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Illinois Delegation to the
1980 Democratic National Convention

Delegates (may be incomplete!)
Estelle Adams, Chicago - Douglas R. Aurand, Rockford - Marie Basler, Herrin - María C. Bechily, Chicago - Victory Bell, Rockford - Nicolette J. Bender, Freeport - Marjorie C. Benton, Evanston - Charles L. Blankenship, Normal - Michael Boland, East Moline - Prudence C. Bond, Poplar Grove - Ruth Bradbury, Robinson - Barbara Leavitt Brown, Chester - Terry L. Bruce, Olney - Roland W. Burris - Lillian T. Cade, Champaign - Gust Cappos, Chicago - Daniel Casey, Lombard - Raymond Castro, Chicago - Eugenia S. Chapman, Arlington Heights - Charles Chew, Chicago - Josie Brown Childs, Chicago - Janet E. Christianson, La Grange - Marilyn D. Clancy, Oak Park - Joseph R. Comella, Chicago - Joe T. Connelly, Charleston - Terri Lee Coombes, Galesburg - Jerry Cosentino, Palos Heights - Bernice Covill, West Frankfort - P. J. Cullerton, Chicago - William M. Daley, Chicago - Cary Daniels, North Chicago - Clarence A. Darrow, Rock Island - Pasquale F. De Leo, Chicago - Vince Demuzio, Carlinville - Wayne A. Dereczynski, Chicago - Terry Desmond, DeKalb - Michael DeStefano, Carpentersville - George W. Donohoo, Wood River - Minnie Downing, Danville - Edward A. Doyle, Chicago - Patricia O. Driscoll, Calumet Park - Thomas A. Dunn, Joliet - John E. Dvorak, Berkeley - Edna Selan Epstein, Chicago - Patton Feichter, Niles - Aracelis F. Figueroa, Chicago - Monroe Flinn, Cahokia - Myrl J. Franke, Kewanee - Lora Mae French, Ottawa - Marge Friedman, Park Forest - Wilson Frost, Chicago - Elsie M. Gately, Lisle - Dee Gibson, Olney - Ann Marie Gilski, Chicago - Elise Goldberg, Morton Grove - Elizabeth M. Grady, Chicago - Kenneth J. Gray, West Frankfort - Barbara Griffin, Chicago - Barbara J. Gross, Jacksonville - Aline S. Guthrie, Decatur - Tim L. Hall, Dwight - Nicki H. Harris, Chicago - Katherine Harrison, Granite City - Neil F. Hartigan, Chicago - Charles A. Hartke, Teutopolis - Kathryn Harvey, Downers Grove - Curtis Heaston, Evanston - Marilou McCarthy Hedlund, Chicago - Charles L. Hester, Granite City - Scott Hodes, Chicago - Michael S. Holewinski, Chicago - Edith L. Holloway, Dixmoor - Marion S. Holshouser, Urbana - Sheila Hooper, Freeport - Marian Humes, Chicago - Thomas C. Hynes, Chicago - Robert L. Ingram, Pekin - John S. Jackson III, Carbondale - William R. Jarvis, Maroa - Doris Jefferson, Mascoutah - Marcus Jefferson, Chicago - Nancy B. Jefferson, Chicago - Kristina Johnson, Itasca - Suellen Johnson, Wheaton - Clyde C. Jordan, East St. Louis - Jereiah E. Joyce, Chicago - Robert Kellam, Jr., Chicago - Tyrone T. Kenner, Chicago - James C. Kirie, Elmwood Park - William Edward Koeppel, Peoria - Leo F. Kukla, North Chicago - Mark J. Kupiec, Chicago - Lynda Lake, Springfield - Robert T. Lane, Chicago Heights - Louis A. Lerner, Chicago - Ruth L. Linear, Chicago - Hubert J. Loftus, Addison - Pearl Mack, Chicago - Ted Mackey, Crest Hill - Michaelene Magee, Chicago - Mary Agnes Maloney, Joliet - Gwen R. Martin, Arlington Heights - Peggy Smith Martin, Chicago - Elena Martinez, Chicago - Robert F. Martwick, Norridge - Donna Jean Matteo, Chicago - Betty Jean Mays, East St. Louis - Sue Morris, Waukegan - John F. Morrissey, Hoffman Estates - Richard Mugalian, Palatine - Joan P. Murphy, Crestwood - Paul L. Myers, Harrisburg - Dawn Clark Netsch, Chicago - Richard H. Newhouse, Chicago - Carl E. Officer, East St. Louis - Thomas C. Ohler, Mt. Pulaski - Martha R. O'Malley, Belleville - Diane Parhan, Robinson - Lynn Scott Pearson, Peoria - Betty Perrino, Lockport - Lillian Perry, Aurora - Mary E. Persichetti, Chicago - Molly Phalen, Rockford - Andrew T. Przybylo, Chicago - Aurelia Pucinski, Chicago - Sal P. Pullia, Melrose Park - Edward A. Quigley, Chicago - Milton Rakove, Wilmette - R. Todd Renfrow, Springfield - Liese L. Ricketts, Crete - Elyse Kovac Roberts, Crystal Lake - Renault Robinson, Chicago - Philip J. Rock, Oak Park - Barbara M. Rohrer, Peoria - Alfred G. Ronan, Chicago - Edward J. Rosewell, Chicago - Michael V. Rotello, Rockford - Marty Russo, South Holland - Bettylu Saltzman, Chicago - Eugene Sawyer, Chicago - Anthony Scariano, Park Forest - Carolyn K. Schisler, London Mills - Bernette Schmitz, Palos Hills - J. Glenn Schneider, Naperville - Ellsworth Kenneth Sharp, Roselle - Michael F. Sheahan, Chicago - Walter Shumpert, Chicago - Gerald Sinclair, Salem - Adeline M. Smith, Jerseyville - Helen D. Stefanski, Chicago - Francine Z. Stein, Skokie - Grace Mary Stern, Highland Park - Marcia Stewart, DeKalb - Madeline R. Stratton, Chicago - Larry R. Stuffle, Charleston - Phillip Sutera, Chicago - Yvonne O'Brien Tabb, Dahinda - James W. Thomas, Peoria - Rolland F. Tipsword, Taylorville - Alice Tregay, Chicago - Gary A. Tumulty, Springfield - Maria Blanca Vargas-Magana, Chicago - Anita M. Villarreal, Chicago - Kay Vilven, River Forest - Tommy Walker, Sterling - James M. Wall, Elmhurst - Edward Walsh, Chicago - Teresa Powell Wedoff, Oak Park - Marilyn Weisbaum, Springfield - Marilyn Weisner, Aurora - Patrick D. Welch, Peru - Patricia L. Wilcoxen, Chicago - Dora Williams, Winnetka - Marjorie E. Winkelhake, Urbana - Lottie Wisniewski, Chicago - James E. Withers, Sr., Loami - Don Wooten, Rock Island - Patricia Wright, Canton - Mary Zahora, Oak Lawn

Alternates (may be incomplete!)
Edna M. Alexander, Alton - Stephen Bean, Decatur - Saul Beck, East Chicago Heights - Dennis Bergman, Lena - Charles Bernardini, Chicago - Dorothy Burns, Chicago - Pat Capuzzi, Midlothian - John W. Casey, Downers Grove - Bessie Chronopoulos, DeKalb - Mattie Coleman, Chicago - Lenore T. Colson, Oak Lawn - Illinois Daggett, Chicago - Glenn V. Dawson, Chicago - Sylvia T. DeJesus, Chicago - Sally Dilts, Chicago - Mary Ellen Eagelston, Wyoming - Helen Ferguson, Mt. Vernon - Harris Franklin, Pleasant Hill - Thomas S. Fuller, Evanston - Joe Gardner, Chicago - Sue Gerasch, Antioch - Marcia Gevers, Park Forest - Gwendolyn Godwin, Bradley - Suzanne R. Golden, Rock Island - Lucia E. Gutierrez, Chicago - Carol G. Gutstein, Chicago - Judith Erwin Halpin, Oak Park - Kathryn Harris, Macomb - Christie Hefner, Chicago - William Hostetter, Forrest - John F. Hosty, River Forest - Larry L. Hovell, Chicago - Ezzie B. Jackson, Chicago - Rubie Jackson, Metropolis - Michael A. Jones, Rockford - Virginia Kanthak, Ottawa - Peter M. Kelly, Evanston - William H. Knuppel, Havana - Phillip J. Koclanes, Herrin - Joseph S. Kotlarz, Chicago - Janet Kuehn, Belleville - Fred G. Lebed, Countryside - J. Richard Lee, Rock Island - Lorraine Le Gant, Countryside - Enedina M. Leyva, Chicago - Michele A. Linnen, Arlington Heights - Laura Loeb, Champaign - Christine Long, Oak Park - Enid H. Long, Chicago - Luis M. Lopez, Waukegan - Chester E. Lulinski, Chicago - Thomas G. Lyons, Chicago - Robert A. Macari, South Holland - Marge Markin, Chicago - Marcia Schuyler Maxedon, Shelbyville - Robert W. McGaw, Rockford - Margaret M. Michalski, Chicago - Woodrow Moad, Granite City - Harle Montgomry, Northbrook - Anna Mae Mulcahey, Durand - Dorothy G. O'Brien, DeKalb - Daniel F. O'Connor, Berwyn - Riley L. Owens III, Centreville - Elizabeth Pendzich, Chicago - Laurence A. Perlman, Champaign - Ola Roudez, Chicago - Michael Scarpelli, Elk Grove Village - Raymond Schlachter, Kankakee - Charles W. Scholz, Quincy - Charles Seavers, Chicago - Andrew Smith, Chicago - Charles C. Smith, Jr., Northfield - Walter Soroka, Palatine - William R. Stengel, Rock Island - Russell B. Strauman, Pekin - Lorens P. Tronet, Crystal Lake - Steven G. Vocelka, Naperville - Karen Vogel, South Holland - Mary Eleanor Wall, Elmhurst - Le Phaye Washington, Chicago - Robert K. Williams, Mt. Carmel - James E. Wilson, Cairo - Norma J. Yagow, St. Elmo

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