The Political Graveyard: A Database of American History

Ohio Delegation to the
2000 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Debra L. Ackerman - Thelma H. Adams - Dixie J. Allen - Gary L. Allen - Sandra J. Anderson - Christie L. Angel - Clarence Antonacci - Deborah Bailey - Oliver Baker - Randall E. Basham - Michael Bauer - George Beban - Michael N. Billirakis, Pickerington - Debbie Bindas - John A. Blessing - Yelena Boxer - Billy D. Boyce - Barbara Boyd - Mildred Brewer - Kaye M. Britton - Edna R. Brown - Sherman M. Brown - Sherrod Brown - William A. Burga, Columbus - Jean Colleen Buscemi - Timothy E. Buxton - Birdell Byars - Capri S. Cafaro - Angela Caldwell - David L. Caldwell - C. Steven Campbell - Jane L. Campbell - Martha J. Campbell - Cathryn K. Caridas - Dominic E. Cataldo - Steven E. Chaffin - Nelson Cintron - Michelle R. Clarett - Michael B. Coleman, Columbus - Warren Copeland - Richard Cordray, Grove City - Sandy K. Cox - Lucretia Crawford - Donald K. Day, Columbus - Carmen DeStefano - Dorcas Ditmer - Beth A. Eagon - Leroy A. Elmore - William T. Endsley - Louis P. Escobar - Kathleen M. Estep - William J. Evans - Carty Finkbeiner, Toledo - Julia Fishelson - Peggy Zone Fisher, Shaker Heights - Jack Ford, Toledo - Allison A. Friedrich - Linda Furney - Zelma M. Furnish - John Garcia - Lee Ann Gatten - Kristine George - David E. Giese - Ruby C. Gilliam, Minerva - Enid Goubeaux, Greenville - Lynn Greer - Brenda K. Griffith - Tony P. Hall - Chafic A. Hatoum - Bill R. Hedrick - Bill R. Hendrick - Maxine S. Hicks - William J. Hocevar - Deloris R. Hudson - Cecilia Huffman - Sandy Isenberg - Thaddeus J. Jackson - James B. Jerele - David Johnson - Dean L. Johnson - Jeffrey D. Johnson - Peter Lawson Jones, Shaker Heights - Wayne M. Jones - Marcy Kaptur, Toledo - Melissa Kemp-Barnhart - Joseph V. Kostic - Dennis J. Kucinich, Cleveland - William A. Lavelle - Mary K. Lazarus - James Patrick Leahy - Joyce Leeth - Norma J. Leighty - David J. Leland, Columbus - Renee S. Lipson - Melissa M. Long - Anita L. Lopez - Rose Marie Lovano - Mike Lowe - Lloyd C. Mahaffey - Johnnie Maier, Massillon - Mark Mallory - Ronald L. Malone - Sharon Manson - Pamela L. Margulies - Ty D. Marsh - Warren L. Mart - Dan Martin - Gary V. Martin - William D. Mason - David R. McCall - Mary Lou McCracken - Patricia A. McKay - Rhine L. McLin, Dayton - I. Ray Miller, Columbus - Tom Mooney - Patricia A. Moss - John Mroczkowski - Margaret A. Muncie - Barbara K. Myers - Diana Nazelli - Mark E. Owens, Dayton - Sylvester D. Patton, Youngstown - Donald L. Plusquellic, Akron - C. J. Prentiss, Cleveland - Jeffrey A. Rechenbach - Alicia Reece - Thomas J. Ritchie, Dayton - Leonard E. Roberts - Richard Romero - Carol Rowan-Frank - James M. Ruvolo, Toledo - Thomas C. Sawyer - Beverly A. Schafer - Vel M. Scott - Nancy E. Shew - Josephine Sittenfeld - Jack Sizemore - Shirley A. Smith - Loree G. Soggs - Jack D. Sombati - Ted Strickland - Erin Sullivan Lally - Pierrette M. Talley - Peggy E. Tanksley - Charleta B. Tavares - Betty A. Thomas, Cincinnati - Danny Thomas - Tisha L. Thomasson - Paul Tipps, Columbus - James A. Traficant, Jr. - Stephanie Tubbs Jones - George R. Tucker - Barbara M. Tuckerman - Peter Ujvagi - Future Vincent - Karen L. Wagner - Ronnie Wardrup - Lindsay M. Webb - Carolyn Weston - Nan Whaley - Michael R. White, Cleveland - Deborah A. Williams - Lillian B. Williams - Danny L. Winslow - Martin Wisbey - Mary Wiseman - Mary Beth Wishon - Mary Ellen Withrow, Bethesda, Md. - Robert A. Zimmerman

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Mohammed Y. Ahmed - Keith Borders - Mary O. Boyle - Delbert E. Cook - Robert A. Davis - Ben Espy - Raymond S. Gruber - Barbara A. Katzenberger - Steven W. Lieber - Barbara F. Martin - Barbara A. McMasters - Michael Mentzel - Kristin L. Peterson, Oberlin - Deanna Rice - Janet M. Schwartz - Michael J. Skindell - Tim Steineman - Rynda Stover - Robert M. Turner - Ora L. White - Anita Wiley - Charles Wilson - Dawn E. Wojcik - Margaret Wong

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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