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Michigan Delegation to the
1980 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Dorothy Andren, Howell - John J. Annulis, Wyoming - George R. Atkins, Detroit - Richard H. Austin, Detroit - Elizabeth Baker, Saginaw - Sidney A. Bass, Detroit - Robert Battle III, Detroit west side - Kay Beard, Inkster - Sandra Beattie, Essexville - Michael J. Bennane - Peter J. Betrus - Owen F. Bieber - Lana L. Boldi, Grand Rapids - James M. Boothby, Benton Harbor - Richard J. Bowman, Kalamazoo - Mary Bruno, Dearborn - Vern D. Brusseau, Whitehall - Annie Buckhorn, Southgate - Larry E. Burkhalter, Lapeer - Connie Calabrese, Romeo - Bob Carr, East Lansing - Clyde Cleveland, Detroit west side - Gloria C. Cobbin, Detroit - James M. Collins, Negaunee - Clarence W. Contratto, Dearborn - Bobby D. Crim, Davison - Bobbie A. Culp, Flint - Tim Curtin, Grand Rapids - Richard E. Daugherty, Dowagiac - Geraldine DeFant, Marquette - Laurence B. Deitch, Birmingham - Ernest C. Dillard, Detroit - Rosemary DiPonio, Dimondale - Marvin J. Druker, Kalamazoo - Sam Fishman - Betsy J. Flory, Grand Rapids - William D. Ford, Taylor - Carolyn Forrest, Westland - Tom Frank, Saginaw - James P. George, East Detroit - Rosemary Glaser, Petoskey - Lynda J. Goward, Brant - C. Ann Graham, Jackson - Nino E. Green, Escanaba - Shirley Robinson Hall, Detroit west side - Grace Hampton, Inkster - Riley Harris, Warren - Charlie J. Harrison, Jr., Pontiac - Stuart E. Hertzberg - Fred Hoffman IV, Dearborn - Thomas M. Holcomb, Holt - Hubert L. Holley, Detroit - Mary Holmes, Lansing - Morris W. Hood, Jr., Detroit - Raymond W. Hood, Detroit - Ethel M. Howard, Ypsilanti Township, Washtenaw County - Elizabeth P. Howe, Rochester - Bill S. Huffman - Helen M. Irving, Detroit - Elizabeth Jackson, Detroit - Mildred Jeffrey, Detroit - Mildred A. Jenkins, Detroit east side - Kathleen Johnston-Calati, Grand Rapids - Kerry K. Kammer, Clarkston - Diana M. Keller, Riverview - Frank J. Kelley, Okemos - Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, Detroit - Patti Knox, Detroit - Odessa Komer - Sophie Kurcharczyk, New Boston - Hank Lacayo - Shirley Leopold, Huntington Woods - Margaret Lochmann, Grand Blanc - Ruth M. Lucas, Big Rapids - Barbara J. Maddox, Bangor - Marilyn Marshall, Marquette - William Marshall, Delta Township, Eaton County - Eileen Marz, Bloomfield Hills - Ann Mastey, Livonia - Cyril A. McGuire, Lansing - June M. Merrill, Adrian - Bruce A. Miller, Detroit - Doris J. Miller, River Rouge - Gerald E. Mills, Flint - Kim Moran, Roseville - Ken Morris, Troy - Robert E. Nederlander, Detroit - Bruce Newman, Flint - Dorothy Newman, Wyoming - Gail A. Nolin, Sylvan Lake - Mary Lou Parks, Detroit east side - Joan Patterson, Detroit - Sandra Pattok, Hastings - Edward C. Pierce, Ann Arbor - Anton J. Pintar, Hancock - William J. Polakowski, Detroit east side - Paul Porter, Quincy - Robert Powers, Bay City - James Prough, Utica - Terry Redford, Birmingham - Barbara J. Rom, West Bloomfield - Helen R. Root, Hastings - Doug Ross, Oak Park - Elena R. Sanchez, Saginaw - Therese Scandarito, Mt. Clemens - Carol L. Scherer, Mt. Pleasant - Paul Seldenright, DeWitt - Katherine Y. Sella, Grand Rapids - Ann Shafer, Battle Creek - Suzanne Shaw, Ypsilanti - Herman Shelton, Okemos - Marie Elena Silva, Saginaw - Christopher E. Smith, Lincoln Park - Joanne E. Smith, Farmington Hills - Estelle Smyth, Escanaba - Jess Sobel, East Lansing - Francis R. Spaniola, Corunna - Evangeline J. Stanchik, Empire - Marc Stepp, Detroit west side - Phillip J. Stoddard, Mt. Pleasant - Bernice Stomber, Sterling Heights - Paul O. Sutherland, Ludington - Mary Ryan Taras, Birmingham - William Thornton, Detroit - Donald F. Tucker, West Bloomfield - Roman W. Ulman, Detroit - Harriet Edith VanHorn, Detroit - David J. Vostrizansky, Bannister - Nancy A. Waters, Muskegon - Marie M. Weigold, Detroit west side - Michael Whitman, Ontonagon - Patricia Whitton, Livonia - Beatrice Williams, Flint - Barbara R. Wilson, Zeeland - Morley A. Winograd, Troy - Joyce Woods, Saginaw - Stephen P. Yokich, St. Clair Shores - Bard Young, Southgate - Coleman A. Young, Detroit - MaChere Young, Grand Rapids - Donald L. Zub, Taylor

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Howard R. Abercrombie, Detroit - Joyce Alley, West Branch - Kathleen M. Asher, Vassar - Ray H. Boman, Detroit - Warren Bracy, Ann Arbor - William H. Brainard, Southgate - Thomas Brookover, Walled Lake - Michael Carr, Flint - John R. Chapin, Sheridan - Ron Clarren, Sturgis - Gretchen Coad, Flint - Edna Rae Daugherty, Dowagiac - John Dewan, Madison Heights - Howard J. Edelson, Mt. Pleasant - Robert L. Emerson, Flint - Arlene Felzke, Grand Ledge - Sherry L. Finkbeiner, Eagle - Kathy Fojtik, Ann Arbor - Alan Fox, East Lansing - Mary Ann Garlak, Royal Oak - Frank Garrison, Freeland - Judith Garza, Flint - Martin Gerber, Southfield - Carol J. Gordon, Detroit - Russell Gregory, Dearborn - Dorothy Haener, New Boston - George Z. Hart, Dearborn - Jane Hart, Midland - Jacqueline Hartman, St. Clair Shores - Lillian Hatcher - Richard Hegmon, Lansing - Mary Johnson, Detroit - Susan M. Johnson, Detroit - Dale Jurcinsin, Livonia - Eugene Kurthy, Orchard Lake - Jack E. Legel - Laura Loughead, Plainwell - Paul Mayhue, Grand Rapids - B. J. 'Mac' McDonald, Battle Creek - Robert C. Merkle, Roseville - Annetta Miller, Huntington Woods - Lyle C. Miller, Bay City - Carolyn Montgomery, Detroit - Patrick Morrissey, Grand Rapids - Dennis E. Nauss, Gaylord - E. Tulikki Nyquist, Ishpeming - Phillip Edward O'Jibway, Capac - Kenneth L. Oke, Alpena - Alex Ott, Lansing - Frances Parks, Wyoming - Velma Perry, Trenton - Edward J. Plawecki, Jr., Dearborn Heights - Susan Reznick, Southfield - Pauline Roach, Ypsilanti - Albert L. Rosebush, Niles - Sylvia Sanders, Gaylord - Katheryn A. Schmidt, Traverse City - Michael D. Schwartz, Sterling Heights - Theodore Smith, Detroit - Ethel V. Stevenson, Ecorse - Lillian Stoner, Grand Rapids - Carol Lee Strickler, Battle Creek - Tom Surprise, Allegan - Jean Trump, Muskegon - Aldo Vagnozzi, Farmington Hills - Helen B. Wainio, Taylor - Ora Wall, Detroit - Susan Walton, East Tawas - Lewis D. Warren, Detroit - Mildred Warren, Detroit - Anita White, Detroit - Clara Williams, Detroit - Wyaman Williams, Fenton - Ann Zimmerman, Jackson

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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