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William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) — also known as "Tippecanoe"; "Old Tip"; "Farmer of North Bend"; "General Mum"; "Cincinnatus of the West" — of Vincennes, Knox County, Ind.; Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Born in Berkeley, Charles City County, Va., February 9, 1773. Whig. Secretary of Northwest Territory, 1798-99; Delegate to U.S. Congress from Northwest Territory, 1799-1800; Governor of Indiana Territory, 1801-12; general in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812; U.S. Representative from Ohio 1st District, 1816-19; member of Ohio state senate, 1819-21; Presidential Elector for Ohio, 1820, 1824; candidate for Governor of Ohio, 1820; U.S. Senator from Ohio, 1825-28; U.S. Minister to Gran Colombia, 1828-29; President of the United States, 1841; defeated, 1836; died in office 1841. Episcopalian. English ancestry. Died of pneumonia or typhoid, at the White House, Washington, D.C., April 4, 1841 (age 68 years, 54 days). Interment at Harrison Tomb, North Bend, Ohio.
  Relatives: Son of Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791) and Elizabeth (Bassett) Harrison; brother of Carter Bassett Harrison; married, November 22, 1795, to Anna Tuthill Symmes (1775-1864; daughter of John Cleves Symmes); father of John Scott Harrison; grandfather of Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901); great-grandfather of Russell Benjamin Harrison; second great-grandfather of William Henry Harrison; first cousin of Beverley Randolph and Burwell Bassett; first cousin once removed of Robert Carter Nicholas (1729-1780); first cousin twice removed of Carter Henry Harrison; first cousin thrice removed of Carter Henry Harrison II; second cousin of George Nicholas, Wilson Cary Nicholas and John Nicholas; second cousin once removed of Peyton Randolph and Robert Carter Nicholas (1787-1857); second cousin twice removed of Thomas Marshall, James Keith Marshall, Peter Myndert Dox and Edmund Randolph; second cousin thrice removed of Connally Findlay Trigg, Richard Evelyn Byrd, Harry Bartow Hawes and William Welby Beverley (1889-1969); second cousin four times removed of Francis Beverley Biddle and Harry Flood Byrd; second cousin five times removed of Harry Flood Byrd, Jr.; fourth cousin once removed of Robert Monroe Harrison.
  Political families: Lee-Randolph family of Maryland and Virginia; Marshall-Harrison-Randolph-Cabell family of Virginia; Blackburn-Slaughter-Buckner-Madison family of Kentucky (subsets of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  Harrison counties in Ind., Iowa, Miss. and Ohio are named for him.
  The city of Harrison, New Jersey, is named for him.
  Other politicians named for him: William H. Harrison TaylorW. H. H. EbaWilliam H. H. ClaytonWilliam H. H. AllenWilliam H. H. BeadleWilliam H. H. VarneyWilliam H. H. CowlesWilliam H. H. StowellWilliam H. H. MillerWilliam H. H. CookWilliam H. H. FlickWilliam H. HeardWilliam H. H. LlewellynWilliam H. Harrison
  Campaign slogan (1840): "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too."
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  Books about William Henry Harrison: Freeman Cleaves, Old Tippecanoe: William Henry Harrison and His Time — Norma Lois Peterson, Presidencies of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler — David Lillard, William Henry Harrison (for young readers)
  Image source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Washtenaw County (1891)
Zachary Taylor Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) — also known as "Old Rough and Ready" — Born in Orange County, Va., November 24, 1784. Whig. Major in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812; colonel in the U.S. Army during the Black Hawk War; general in the U.S. Army during the Mexican War; President of the United States, 1849-50; died in office 1850. Episcopalian. Died, probably of gastroenteritis, in the White House, Washington, D.C., July 9, 1850 (age 65 years, 227 days). Based on the theory that he was poisoned, his remains were tested for arsenic in 1991; the results tended to disconfirm the theory. Original interment at Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.; reinterment in private or family graveyard; reinterment in 1926 at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.
  Relatives: Son of Richard Taylor (1744-1829) and Sarah Dabney (Strother) Taylor (1760-1822); married, June 21, 1810, to Margaret Mackall 'Peggy' Smith (1778-1852; niece of Benjamin Mackall IV and Thomas Mackall); father of Sarah Knox Taylor (who married Jefferson Finis Davis); granduncle of Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr.; ancestor *** of Victor D. Crist (1957-); first cousin twice removed of Edmund Pendleton; first cousin thrice removed of Elliot Woolfolk Major and Edgar Bailey Woolfolk; second cousin of James Madison and William Taylor Madison; second cousin once removed of Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Arthur Lee, Nathaniel Pendleton, George Madison, Coleby Chew, John Strother Pendleton, Albert Gallatin Pendleton, Aylett Hawes Buckner and Thomas Leonidas Crittenden; second cousin twice removed of John Walker, John Tyler (1747-1813) and Francis Walker; second cousin thrice removed of George Cassety Pendleton, Hubbard T. Smith, Charles M. Pendleton, Sidney Fletcher Taliaferro, Daniel Micajah Pendleton and Max Rogers Strother; second cousin four times removed of Charles Sumner Pendleton; third cousin of Thomas Sim Lee, Henry Lee, Charles Lee, Richard Bland Lee, Edmund Jennings Lee, Philip Clayton Pendleton, Edmund Henry Pendleton and Nathanael Greene Pendleton; third cousin once removed of Robert Brooke, Meriwether Lewis, Richard Aylett Buckner, John Lee, John Tyler (1790-1862), Philip Coleman Pendleton, George Hunt Pendleton and Joseph Henry Pendleton; third cousin twice removed of Hancock Lee Jackson, Fitzhugh Lee, William Barret Pendleton, James Francis Buckner, Francis Key Pendleton, Charles Rittenhouse Pendleton, John Overton Pendleton and Francis Preston Blair Lee; third cousin thrice removed of Abraham Lincoln, John Lee Carroll, Charles Kellogg, James Sansome Lakin and Edward Brooke Lee; fourth cousin of Thomas Walker Gilmer, Aylette Buckner and David Gardiner Tyler; fourth cousin once removed of Charles Willing Byrd.
  Political family: Pendleton-Lee family (subset of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  Cross-reference: David R. Atchison — Thomas Ewing
  Taylor counties in Fla., Ga., Iowa and Ky. are named for him.
  Other politicians named for him: Zachary T. CoyZachary T. BielbyZachary T. Harris
  Campaign slogan (1848): "General Taylor never surrenders."
  See also Wikipedia article — NNDB dossier
  Books about Zachary Taylor: K. Jack Bauer, Zachary Taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest — Elbert B. Smith, The Presidencies of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore
  Image source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Washtenaw County (1891)
  Elisha Hunt Allen (1804-1883) — also known as Elisha H. Allen — of Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine; Boston, Suffolk County, Mass.; Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Honolulu County, Hawaii. Born in New Salem, Franklin County, Mass., January 28, 1804. Whig. Lawyer; member of Maine state house of representatives, 1835-40, 1846-47; Speaker of the Maine State House of Representatives, 1838; delegate to Whig National Convention from Maine, 1839 (member, Committee on Permanent Organization; member, Committee to Notify Nominees); U.S. Representative from Maine 1st District, 1841-43; defeated, 1842; member of Massachusetts state house of representatives, 1849-50; U.S. Consul in Honolulu, 1849-53; became a citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii; Minister of Finance for King Kamehameha III; member, Hawaii House of Nobles, 1854-56; Kingdom of Hawaii Minister to the United States, 1856-83; chief justice, Kingdom of Hawaii Supreme Court, 1857-77. Died suddenly from heart disease, while attending a diplomatic reception at the White House, Washington, D.C., January 1, 1883 (age 78 years, 338 days). Interment at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.
  Relatives: Son of Samuel Clesson Allen and Mary (Hunt) Allen (1774-1833); married 1828 to Sarah Elizabeth Fessenden; married, March 11, 1857, to Mary Harrod Hobbes; father of William Fessenden Allen and Frederick Hobbes Allen (1858-1937); second great-grandnephew of Roger Wolcott (1679-1767); first cousin thrice removed of Erastus Wolcott and Oliver Wolcott, Sr.; second cousin of Gouverneur Morris; second cousin once removed of Elijah Hunt Mills; second cousin twice removed of Oliver Ellsworth, Oliver Wolcott, Jr., Roger Griswold and Frederick Wolcott; second cousin thrice removed of William Pitkin; third cousin of Chester Ashley; third cousin once removed of Theodore Dwight, Henry Leavitt Ellsworth, William Wolcott Ellsworth, Abijah Blodget, Albert Asahel Bliss and Philemon Bliss; third cousin twice removed of Matthew Griswold (1714-1799), Jonathan Ingersoll, Jared Ingersoll, Daniel Pitkin, Oliver Morgan Hungerford, Judson H. Warner and Josiah Quincy; third cousin thrice removed of Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. and John Davis Lodge; fourth cousin of Joseph Churchill Strong, Theodore Davenport, Chester William Chapin, Harrison Blodget, John William Allen, William Alfred Buckingham, James Samuel Wadsworth, Henry Titus Backus, George Washington Wolcott, William Dean Kellogg, Christopher Parsons Wolcott, Matthew Griswold (1833-1919) and Roger Wolcott (1847-1900); fourth cousin once removed of Jonathan Brace, Timothy Pitkin, James Kilbourne, Amaziah Brainard, Charles Jared Ingersoll, Joseph Reed Ingersoll, Ralph Isaacs Ingersoll, Greene Carrier Bronson, Charles Anthony Ingersoll, John Adams Taintor, Henry G. Taintor, Joseph Pomeroy Root, Charles Frederick Wadsworth, James Wolcott Wadsworth, John Hill Walbridge, Edward Oliver Wolcott, Walter Harrison Blodget, Henry E. Walbridge, Edwin W. Kellogg, Alfred Wolcott and Samuel Herbert Kellogg.
  Political families: Kellogg-Seymour-Chapin-Adams family of Connecticut and New York; Morris-Ingersoll family of New York and Connecticut; Wolcott-Wadsworth family of Connecticut and Maryland; Conger-Hungerford family (subsets of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  See also congressional biography — Govtrack.us page — Wikipedia article — Find-A-Grave memorial
Frank P. Hastings Frank P. Hastings (1852-1897) — of Hawaii. Born in Calais, Washington County, Maine, May 21, 1852. U.S. Vice & Deputy Consul in Honolulu, 1877-86; U.S. Vice & Deputy Consul General in Honolulu, 1886-89; secretary of the Republic of Hawaii legation in Washington, 1893-97, and served as Charge d'Affaires ad interim. Became ill at a reception in the White House, and died ten days later, in Washington, D.C., May 29, 1897 (age 45 years, 8 days). Burial location unknown.
  Image source: American Monthly Review of Reviews, July, 1897
"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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