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French ancestry Politicians in Missouri

  Charles U. Becker (1868-1934) — of Wishart, Polk County, Mo.; Bolivar, Polk County, Mo. Born near New Haven, Franklin County, Mo., October 21, 1868. Republican. Farmer; writer; member of Missouri state house of representatives from Polk County, 1915-20; secretary of state of Missouri, 1921-33. German and French ancestry. Died, from cirrhosis of the liver, in Missouri Methodist Hospital, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Mo., May 21, 1934 (age 65 years, 212 days). Interment at Riverview Cemetery, Jefferson City, Mo.
  Relatives: Son of Hermann Becker and Sarah (Maupin) Becker; married, May 13, 1920, to Mary B. Tolson.
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  Emile Stanislas Brus (1847-1919) — of Kansas City, Jackson County, Mo. Born in Mazamet, France, December 13, 1847. Consular Agent for France in Kansas City, Mo.-Kan., 1900-07. French ancestry. Died, from hypostatic pneumonia, in Kansas City, Jackson County, Mo., February 27, 1919 (age 71 years, 76 days). Interment at Mt. Washington Cemetery, Independence, Mo.
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Mark L. De_Motte Mark Lindsey De Motte (1832-1908) — also known as Mark L. De Motte — of Valparaiso, Porter County, Ind.; Lexington, Lafayette County, Mo. Born in Rockville, Parke County, Ind., December 28, 1832. Republican. Lawyer; served in the Union Army during the Civil War; newspaper editor and publisher; candidate for U.S. Representative from Missouri 11th District, 1872, 1876; delegate to Republican National Convention from Missouri, 1876; U.S. Representative from Indiana 10th District, 1881-83; member of Indiana state senate, 1887-89; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Indiana, 1888; postmaster at Valparaiso, Ind., 1890-94. Methodist. French and Dutch ancestry. Member, Freemasons. Died in Valparaiso, Porter County, Ind., September 23, 1908 (age 75 years, 270 days). Interment at Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso, Ind.
  Relatives: Son of Rev. Daniel De Motte (died 1875).
  The town of DeMotte, Indiana, is named for him.
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  Image source: New York Public Library
  John M. DePuy (1837-1907) — of Taney County, Mo. Born in Ulster County, N.Y., March 23, 1837. Served in the Union Army during the Civil War; member of Missouri state house of representatives from Taney County, 1905-07; died in office 1907. French Huguenot and Scottish ancestry. Died in Jefferson City, Cole County, Mo., March 3, 1907 (age 69 years, 345 days). Interment at Edwards Cemetery, Kirbyville, Mo.
  Relatives: Son of John M. DePuy (1787-1867) and Caroline (Russell) DePuy (1803-1862).
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  Albert Ferrier (1848-1908) — of Galveston, Galveston County, Tex. Born in Carcassonne, France, June 29, 1848. Accountant; Galveston city auditor; Consul for Central America in Galveston, Tex., 1898; Consul for Honduras in Galveston, Tex., 1899; Consul for Nicaragua in Galveston, Tex., 1899-1901. French ancestry. He was found wandering in St. Louis, well-dressed but suffering from amnesia and confusion; police identified him from letters and tickets in his pocket; died about three weeks later, in a hospital at St. Louis, Mo., August 31, 1908 (age 60 years, 63 days). Interment at Trinity Episcopal Cemetery, Galveston, Tex.
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Thomas W. Nadal Thomas William Nadal (b. 1875) — also known as Thomas W. Nadal — of Olivet, Eaton County, Mich.; Springfield, Greene County, Mo. Born near Milroy, Rush County, Ind., June 17, 1875. Republican. College professor; member of Michigan state board of education, 1911-17; appointed 1911; acting president, Olivet College, Olivet, Mich., 1915-16; president, Drury College, Springfield, Mo., 1917. Congregationalist. English and French ancestry. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Modern Language Association. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Benjamin Franklin Nadal and Jerusha (Richey) Nadal; married, June 2, 1909, to Kathryne Dillingham Wyckoff.
  Image source: Michigan Manual 1911
  Joseph Robidoux (1783-1868) — of St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Mo. Born in St. Louis, Mo., August 10, 1783. Fur trader; bakery business; town president of St. Joseph, Missouri, 1845-46. Catholic. French Canadian ancestry. Founder of St. Joseph, Mo. Died in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Mo., May 27, 1868 (age 84 years, 291 days). Original interment at Calvary Cemetery (which no longer exists), St. Joseph, Mo.; reinterment at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, St. Joseph, Mo.
  Relatives: Son of Joseph Robidoux and Catherine (Rollet) Robidoux; married to Eugenie Delisle (died 1805); married 1813 to Angelique Vaudry (1793-1857).
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