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Florida Delegation to the
2004 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Neal Abid, Orlando - Sylvia Abolafia, Longwood - Lottie Albert, Sunrise - Clarence Anthony, South Bay - Ramon Arcebido, Orlando - Harvey Arnold, Delray Beach - Donna H. Ausman, Tallahassee - Jon Ausman, Tallahassee - T. Wayne Bailey, DeLand - Geraldine Barnes, Tampa - Cathy Bartolotti, Tampa - Linda Beckman, Temple Terrace - Dorothy Bendross-Mindingal, Miami - Susan M. Bentley, Lakeland - Herbert M. Berkowitz, Tampa - Bret Berlin, Miami Lakes - Daisy Black, El Portal - Lance Block, Tallahassee - Jim Booth, Fort Lauderdale - Robin Bouey, Orlando - F. Allen Boyd, Jr., Monticello - Terrie W. Brady, Jacksonville - Derek Brett, Orlando - Corrine Brown, Jacksonville - Gavin Brown, Clermont - Phillip Brutus, Miami - Peter Burkert, Fort Myers - Celeste Bush, Fort Pierce - Bill Carroll, Sarasota - Christine Carroll, Sarasota - Betty Castor, Tampa - Mitchell Ceasar, Plantation - Alan Clendenin, Tampa - Clyde Collins, Jacksonville - Howard Conklin, Fort Pierce - Rosalie Cook, Sanford - Carolyn B. Cornwell, Jacksonville - Arthur Costa, Miami - Ryan Cox, Fort Lauderdale - Joyce M. Cusack, DeLand - Jim Davis, Tampa - Eddie L. Dedmon, Jacksonville - Alice Delgardo, Holiday - Bob Derry, St. Petersburg - Jacques Despinosse, North Miami - Peter R. Deutsch - Barry Dockswell, Pompano Beach - Buddy Dyer, Orlando - Barbara S. Effman, Sunrise - Lori Ferrell, Miami - Terry L. Fields, Jacksonville - Andrew J. Ford, Atlantic Beach - Lois J. Frankel, West Palm Beach - Sheila Franklin, Fort Lauderdale - Eufaula S. Frazier, Miami - Jason Gagnon, Melbourne - Agustin Garcia, Miami - Teresa Gavalda, Miami - Joseph S. Geller, North Bay Village - Robert Geltner, Fort Myers - Audrey Gibson, Jacksonville - Mara Giulianti, Hollywood - Craig S. Glasser, Sunrise - Diane Glasser, Tamarac - Lori A. Glasser, Sunrise - Janet Goen, Tarpon Springs - James Golden, Bradenton - Evelyn Goodman, Pinecrest - Bob Graham - Jill Greco, Longwood - Shirley Hager, Spring Hill - Cynthia Y. Hall, Tallahassee - Lauren Hallahan, Clearwater - Lalena Haro, Miami - Mark Haro, Miami - Julie L. Harris, Tampa - Alcee L. Hastings, Miramar - Karen J. Hazlett, Jacksonville Beach - Alexander Heckler, Fort Lauderdale - Ann S. Henkel, Jacksonville - Bob Henriquez, Tampa - Anthony C. Hill, Sr., Jacksonville - Wayne Hogan, Jacksonville - Denise Holton, Jacksonville - William Jenkins, Port St. Lucie - Edward Jennings, Gainesville - Frankie Jennings, Fort Myers - Eric Johnson, Boca Raton - Alan R. Jones, Land O'Lakes - Joan M. Joseph, Jupiter - Arthenia L. Joyner, Tampa - Chuck Kalogianis, New Port Richey - Allan Katz, Tallahassee - Gayle Kendall, Jacksonville - Jerome Kerwin, Boynton Beach - Charlotte Klieman, Miami - Bill Kling, Plantation - Suzanne Kosmas, New Smyrna Beach - Edward Lackey, Ormond Beach - Joan Lane, DeLand - Phyllis S. Lapidus, Boca Raton - Linda Lerner, Seminole - Gail Lima, Key West - John Lindstrom, Palm City - Wendi Lipsich, Boca Raton - Michael R. Lockwood, Fort Lauderdale - Carol A. Loehndorf, West Palm Beach - Shirley Lowe, Miami - Daisy Lynum, Orlando - Scott Maddox, Tallahassee - Wahid Mahmood, Lake Worth - Caryl Mansour, Orlando - Preston W. Marshall, Miami - Pam K. Martin, Islamorada - Stephen Martin, Lakeland - Arlene Martinez, Clearwater - Christopher Martinez, Tampa - Raul L. Martinez, Hialeah - George Maurer, Key West - Tonya McCormick, West Palm Beach - Thomas McDonald, Lakeland - Reginald B. McGill, Orlando - James McKinley, Pompano Beach - Luella J. McQueen, Jacksonville - Carrie P. Meek, Miami - Kendrick B. Meek, Miami - John Melvin II, Pace - Lesley Miller, Jr., Tampa - Chuck Mohlke, Naples - Marianne Moore, Satellite Beach - Michael W. Moskowitz, Parkland - Janee Murphy, Tampa - Judy Myers, West Palm Beach - Evalyn Narramore, Pensacola - Bill Nelson - Jane Nesbit, Alachua - Richard Nesbit, Alachua - Vic Ogilvie, Altamonte Springs - John C. Parker, Jacksonville - Gail Marie Perry, Pompano Beach - Roseline J. Philippe, North Miami - Diana Pittarelli, Hollywood - Bob Poe, Sanford - John C. Rayson, Pompano Beach - Jon Reiskind, Gainesville - Stacy J. Ritter, Parkland - Yolly Roberson, North Miami - Linda Roberts, Tallahassee - Lula Rodriguez, Key Biscayne - Debbie L. Roginski, Sarasota - Doris S. Rosen, Port Richey - Monica Russo, Miami - Sylvia Rutledge, Chiefland - Cynthia Sawyer, Gainesville - Anthony Scelzo, Longwood - Jan Schneider, Sarasota - America Schroh, North Miami Beach - Barbara C. Schwartz, Miami - Juanita Scott, Pensacola - Carole Shields, Coral Gables - Jack Shifrel, Coconut Creek - Jonathan Siegel, Boca Raton - Evett L. Simmons, Port St. Lucie - Martha Simons, Bonita Springs - Gary Siplin, Orlando - Christopher Smith, Fort Lauderdale - Lawrence J. Smith, Hollywood - Janan Smither, Maitland - Eleanor Sobel, Hollywood - Linda Spencer, Hilliard - Nancy Stander, Hialeah - Tom Steck, St. Petersburg - Ceil Steinberg, Sunrise - Stacy Stepanovich, Daytona Beach - Michael Stienberg, Tampa - Wendell Sturrup, Miami - Maurice Sussman, West Palm Beach - Andrew Tobias, Washington, D.C. - Laura Van Sant, Hollywood - George Vega, Cocoa - Diana Wasserman-Rubin, Southwest Ranches - Debbie Wasserman=Schultz, Weston - Jimmy Weekley, Key West - Thomas Westropp, The Villages - Robert Wexler, Boca Raton - Gerald White, Tampa - Lilas Wild, Altamonte Springs - Douglass Wiles, St. Augustine - Frank W. Williams, Tallahassee - Rae Williams, Valparaiso - Robert Williams, Tallahassee - Frederica S. Wilson, Miami - Paullette Wimberly, Miami Gardens - Jake Wingard, Jr., Crestview - Louis Wolfe, Longboat Key - Peggy E. Wolsfelt, New Smyrna Beach - Henry Woods, Key West - Jeanette D. Wynn, Quincy - Mae Yates, Delray Beach - Jose Zaiter, Plantation - Raymond Zeller, Miami

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Blanche Benford, Zephyrhills - Martin Bennett, Ellenton - Bert Brown, Winter Park - Jerry Buechler, Miami - Simone Bynoe, Cape Coral - Donna-Lynne Dalton, Orlando - Marna S. Davidson, Boynton Beach - Jim Donelon, St. Petersburg - Minerva S. Faire, Jacksonville - Pamela Burch Fort, Tallahassee - Lucy Garner, Port Charlotte - Andrew D. Gillum, Tallahassee - Louise Hinkley, Port Richey - Fernando Llerena, Miami - Gwendolyn Miller, Tampa - Mary Nelson, Winter Haven - Dorothy Nicholson-Brown, Fort Lauderdale - Rudolph Parker, Perry - Alex Penelas, Miami Lakes - Sheila Rothman, East Hampton, Long Island, N.Y. - Dwayne Sealy, Dover - Wayne Sherman, Jacksonville - Mildred Smith-Kidd, Miami - Stuart Sobel, Hollywood - H. Tom Summers, Gainesville - Shirley M. West, Miami - Jeff Wright, Tallahassee

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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