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Ypsilanti, Michigan
Mayors, Village Presidents, Postmasters

Mayors of Ypsilanti, 1858-2014 (may be incomplete!)
Chauncey Joslin 1858-59 Arden H. Ballard 1859-60 Benjamin Follett 1860-61 Parmenio Davis 1861-64 David Edwards 1864-65 Edgar Bogardus 1865-67 David Edwards 1867-68 Parmenio Davis 1868-70 Francis P. Bogardus 1871-73 Watson Snyder 1873-75 Lambert A. Barnes 1875-78 Thomas Ninde 1878-79 Lambert A. Barnes 1879-80 Edward P. Allen 1880-81 Chester L. Yost 1884-86 Clark Cornwell 1886-88 Francis P. Bogardus 1888-89 Daniel Putnam 1889-91 Henry P. S. Glover 1891-93 Henry R. Scoville 1893-94 William B. Seymour 1894-95 Harlow D. Wells 1895-96 Nolan B. Harding 1897-98 Don Louis Davis 1898-99 Edward P. Allen 1899-1900 Henry R. Scoville 1900-01 Oliver E. Thompson 1901-02 Martin Dawson 1902-03 Clifford R. Huston 1903-04 George M. Gaudy 1904-06 John B. Van Fossen 1906-08 John P. Kirk 1908-10 Tracy L. Towner 1910-12 Frank Norton 1912-14 Lee N. Brown 1914-16 Clarence V. Brown 1916-20 Theodore E. Schaible 1921-22 Emery R. Beal 1922-23 Hugh E. Van de Walker 1924-28 Matthew Max 1929-34 Ray H. Burrell 1935-40 Ross K. Bower 1940-46 Daniel T. Quirk 1947-53 Carl J. Scheffler 1953-54 Rodney E. Hutchinson 1955-56 William E. Foy 1957-58 Rodney E. Hutchinson 1958-60 Donald B. Fulford 1960-61 John Calder 1961-62 Maurice Obermeyer 1962-63 John Calder 1963-64 Vincent H. Buck 1964-65 Jerry F. Gooding 1965-66 Susan H. Sayre 1966-67 John H. Burton 1967-68 Timothy Dyer 1968-70 Richard L. Boatwright 1970-72 George D. Goodman 1972-82 Peter J. Murdock 1982-89 Clyde K. King 1989-93 Michael Homel 1993-95 Cheryl C. Farmer 1995-2006 Paul T. Schreiber 2006-

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1889 Apr 1: Daniel Putnam (Rep), elected.
  • 1891 Apr 6: Henry P. S. Glover (Rep), elected.
  • 1893 Apr 3: Henry R. Scoville (Dem), elected; Sweet (Rep), defeated; Cook (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1894 Apr 2: William B. Seymour (Rep), elected; Henry R. Scoville (Dem), defeated.
  • 1895 Apr 1: Harlow D. Wells (Rep), elected; Nolan B. Harding (Dem), defeated; William H. Deubel (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1899 Apr 3: Edward P. Allen (Rep), elected; William H. Deubel (Dem), defeated.
  • 1900 Apr 2: Henry R. Scoville (Dem), elected; John B. Van Fossen (Rep), defeated.
  • 1901 Apr 1: Oliver E. Thompson (Rep), elected; Don Louis Davis (Dem), defeated.
  • 1902 Apr 7: Martin Dawson (Dem), elected; Oliver E. Thompson (Rep), defeated.
  • 1903 Apr 6: Clifford R. Huston (Dem), elected; William N. Lister (Rep), defeated; P. W. Cornue (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1904 Apr 4: George M. Gaudy (Rep), elected; Oliver Westfall (Dem), defeated.
  • 1905 Apr 3: George M. Gaudy (Rep), elected; Oliver Westfall (Dem), defeated.
  • 1906 Apr 2: John B. Van Fossen (Rep), elected; James E. McGregor (Dem), defeated.
  • 1908 Apr 6: John P. Kirk (Dem), elected; George D. Lockwood (Rep), defeated.
  • 1910 Apr 4: Tracy L. Towner (Dem), elected; DeForrest Ross (Citizens), defeated.
  • 1912 Apr 1: Frank Norton (Rep), elected; Tracy L. Towner (Dem), defeated.
  • 1914 Apr 6: Lee N. Brown (Dem), elected.
  • 1916 Apr 3: Clarence V. Brown (Rep), elected; N. A. Harvey (Dem), defeated.
  • 1918 Apr 1: Clarence V. Brown (Rep), elected; Frank P. Worden (Dem), defeated.
  • 1920 Apr 5: Theodore E. Schaible (Dem), elected; T. W. Paton (Rep), defeated.
  • 1922 Apr 3: Emery R. Beal (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1924 Apr 7: Hugh E. Van de Walker (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1926 Apr 5: Hugh E. Van de Walker (Rep), elected; Marcia Hall (Dem), defeated.
  • 1928 Mar 5: Matthew Max (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1928 Mar 5: Emery R. Beal (Rep), nominated; Ethyl Van Etten (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1928 Apr 2: Matthew Max (Dem), elected; Emery R. Beal (Rep), defeated.
  • 1930 Apr 7: Matthew Max (Dem & Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1932 Mar 7: Matthew Max (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1932 Apr 4: Matthew Max (Dem), elected unopposed.
  • 1934 Apr 2: Ray H. Burrell (Rep), elected; George L. Ennen (Dem), defeated.
  • 1936 Mar 2: Ray H. Burrell (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1936 Apr 6: Ray H. Burrell (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1938 Mar 7: Ray H. Burrell (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1938 Apr 4: Ray H. Burrell (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1940 Feb 19: Lewis T. Smith (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1940 Feb 19: Ross K. Bower (Rep), nominated; Merle G. Renton (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1940 Apr 1: Ross K. Bower (Rep), elected; Lewis T. Smith (Dem), defeated.
  • 1942 Feb 16: Ross K. Bower (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1942 Apr 6: Ross K. Bower (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1944 Apr 3: Ross K. Bower (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1973 Feb 19: George D. Goodman (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1973 Feb 19: John P. Montonye (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1973 Apr 2: George D. Goodman (Dem), elected; John P. Montonye (Rep), defeated; Daniel Eller (American Independent), defeated.
  • 1975 Apr 7: George D. Goodman (Dem), elected; Robert S. Dummitt (Rep), defeated; Eric Jackson (Human Rights), defeated.
  • 1977 Feb 21: George D. Goodman (Dem), nominated; Harold R. Baize, Jr. (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1977 Feb 21: J. Dale Hooker (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1977 Apr 4: George D. Goodman (Dem), elected; J. Dale Hooker (Rep), defeated.
  • 1979 Apr 2: George D. Goodman (Dem), elected unopposed.
  • 1981 Feb 16: George D. Goodman (Dem), nominated; Peter J. Murdock (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1981 Apr 6: George D. Goodman (Dem), elected; Ruthann A. Wagner (American Independent), defeated.
  • 1982 Dec 17: George D. Goodman, resigned.
  • 1982 Dec 23: Peter J. Murdock, appointed.
  • 1983 Apr 4: Peter J. Murdock (Dem), elected.
  • 1985 Apr 1: Peter J. Murdock (Dem), elected.
  • 1987 Apr 6: Peter J. Murdock (Dem), elected; Clyde K. King (Rep), defeated.
  • 1989 Apr 3: Clyde K. King (Rep), elected; Peter J. Murdock (Dem), defeated.
  • 1991 Apr 1: Clyde K. King (Rep), elected; V. Lois Wells (Dem), defeated.
  • 1993 Apr 8: Michael Homel (Dem), elected; Charles S. Kettles (Rep), defeated; Faz Husain (Ind), defeated.
  • 1995 Apr 3: Cheryl C. Farmer, elected; Michael Homel (Dem), defeated.
  • 1998 Nov 3: Cheryl C. Farmer, elected unopposed.
  • 2002 Nov 5: Cheryl C. Farmer, elected; Lois E. Richardson (Dem), defeated.
  • 2006 Aug 8: Paul T. Schreiber (Dem), nominated; Steve Pierce (Dem), defeated in primary; Lois E. Richardson (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2006 Nov 7: Paul T. Schreiber (Dem), elected unopposed.
  • 2010 Aug 3: Paul T. Schreiber (Dem), nominated; Peter J. Murdock (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2010 Nov 2: Paul T. Schreiber (Dem), elected; Jeff Davis, defeated; Kevin Hill, defeated.
  • 2014 Aug 5: Amanda Maria Edmonds (Dem), nominated; Peter J. Murdock (Dem), defeated in primary; Tyrone Bridges (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2014 Nov 4: Amanda Maria Edmonds (Dem), elected; Steven James Taylor, defeated.

    Village Presidents of Ypsilanti, 1832-58 (may be incomplete!)
    John Gilbert 1832-34 Abel Godard 1834-36 Grove Spencer 1836-37 Henry Compton 1837-38 Abram Voorhees 1838-39 Levi J. Hull 1839-40 Walter B. Hewitt 1840-41 Abram Voorhees 1841-43 Abraham Craddock 1843-44 Thomas M. Town 1844-45 C. H. Van Cleve 1845-47 Arden H. Ballard 1847-50 George M. Osborn 1850-52 Delos Showerman 1852-56 Arden H. Ballard 1856-58

    Postmasters at Ypsilanti, 1871-1987 (may be incomplete!)
    Daniel B. Green as of 1871 Clinton Spencer as of 1873-81 F. L. Stewart as of 1887 Martin Cremer as of 1891 Harlow D. Wells as of 1901 Wesley M. Dawson 1949-50 Wesley M. Dawson 1950-64 Simon P. Eaglin 1964-68 Simon P. Eaglin 1968-87

  • "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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