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Illinois Delegation to the
1996 Democratic National Convention

Delegation chair: Richard J. Durbin

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Rachel Alvarez, Aurora - William Banks, Chicago - John Baricevic, Belleville - Ronald Barnwell, Sr., Peoria - Willie T. Barrow, Chicago - William M. Beavers, Chicago - Maria Bechily-Hodes, Chicago - Julia Beckman, Downers Grove - Dayna Bender, Chicago - Marjorie C. Benton, Evanston - Barbara Berman, Chicago - Margaret Blackshere - Charles E. Box, Rockford - Marca Bristo, Chicago - Irene H. Brodie, Robbins - Gila Bronner, Chicago - Barbara Leavitt Brown, Chester - Joel Brunsvold, Rock Island - Gordon D. Bush, East St. Louis - Jerry Butler, Chicago - Dave Bybee, Moline - Howard W. Carroll, Chicago - Rashid Chaudary, Bedford Park - Gery Chico, Chicago - Louise E. Coleman, Joliet - Cardiss Collins - Earlean Collins, Chicago - Vilma Colom, Chicago - Michael M. Conway, Glencoe - Georgia Costello, Belleville - Jerry F. Costello, Belleville - Josefina Cruz, Chicago - Patricia J. Cullerton, Chicago - Robert Dahlke, Burbank - John P. Daley, Chicago - Richard M. Daley, Chicago - A. Edward Davis, Jr., Chicago - Danny K. Davis, Chicago - Pia M. Davis, Chicago - Patricia L. De Hoyos, Chicago - M. Bob DeJaegher, Silvis - James A. DeLeo, Chicago - Miguel del Valle, Chicago - Mary A. Dempsey, Chicago - Vince Demuzio, Carlinville - Lorraine Dixon, Chicago - Camille Dowdney, Lombard - Thomas A. Dunn, Joliet - Richard J. Durbin, Springfield - Connie Engholm, Moline - Sondra Berman Epstein, Chicago - Donald Eslick, Northbrook - Lane A. Evans, Rock Island - Sam Flood, Belleville - Mary Flowers, Chicago - Lynn Foster, Danville - Marge Friedman, Park Forest - Wilson Frost, Chicago - Carl Gallman, Des Plaines - Jesus G. Garcia, Chicago - Frank Giglio, Calumet City - Sue L. Gin, Chicago - Lawrence J. Gorski, Chicago - Kurt Granberg, Centralia - Barbara J. Gross, Jacksonville - Luis V. Gutiérrez, Chicago - Robert W. Haisman, Oak Park - Thomas Hanley, Chicago - James Harris, Phoenix - John D. Hartigan, Chicago - Kathryn Harvey, Downers Grove - Linda Hawker, Springfield - Irene Hernandez, Chicago - Joyce Holmberg, Rockford - Barbara Holt, Chicago - Sheila Hooper, Freeport - Sheila Hsu, Palos Hills - Thomas C. Hynes, Chicago - Mark Ishaug, Chicago - Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. - Charles Jefferson, Rockford - Donald A. Johnson, Springfield - Suellen Johnson, Wilmette - Emil Jones, Jr., Chicago - Lovana S. Jones, Chicago - Patricia Jones, Waukegan - Ann L. Kalayil - Mary Lou Kearns, St. Charles - L. Thomas Lakin, Wood River - Thomas Lamont, Springfield - Gary J. LaPaille, Chicago - Luellen Laurenti, Normal - Fred G. Lebed, Western Springs - Maxine Leftwich, Chicago - George Lietzow, Elmwood Park - Marcia J. Lipetz, Chicago - Rose Marie Lipinski, Chicago - William O. Lipinski, Chicago - David Livingston, Decatur - Ada Lopez, Chicago - Thomas G. Lyons, Chicago - Michael Madigan, Chicago - Shirley Madigan, Chicago - Edward Maloney, Chicago - Timothy Mapes, Springfield - Iris Y. Martinez, Chicago - Jodi Martinez-Martin, Chicago - Shirley McCombs, Petersburg - Barbara McGowan, Chicago - Iola McGowan, Chicago - Cora L. McGruder, Chicago - Victory McNamara, Arlington Heights - Geraldine McPartlin, Chicago - Dianne Meeks, Carbondale - James Meeks, Chicago - Thomas Meyer, Rockford - Charlotte Moore, East St. Louis - Eugene M. Moore, Maywood - Joseph A. Moore, Chicago - Carol Moseley=Braun, Chicago - Norine Murphy, Park Ridge - Dawn Clark Netsch, Chicago - Ellen O'Connor, Chicago - Earl Oliver, Chicago - Anne Oppenheimer, Olympia Fields - David D. Orr, Chicago - Ana M. Parra, Cicero - Miki Lynn Pavelonis, Harrisburg - Molly Phalen, Rockford - Roger Poole, Smithton - Glenn Poshard, Marion - Ronald E. Powell, Mundelein - Aurelia Pucinski, Chicago - James Rea, Christopher - John Rednour, Du Quoin - Thomas Reece, Chicago - Amalia S. Rioja, Chicago - Gary Lee Roan, West Frankfort - Philip J. Rock, Oak Park - Cynthia Rodriguez, Chicago - Carol Ronen, Chicago - Virginia A. Rugai, Chicago - Bobby L. Rush, Chicago - Karen Rydberg, Lindenhurst - Consuelo M. Salas, Skokie - Debbie Saltich, Granite City - Leslie Sanders, Chicago - Miriam Santos, Chicago - Tod Satterthwaite, Urbana - Brenda Sawyer, Mt. Carmel - Eugene Sawyer, Chicago - Janice D. Schakowsky, Evanston - Penny L. Severns, Decatur - George Shadid, Edwards - Smita Shah, Oak Brook - Thomas Shaughnessy, Berwyn - Susan R. Shea, Springfield - Michael F. Sheahan, Chicago - Dorothy Shelton, Chicago - Sonia Silva, Chicago - Paul Simon - Ellen Sinclair, Salem - Edward M. Smith, Cache - Mary Ann Smith, Chicago - Daniel Solis, Chicago - Gregory Sparrow, DeKalb - John H. Stroger, Chicago - Todd H. Stroger, Chicago - Gerald M. Sullivan, Chicago - Calvin R. Sutker, Skokie - Arenda Troutman, Chicago - Janis L. Tsugawa, Carol Stream - Don A. Turner, Chicago - Doris Turner, Springfield - Robert H. Vaughn, Chicago - James M. Wall, Elmhurst - James Walsh, Lombard - Roberta S. Warshaw, Evanston - Reg Weaver, Chicago - Christie Webb, Pekin - Thomas J. Weisner, Aurora - Elaine Weiss, Chicago - Patrick D. Welch, Peru - Thomas D. Whalen, Bloomingdale - Jesse White, Chicago - Norma Jean White, Chicago - David Wilhelm, Chicago - Herdastine Williams, Chicago - Dorothy Winstein, Rock Island - Sidney R. Yates

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Ethel Sykes Alexander, Chicago - Douglas R. Aurand, Rockford - Patrick Botterman, Arlington Heights - Ronald P. Bowden, Chicago - Evelyn M. Bowles, Edwardsville - Kelly Cassidy, Chicago - James Chao, Addison - Shirley Coleman, Chicago - Kevin Conlon, Flossmoor - Eudice Fogel, Chicago - Maury Goodman, Warrenville - Jesse D. Granato, Chicago - R. Christine Hotchkin, Hinsdale - William Houlihan, Springfield - Wanda Jensen, Burbank - Tadas Kicielinski, Collinsville - Avis Lavelle-Sampson, Chicago - Mary Ann Levar, Chicago - Terry Link, Vernon Hills - Roberto Maldonado, Chicago - Rudolph Papa, Bethalto - Geraldine Parr, Champaign - Mary Reffett, La Salle - Carol Reynolds, Orion - Katharine Scates, Shawneetown - Walter Lee Singleton, Crete - Daniel L. Vera, Joliet

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Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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