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Missouri Delegation to the
2000 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
David Allen - Sandy Allison - Sam Auxier - Ronald Aver - Gracia Y. Backer - Joan Barry - Shari Bax - Michael Bersin - Terry Bond - Freeman Bosley, Jr. - Amber Boykins - Kathy Bray - Gloria Brazell - Doug Brooks, Joplin - Beverly Buchheit, St. Louis - Eugene Bushmann - Thomas J. Campell - Joe Carmichael, Springfield - Marie Carmichael - Russ Carnahan - Mel Carnahan - Greg Carter - Paula J. Carter, St. Louis - William L. Clay, Sr. - Lacy Clay, Jr., St. Louis - Donna Collins - Rebecca M. Cook - Velda Cook, Kansas City - Ninfa Coy - Melba Curls - Pat Danner - Michael Downing - Ted Farner - Patti Fleer - Larry Foster - Norman Fott - Steve Gaw - Richard A. Gephardt, St. Louis - Roger A. Gooden - Darlene Green - April Ford Griffin - Mary Groves-Bland - Jerry Guinn - Lawrence Hepburn - Wayne Hilzinger - Peter Hofherr - Bob Holden - William Hubbard - Jessica Jackson - Ken Jacob - Jesse Jokerst - Ellen Kauffman - Jeanne King - Janet LaMontagne - Carolyn Landry - Robert Levine - Bobbie Lurie - Charles Martin - Parrie May - Karen McCarthy, Kansas City - Betty McCaskill - Claire McCaskill - Leah McNay - Shelley McThomas-Bryant - Mary Ellen Miller - Jack Moore - Lew Moye - Hila Newman, Kansas City - Jay Nixon, De Soto - Wendy Noren - Gene Oakley - Shirley Patterson - Ed Quick - May Scheve Reardon - John Rice - Terry Richard - Stacey Salmon - Cecil C. T. Sharp - Katheryn Shields - Ike Skelton, Lexington - Teresa Stewart-Frane - Kris Stock - Natalie Tackett - Nelson Thompson, Kansas City - Lanna Ultican - Elizabeth Van Uum - Linda Vogt - Lee Voirel - Jane Von Kaenel - Brian Wahby - Nancy Wessley - Joel Womack

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Mary Blackiston - Ronald Bonar - William Booth - Benita Boxerman - Kevin Heyen - Richard King - Eugene O. Martin - Mark Miles - Cynthia Nugent - Renee Paluka - Julie Relford - Cheryl Schmidt - Dave Turney

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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