b. 1829) — also known as S. J. Conklin — of Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wis.; Watertown, Codington County, Dakota Territory (now S.Dak.). Born in Penn Yan, Yates County, N.Y., May 5, 1829. Republican. Shoemaker; member of Wisconsin state assembly, 1859, 1869; served in the Union Army during the Civil War; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin, 1868; newspaper publisher; Adjutant General of South Dakota, 1901-03. Dutch, Welsh, and French ancestry. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Married 1848 to Maria Wait; married 1884 to Mattie Greenslate; married 1895 to Anna Duff.
  Image source: South Dakota Legislative Manual, 1903
  Alexander Faribault (1806-1882) — of Mendota, Dakota County, Minn. Born in Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wis., June 22, 1806. Fur trader; Founder of the city of Faribault, Minnesota; member of Minnesota territorial House of Representatives 7th District, 1851. French and Dakota Indian ancestry. Died in Faribault, Rice County, Minn., 1882 (age about 76 years). Interment at Calvary Cemetery, Faribault, Minn.
  Relatives: Son of Jean Baptiste Faribault (1773-1860) and Elizabeth (Piligle) Faribault (1783-1847); brother of Lucy Faribault (1808-1855; who married Alexis C. Bailly); married to Mary Elizabeth Graham (1804-1875); uncle of Alexis Phillip Bailly and Henry G. Bailly (1828-1865).
  Political family: Bailly-Faribault family of Mendota, Minnesota.
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Paul O. Husting Paul Oscar Adolph Husting (1866-1917) — also known as Paul O. Husting — of Mayville, Dodge County, Wis. Born in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wis., April 25, 1866. Democrat. Lawyer; Dodge County District Attorney, 1903-06; member of Wisconsin state senate 13th District, 1907-14; U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, 1915-17; died in office 1917; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Wisconsin, 1916 (member, Platform and Resolutions Committee). French, Luxemburgian, and Menominee Indian ancestry. Accidentally shot in the back by his brother Gustave, when he stood up in his boat while duck hunting on Rush Lake, and died soon after in a nearby farmhouse, near Pickett, Winnebago County, Wis., October 21, 1917 (age 51 years, 179 days). Interment at Graceland Cemetery, Mayville, Wis.
  Relatives: Son of John P. Husting and Mary M. (Juneau) Husting; grandson of Solomon Juneau (1793-1856).
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  Image source: Library of Congress
  Solomon Juneau (1793-1856) — also known as Laurent-Salomon Juneau — of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wis. Born in L'Asumption, Quebec, August 9, 1793. Democrat. Fur trader; founder of Milwaukee; postmaster at Milwaukee, Wis., 1835-43; mayor of Milwaukee, Wis., 1846-47. Catholic. French ancestry. Died, reportedly from appendicitis, in Keshena, Shawano County (now Menominee County), Wis., November 14, 1856 (age 63 years, 97 days). Original interment in unknown location; reinterment in 1866 at Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wis.; cenotaph at Juneau Park, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Relatives: Married 1820 to Josette Vieux (1804-1855); grandfather of Paul Oscar Adolph Husting (1866-1917).
  Juneau County, Wis. is named for him.
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  John J. Kempf (b. 1857) — of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wis. Born in Granville town, Milwaukee County, Wis., May 4, 1857. Republican. Shoe merchant; member of Wisconsin state senate, 1889-91; Milwaukee County Register of Deeds; member of Wisconsin Republican State Central Committee, 1900-03; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin, 1900; Wisconsin state treasurer, 1903-04, 1905-07. German and French ancestry. Burial location unknown.
Robert M. LaFollette Robert Marion LaFollette (1855-1925) — also known as Robert M. LaFollette; "Fighting Bob"; "Battling Bob" — of Madison, Dane County, Wis. Born in Primrose, Dane County, Wis., June 14, 1855. Lawyer; Dane County District Attorney, 1880-84; U.S. Representative from Wisconsin 3rd District, 1885-91; delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin, 1896, 1904; Governor of Wisconsin, 1901-06; U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, 1906-25; died in office 1925; candidate for Republican nomination for President, 1908, 1916; Progressive candidate for President of the United States, 1924. French ancestry. Died of heart disease complicated by asthma and pneumonia, in Washington, D.C., June 18, 1925 (age 70 years, 4 days). Interment at Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wis.
  Relatives: Son of Josiah LaFollette (1817-1862) and Mary (Ferguson) LaFollette (1818-1894; who later married John Z. Saxton); married, December 31, 1881, to Belle Case (1859-1931; first female graduate of the University of Wisconsin law school); father of Robert Marion LaFollette, Jr. and Philip Fox LaFollette; uncle of Charles Sumner Eastman; grandfather of Bronson Cutting LaFollette (1936-).
  Political family: LaFollette family of Madison, Wisconsin (subset of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Books about Robert M. LaFollette: Nancy C. Unger, Fighting Bob La Follette : The Righteous Reformer — Bernard A. Weisberger, The LaFollettes of Wisconsin : Love and Politics in Progressive America
  Image source: American Monthly Review of Reviews, September 1902
  William Barbour Pedigo (1870-1932) — also known as W. B. Pedigo; "Bill Bob" — of Patrick County, Va.; Parkersburg, Wood County, W.Va.; Wausau, Marathon County, Wis. Born, in a log cabin, at Elamsville, Patrick County, Va., January 28, 1870. Republican. Lawyer; Patrick County Commonwealth Attorney, 1895-99; candidate in primary for West Virginia state house of delegates, 1906; mayor of Parkersburg, W.Va., 1907-11. Baptist. French ancestry. Died, of tuberculosis, in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Fla., October 23, 1932 (age 62 years, 269 days). Interment at Myrtle Hill Memorial Park, Tampa, Fla.
  Edward Amos Seymour (1887-1965) — also known as Edward A. Seymour — of De Pere, Brown County, Wis. Born in De Pere, Brown County, Wis., August 1, 1887. Republican. School principal; superintendent of schools; mayor of De Pere, Wis., 1950-54; member of Wisconsin state assembly from Brown County 3rd District, 1955-58; defeated, 1958. French ancestry. Died in West De Pere, Brown County, Wis., July 4, 1965 (age 77 years, 337 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Amable Couture 'Amos' Seymour (1846-1922) and Mary (Florentine) Seymour (1854-1919); married, June 19, 1919, to Laura Caroline Knuth (1891-1950).
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Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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