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Illinois Delegation to the
2004 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Wendy Abrams, Highland Park - Eddie Acevedo, Chicago - Veronica Aguirre, Chicago - Mohammad Asim, Woodridge - Patricia Avery, Champaign - Maria Balestri, La Salle - Willie T. Barrow, Chicago - Lisa Benigno-Praznowski, Chicago - Bonnie Berger-Neel, Wildwood - Toni Berrios, Chicago - Margaret Blackshere, Niles - Rod Blagojevich - Celiza Braganca, Chicago - Edonna Brazzle, Chicago - Gila Bronner, Highland Park - Howard Brookens, Chicago - Barbara Leavitt Brown, Chester - Carole Brown, Chicago - Dorothy A. Brown, Chicago - Kurt Brunner, Mt. Carroll - Regina Bueno, Lombard - Ed Burke, Chicago - Joseph Cari, Jr., Chicago - Linda Chapa=La Via, Aurora - Myron Cherry, Lincolnwood - Gery Chico, Chicago - Daisy Cintron, Chicago - Cardiss Collins - Kevin Conlon, Wilmette - Jerry F. Costello, Belleville - Paulette Curkin, Carbondale - John P. Daley, Chicago - Richard M. Daley, Chicago - Oscar David, Winnetka - Danny K. Davis, Chicago - Steve Davis, Bethalto - Alonzo DeCarlo, Downers Grove - James A. DeLeo, Chicago - Guillermo Montes de Oca, Chicago - Dick Devine, Chicago - Gregory Arlen Diephouse, Chicago - Leigh Anne Dorris, Le Roy - Selma D'Souza, Des Plaines - Lisa Dunbar, Chicago - Richard J. Durbin - Kurt Elling, Chicago - Lisa Ellman, Chicago - Rahm Emanuel, Chicago - Lane A. Evans, Rock Island - Kimberly Farris, Chicago - Gayl Ferraro, Lombard - Manny Flores, Chicago - Barbara Flynn-Currie, Chicago - David Foreman, Joliet - Michael W. Frerichs, Gifford - Dennis J. Gannon, Chicago - Adrianna Garcia, Glen Carbon - Maria Garcia, Aurora - Susan Garrett, Lake Forest - Calvin Giles, Chicago - Ellen Beth Gill, Deerfield - Kurt Granberg, Carlyle - Juanita Gutierrez, Danville - Luis V. Gutiérrez, Chicago - Debbie Halvorson, Crete - Donald Heard, Chicago - Carol Hill, Naperville - Michael Hoerner, Springfield - Jay C. Hoffman, Collinsville - James M. Houlihan, Chicago - Beverly Howard, Chicago - Constance A. Howard, Chicago - Mary Howieson, St. Charles - Saundra Hudson, Edwardsville - Carlton Hull, Chicago - Mattie Hunter, Chicago - Daniel W. Hynes, Chicago - Thomas C. Hynes, Chicago - Larry Ivory, Peoria - Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., Chicago - Sandi Jackson, Chicago - Kimberly Johnson, Chicago - Emil Jones, Jr., Chicago - Lou Jones, Chicago - Martin Joyce, Chicago - Jonathan Karmel, Olympia Fields - Mike Keating, Chicago - Robin Kelly, Hazel Crest - Madhuri Kommareddi, Evanston - L. Thomas Lakin, Wood River - Sharon Latiker, Chicago - Howard Learner, Chicago - Todd Lee, Danville - Michael Lenehan, Schaumburg - Rose Marie Lipinski, Chicago - William O. Lipinski, Chicago - Martha Pulido Logemann, Rockford - Tom Lyons, Chicago - Lisa Madigan, Chicago - Michael Madigan, Springfield - Leonard Mandell, DeKalb - David Mandiville, Chicago - Paul Mangieri, Galesburg - Richard Martin, Murphysboro - Iris Y. Martinez, Chicago - Shirley McCombs, Petersburg - Molly McKenzie, Belleville - Craig McLendon, Chicago - Linda McNeely, Rockford - Porter McNeil, Moline - Dianne Meeks, Carbondale - James Meeks, Chicago - Susana Mendoza, Chicago - Jayne Menssen, Secor - Sheila Miller, Macomb - Jose Moreno, East Moline - David Munar, Chicago - Tony Munoz, Chicago - Raghu Nayak, Oak Brook - Barack Obama, Chicago - Rick Orr, Pittsfield - Matthew O'Shea, Chicago - Fabian Padilla, Chicago - Kaleshia Page, Lisle - Maria Pappas, Chicago - Paul Park, Glenview - Geraldine Parr, Champaign - Alyx Pattison, Chicago - Laura Perna, Oak Park - Toni Perrin, East St. Louis - Maria Pesquiera, Summit - Lori Porter, Chicago - Bradley Powell, Mundelein - Mike Quigley, Chicago - Pat Quinn, Chicago - John Rednour, Du Quoin - Joyce Reitz, Steeleville - Virginia Reyes, Chicago - Marilyn Ridgway, Herrin - Cynthia Rodriguez, Lockport - Carol Ronen, Chicago - John Rosales, Chicago - Cynthia Rosario, Chicago - Nora Rowley, Western Springs - Bobby L. Rush, Chicago - James Ryan, Chicago - Cynthia Santos, Chicago - Stephen Scates, Shawneetown - Janice D. Schakowsky, Evanston - Kathleen Bergan Schmidt, Crystal Lake - Doug Scott, Rockford - Smita Shah, Chicago - Ellen Sinclair, Salem - William Singer, Chicago - Ricca Slone, Peoria - Edward M. Smith, Springfield - Mary Ann Smith, Chicago - Daniel Solis, Chicago - Cynthia Soto, Chicago - Darlene Sowell, Chicago - Steven Stawarz, Oak Brook - Lorie Stone, Chicago - John H. Stroger - Charles Suarez, Swansea - Juan Thomas, Aurora - Sharon Thompson, Dixon - Charlie Mae Towbridge, Chicago - Tom Tunney, Chicago - Blanca Vargas, Chicago - Patricia Veronda, Moline - Thu Anh Vo, Chicago - Robert Wagner, Villa Park - Margaret Walker, Decatur - James Wasser, St. Anne - David Weinstein, Chicago - Patrick D. Welch, Peru - Rena Welch, Virginia - Jesse White, Chicago - David Wilhelm, Chicago - Degee Wilhelm, Chicago - Mary Jane Wilkinson, Streator - Audra Wilson, Oak Park - Frederick Young, Chicago - Nancy Young, Wheaton

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Tanya Baker, Chicago - Michael Bauer, Chicago - Steve Bland, Rockford - Michael Carrigan, Decatur - Carol Danner, Springfield - Vera Davis, Chicago - Maggie DeCarlo, Downers Grove - Gilbert Delgado, Chicago - Amy Galibois, Chicago - Robert Halsey, Alton - William Hicks, Carpentersville - Blair Hull, Chicago - Denny Jacobs, East Moline - Lauren Kidwell, Moline - Gary Klein, Chicago - Cherita Logan, Chicago - Michael McHugh, Northbrook - Gayle Morse, Chicago - Steve Powell, Mundelein - Steven Preckwinkle, Springfield - Jeff Schoenberg, Evanston - Joan Scott, Lewistown - Tamie Sepulveda, Chicago - Susan R. Shea, Springfield - Jeffrey Townsend, Lombard - Carol Wasser, St. Anne - Miriam Zayed, Orland Park

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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