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  Edward Berton Almon (1860-1933) — also known as Edward B. Almon — of Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Ala. Born near Moulton, Lawrence County, Ala., April 18, 1860. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Alabama state senate, 1892-94; Presidential Elector for Alabama, 1896; circuit judge in Alabama, 1898-1906; member of Alabama state house of representatives, 1910-15; Speaker of the Alabama State House of Representatives, 1911; U.S. Representative from Alabama 8th District, 1915-33; died in office 1933. Methodist. Member, Freemasons; Knights of Pythias; Woodmen; Elks; Maccabees; Knights of Honor. Died in Washington, D.C., June 22, 1933 (age 73 years, 65 days). Interment at Oakwood Cemetery, Tuscumbia, Ala.
  Relatives: Son of George W. Almon and Nancy (Eubank) Almon; married, December 13, 1887, to Luie Clopper.
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John C. Billheimer John C. Billheimer (1857-1918) — of Washington, Daviess County, Ind. Born in Wayne County, Ind., March 3, 1857. Republican. School teacher; lawyer; chair of Daviess County Republican Party, 1886; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Indiana, 1888; U.S. Consul in Zanzibar, 1898-99; Indiana state auditor, 1906-10. Methodist. German ancestry. Member, Odd Fellows; Redmen; Knights of Honor. Died in 1918 (age about 61 years). Interment at Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington, Ind.
  Relatives: Son of Solomon Billheimer and Margaret (Gephat) Billheimer; married 1879 to Susan Kimball (1861-1918).
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  Image source: Moore's Hoosier Cyclopedia (1905)
  Ezekiel Samuel Candler, Jr. (1862-1944) — also known as Ezekiel S. Candler, Jr. — of Corinth, Alcorn County, Miss. Born in Belleville, Hamilton County, Fla., January 18, 1862. Democrat. Lawyer; Presidential Elector for Mississippi, 1888, 1932; U.S. Representative from Mississippi 1st District, 1901-21; mayor of Corinth, Miss., 1933-37. Baptist. Member, Freemasons; Odd Fellows; Woodmen; Elks; Knights of Pythias; Knights of Honor. Died in Corinth, Alcorn County, Miss., December 18, 1944 (age 82 years, 335 days). Interment at Henry Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
  Relatives: Son of Julia (Bevill) Candler and Ezekiel Samuel Candler (1838-1915); married, April 26, 1883, to Nancy Priscilla Hazlewood (died 1921); married, January 14, 1924, to Effie Merrill Newhardt (died 1930); married, June 21, 1933, to Ottie Doan Hardenstein; nephew of Milton Anthony Candler, Asa Griggs Candler and John Slaughter Candler; grandson of Samuel Charles Candler; grandnephew of Daniel Gill Candler and Ezekiel Slaughter Candler; second great-grandson of William Candler (1736-1784); first cousin of Charles Murphey Candler; first cousin once removed of Allen Daniel Candler and George Scott Candler; second cousin of Thomas Slaughter Candler; second cousin twice removed of Mark Anthony Cooper; fourth cousin of Joseph Meriwether Terrell.
  Political family: Candler family of Georgia.
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  John Henry Colvin (b. 1839) — also known as John H. Colvin — of Chicago, Cook County, Ill. Born in Little Falls, Herkimer County, N.Y., October 25, 1839. Democrat. Served in the Union Army during the Civil War; Chicago alderman, 1882-88; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Illinois, 1904. Member, Grand Army of the Republic; Freemasons; Knights Templar; Shriners; Foresters; Royal Arcanum; Knights of Honor. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Nancy Colvin and Harvey Doolittle Colvin (1815-1892); married, March 7, 1872, to Anna Wickliffe.
  Albert Augustus Fletcher (1835-1907) — also known as Albert A. Fletcher — of Bridport, Addison County, Vt.; Middlebury, Addison County, Vt. Born in Bridport, Addison County, Vt., August 17, 1835. Republican. Farmer; banker; member of Vermont state house of representatives, 1871-72; member of Vermont state senate from Addison County, 1882-84. Congregationalist. Member, Freemasons; Royal Arch Masons; Knights Templar; Shriners; Knights of Honor. Died in Middlebury, Addison County, Vt., October 2, 1907 (age 72 years, 46 days). Interment at West Cemetery, Middlebury, Vt.
  Relatives: Son of Paris Fletcher and Anna (Miner) Fletcher; married, March 4, 1857, to Delia G. Murray (1836-1905).
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  Henry Clay Foster (1843-1890) — also known as H. Clay Foster — Born in Augusta, Richmond County, Ga., November 2, 1843. Served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War; lawyer; member of Georgia state house of representatives, 1870-72. Member, Odd Fellows; Knights of Honor. Died August 27, 1890 (age 46 years, 298 days). Interment at Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Ga.
  Presumably named for: Henry Clay
  Relatives: Son of John Foster and Jane Eleanor Martin (Zinn) Foster (1814-1891); brother of Louisa Maria Foster (1828-1858; who married Foster Blodgett, Jr.); married to Mary E. Jones (1814-1886) and Adelia Key; uncle of Edwin Ford Blodgett (1849-1912).
  Political family: Blodgett-Whedon family (subset of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
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  Franklin Darius Hale (1854-1940) — also known as Franklin D. Hale — of Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine; Lunenburg, Essex County, Vt.; Lyndon Center, Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vt. Born in Barnet, Caledonia County, Vt., March 7, 1854. Republican. Lawyer; Essex County State's Attorney, 1883-89; member of Vermont state house of representatives from Lunenburgh, 1884; member of Vermont state senate from Essex County, 1886; Vermont state auditor of accounts, 1892-98; U.S. Consul in Coaticook, 1902-08; Charlottetown, 1908-09; Trinidad, 1909-12; Huddersfield, 1912-17. Congregationalist. Member, Freemasons; Knights of Honor. Died, from uremia, due to chronic nephritis, in Lyndon Center, Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vt., April 21, 1940 (age 86 years, 45 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Sprague Taylor Hale and Nancy May (Moulton) Hale; married, November 2, 1881, to Adeline 'Addie' Silsby; married, November 26, 1907, to Jennie A. Silsby; fourth cousin once removed of Morris Woodruff, Anson Levi Holcomb (1806-1869), James Samuel Wadsworth and Cyrus Orlando Godfrey.
  Political families: Kellogg-Seymour-Chapin-Adams family of Connecticut and New York; Godfrey family of Taunton, Massachusetts (subsets of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  Abial Lathrop (1845-1930) — of Orangeburg, Orangeburg County, S.C.; Eutaw, Orangeburg County, S.C. Born in Stafford, Genesee County, N.Y., November 9, 1845. Republican. Lawyer; U.S. Attorney for South Carolina, 1889-93, 1896-1901; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from South Carolina, 1900. Member, Knights of Honor. Died in Orangeburg, Orangeburg County, S.C., February 10, 1930 (age 84 years, 93 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of John Lathrop (1794-1887) and Elizabeth Harriet (Moody) Lathrop (1810-1905); married 1875 to Martha Fredrika Heidtman (1850-1945); second cousin thrice removed of Samuel Huntington; third cousin twice removed of John Davenport, Joshua Coit, James Davenport, Samuel H. Huntington, Henry Huntington, Gurdon Huntington, Augustus Seymour Porter (1769-1849), Samuel Lathrop and Peter Buell Porter; third cousin thrice removed of Henry Scudder; fourth cousin of John Hall Brockway; fourth cousin once removed of Ebenezer Huntington, Elijah Abel, Zina Hyde, Jr., Theodore Davenport, Nathaniel Huntington (1793-1828), James Huntington, Augustus Seymour Porter (1798-1872), Peter Buell Porter, Jr., Elisha Mills Huntington, Benjamin Nicoll Huntington, Peter Augustus Porter, Charles A. Hungerford, William Barret Ridgely, Clayton Hyde Lathrop and Austin Eugene Lathrop.
  Political family: Kellogg-Seymour-Chapin-Adams family of Connecticut and New York (subset of the Three Thousand Related Politicians).
  Edwin Marshall Lovelace (b. 1854) — of Brewton, Escambia County, Ala. Born in Pleasant Hill, Dallas County, Ala., July 14, 1854. Democrat. Lumber and timber business; director, Bank of Brewton; Escambia County Commissioner, 1904-10; member of Alabama state senate 21st District, 1911. Baptist. English ancestry. Member, Knights of Pythias; Elks; Knights of Honor. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Basil Manly Lovelace and Amanda (Lovelace) Lovelace; married to Frances McKenzie; father of William Yancey Lovelace (1884?-?).
  Hugh Shepperd Darby Mallory (1848-1920) — also known as H. S. D. Mallory — of Selma, Dallas County, Ala. Born in Talladega County, Ala., February 6, 1848. Democrat. Lawyer; mayor of Selma, Ala., 1885-87; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Alabama, 1912. Baptist. Scottish, English, and Welsh ancestry. Member, Freemasons; Knights of Honor; Odd Fellows. Died in Selma, Dallas County, Ala., March 10, 1920 (age 72 years, 33 days). Interment at Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, Ala.
  Relatives: Son of James Mallory and Ann Maria (Darby) Mallory; married, October 15, 1872, to Jacqueline Louisa Billingslea.
  James Andrew Nighbert (1832-1898) — Born in Montgomery County, Va., July 23, 1832. Democrat. Major in the Confederate Army during the Civil War; member of Virginia state house of delegates, 1863; merchant; lumber and timber business; delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1888. German ancestry. Member, Knights of Honor. Died in Logan, Logan County, W.Va., December 17, 1898 (age 66 years, 147 days). Interment at Nighbert Family Cemetery, Logan County, W.Va.
  Relatives: Son of Elizabeth (Scaggs) Nighbert (1806-1878) and George W. Nighbert (1811-1887); married, September 7, 1876, to Juliantes (Lawson) Morgan (died 1886); married, December 14, 1889, to Vicie (Straton) Ferguson (1861-1927; daughter of William Straton (1821-1903)).
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  Oliver E. Thompson (born c.1841) — of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Mich. Born about 1841. Republican. Mayor of Ypsilanti, Mich., 1901-02; defeated, 1902. Member, Maccabees; Knights of Honor. Burial location unknown.
  Edmund Waring Wakelee (b. 1869) — also known as Edmund W. Wakelee — of Demarest, Bergen County, N.J. Born in Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y., November 21, 1869. Republican. Lawyer; utility executive; member of New Jersey state house of assembly from Bergen County, 1899-1900; member of New Jersey state senate from Bergen County, 1901-10; member of New Jersey Republican State Committee, 1910; delegate to Republican National Convention from New Jersey, 1940. Presbyterian. Member, American Bar Association; Delta Upsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Freemasons; Scottish Rite Masons; Elks; Royal Arcanum; Knights of Honor; Junior Order. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of Nicholas Wakelee and Eliza C. (Ingersoll) Wakelee.
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