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Politician members in Virginia

  William Harrison Adams (1872-1958) — also known as William H. Adams — of Richmond, Va. Born in Richmond, Va., March 23, 1872. Democrat. President, Virginia Stationery Company; Vice-President, Mutual Life Insurance Association; member of Virginia state house of delegates, 1930-53. Christian. Member, Freemasons; Shriners; Grotto; Jesters; Sons of Confederate Veterans; Elks; Junior Order; Woodmen; Royal Arcanum. Died in Richmond, Va., September 24, 1958 (age 86 years, 185 days). Interment at Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Henry Clay Adams and Emma Frances (Haynes) Adams.
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  Mark W. Allen (b. 1877) — of West New Brighton, Staten Island, Richmond County, N.Y. Born in Fairfax County, Va., August 23, 1877. Democrat. Carpenter; Superintendent of Bridges and Buildings, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; lumber business; member of New York state senate 24th District, 1923-24. Methodist. Member, Freemasons; Royal Arch Masons; Knights Templar; Scottish Rite Masons; Shriners; Odd Fellows; Junior Order; Knights of Pythias. Burial location unknown.
  Ralph Hedrick Bader (1888-1939) — also known as Ralph H. Bader — of McGaheysville, Rockingham County, Va. Born in McGaheysville, Rockingham County, Va., June 8, 1888. Democrat. Interpreter; U.S. Vice Consul in Teheran, 1912-18; U.S. Consul in Teheran, 1918-20; Cairo, 1920-22; lawyer; member of Virginia state house of delegates, 1928-30. Evangelical and Reformed Church. Member, Freemasons; Junior Order. Died in Harrisonburg, Va., June 7, 1939 (age 50 years, 364 days). Interment at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Arthur Samuel Bader (1848-1933) and Margaret Elizabeth (Hedrick) Bader; married 1920 to Pearle Malvina Bacon.
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  J. M. Cyphers (b. 1874) — of Gary, McDowell County, W.Va. Born in Smyth County, Va., January 19, 1874. Democrat. Farmer; coal miner; timber contractor; member of West Virginia state house of delegates from McDowell County, 1941-42, 1949-50. Second Adventist. Member, Junior Order; United Mine Workers. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of G. W. Cyphers and Marildy (Christian) Cyphers; married, November 10, 1897, to Victoria Murphy.
  Lloyd Lee Gravely (1889-1953) — also known as Lloyd L. Gravely — of Rocky Mount, Nash County, N.C. Born in Danville, Va., December 5, 1889. Democrat. Lawyer; tobacco buyer; manager, tobacco products factory; director and general manager, China America Tobacco Co.; director, Standard Insurance and Realty Co.; mayor of Rocky Mount, N.C., 1925-28; member of North Carolina state senate 6th District, 1929-32, 1935. Methodist. Member, Kiwanis; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Junior Order; Freemasons; Knights Templar; Shriners; Knights of Pythias; Sons of the American Revolution. Died March 6, 1953 (age 63 years, 91 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of John Oglesby Winston Gravely (1862-1932) and Lula (Keene) Gravely (1866-1950); married, August 2, 1916, to Mary Clarke Hoofnagle.
  John Oliver Gunn (1892-1992) — also known as J. O. Gunn — of Yanceyville, Caswell County, N.C. Born in Pelham, Caswell County, N.C., December 27, 1892. Democrat. Farmer; automobile dealer; banker; Caswell County Treasurer, 1936-40; chair of Caswell County Democratic Party, 1942-45; member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1945-57, 1965-67; secretary, Royal Hosiery Mills. Methodist. Member, Freemasons; Scottish Rite Masons; Shriners; Order of the Eastern Star; Rotary; Junior Order. Died, in Memorial Hospital, Danville, Va., February 18, 1992 (age 99 years, 53 days). Interment at Yanceyville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Yanceyville, N.C.
  Relatives: Son of Richard Griffin Gunn (1857-1909) and Nannie Elizabeth (Rudd) Gunn (1860-1948); married to Annie Warner Newman (1899-1996); first cousin of John Henry Gunn (1882-1962; who married Hettie Elizabeth Tolbert (1893-1958)).
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  Allan Denny Ivie (b. 1873) — also known as A. D. Ivie — of Leaksville (now part of Eden), Rockingham County, N.C. Born in Patrick County, Va., May 3, 1873. Democrat. Lawyer; farmer; member of North Carolina state senate, 1911, 1913-14 (20th District 1911, 19th District 1913-14). Methodist. Member, Junior Order; Knights of Pythias. Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Son of William Sterling Ivie and Sallie (Scales) Ivie; married, October 11, 1905, to Annie McKinney.
  Walter Beaman Jones (1913-1992) — also known as Walter B. Jones — of Farmville, Pitt County, N.C. Born in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, N.C., August 19, 1913. Democrat. Member of North Carolina state house of representatives, 1955-59; member of North Carolina state senate, 1965-66; U.S. Representative from North Carolina 1st District, 1966-92; died in office 1992. Baptist. Member, Freemasons; Rotary; Moose; Elks; Junior Order. Died in Norfolk, Va., September 15, 1992 (age 79 years, 27 days). Burial location unknown.
  Relatives: Father of Walter Beaman Jones, Jr. (1943-).
  The Walter B. Jones Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center, in Greenville, North Carolina, is named for him.
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  Harry Whinna Nice (1877-1941) — also known as Harry W. Nice — of Baltimore, Md. Born in Washington, D.C., December 5, 1877. Republican. Lawyer; delegate to Republican National Convention from Maryland, 1920; member, Committee to Notify Presidential Nominee, 1936; Governor of Maryland, 1935-39; defeated, 1919, 1938; candidate for Republican nomination for Vice President, 1936; candidate for U.S. Senator from Maryland, 1940. Methodist. Member, American Bar Association; Freemasons; Knights Templar; Shriners; Grotto; Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows; Moose; Junior Order; Elks; Patriotic Order Sons of America; Knights of Khorassan. Died in Richmond, Va., February 25, 1941 (age 63 years, 82 days). Interment at Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
  Relatives: Son of Henry Nice and Drucilla (Arnold) Nice; married 1906 to Edna Viola Amos; uncle of Deeley K. Nice; granduncle of Harry Whinna Nice III (1935-).
  Political family: Nice family of Baltimore, Maryland.
  The Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge (opened 1940, named 1967), which carries U.S. Route 301 across the Potomac River from Newburg, Maryland to Dahlgren, Virginia, is named for him.
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  Stanley J. Rexrode (b. 1883) — of Marlinton, Pocahontas County, W.Va. Born in New Hampden, Highland County, Va., August 5, 1883. Republican. Member of West Virginia state house of delegates from Pocahontas County, 1935-36. Southern Methodist. Member, Freemasons; Woodmen; Junior Order. Burial location unknown.
  Junius Edgar West (1866-1947) — also known as Junius E. West — of Waverly, Sussex County, Va.; Suffolk, Va. Born near Waverly, Sussex County, Va., July 12, 1866. Democrat. Superintendent of schools; insurance business; lawyer; newspaper publisher; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Virginia, 1896, 1936; member of Virginia state house of delegates from Nansemond County, 1910-11; member of Virginia state senate 30th District, 1912-21; Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, 1922-30. Christian. Member, Freemasons; Knights Templar; Shriners; Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows; Elks; Rotary; Junior Order; Sons of the American Revolution. Died, of cancer, in a hospital at Richmond, Va., January 1, 1947 (age 80 years, 173 days). Interment at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suffolk, Va.
  Relatives: Son of Henry Thomas West and Susan (Cockes) West; brother of Jesse Felix West (1862-1929); married, February 17, 1903, to Margaret Olive Beale.
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