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Dominican Republic

U.S. consular officials in Dominican Republic

Honorary consuls in U.S. territories representing Dominican Republic

   Azua: Henry Chandruc (Consular Agent as of 1880-84) John Hardy (Consular Agent 1885-1911) Eugenio Choisne (Consular Agent 1914-18)
   Ciudad Trujillo (Santo Domingo): Dudley E. Cyphers (Vice Consul as of 1938) Walter S. Reineck (Consul as of 1938) Linton Crook (Vice Consul as of 1938) Robert Newbegin (Consul as of 1943) Don V. Catlett (Vice Consul as of 1943) Harry Clinton Reed (Vice Consul as of 1943) Theodore S. Orme (Vice Consul as of 1943) Robert Janz (Consul as of 1943) George M. Graves (Consul as of 1943) Andrew B. Wardlow (Vice Consul 1944) Temple Wanamaker, Jr. (Vice Consul 1946-47) Charles R. Burrows (Consul as of 1949) Ellis M. Goodwin (Consul as of 1949)
   La Romana: Clarence I. Mathews (Consular Agent 1914-18) Eugene J. Lieder (Consular Agent as of 1924-43) Harry Gabriel Godley (Consular Agent as of 1949)
   Macoris (San Pedro de Macoris): J. W. Mellor (Consular Agent as of 1884) Edward C. Reed (Consular Agent as of 1897-99)
   Monte Christi: Isaac T. Petit (Consular Agent 1895-1917) Theodore Harris (Consular Agent 1918)
   Puerto Plata: A. Lithgow (Consular Agent 1862-66) Washington Lithgow (Vice Consul 1875-99) Thomas Simpson (Consul as of 1884-1905) William Lithgow (Vice Consul as of 1884) Arthur W. Lithgow (Vice Consul as of 1905) Herbert R. Wright (Consul 1905) William W. Handley (Consul 1905) William H. Gale (Consul 1906-07) Ralph J. Totten (Consul 1908) José Maria Esteva (Vice & Deputy Consul 1909-14) Philip Holland (Consul 1910-11) Charles M. Hathaway, Jr. (Consul 1911-13) Frank Anderson Henry (Consul as of 1914-17) Morris A. Peters (Vice Consul 1915-29) William A. Bickers (Consul 1918-29) Lawrence F. Cotie (Vice Consul as of 1932)
   Samana: Gregorio Rivas (Vice Commercial Agent as of 1884) Federico Lample (Consular Agent 1904-17)
   Sanchez: J. Enrique Leroux (Consular Agent 1908-38)
   San Pedro de Macoris: Rudolf Schumacher (Consular Agent 1910-11) William L. Baucus (Consular Agent as of 1917) Henry Barrett (Consular Agent 1918) Luis David Marin (Consular Agent as of 1924) John William Tatem (Consular Agent 1924-32)
   Santo Domingo: Daniel W. Carney (Commercial Agent 1837-46) Francis Harrison (Commercial Agent 1846-47) Jonathan Elliot (Commercial Agent 1847-60) William W. Richmond (Commercial Agent 1860-61) William G. W. Jaeger (Commercial Agent 1861-65) Paul T. Jones (Commercial Agent 1865-66) Henry C. C. Astwood (Consul as of 1884) John W. Farrand (Vice Consul as of 1884) John S. Durham (Consul 1890-91) Campbell L. Maxwell (Consul 1892-98) John R. Meade (Consul 1893-94) Archibald H. Grimké (Consul 1894-98) Juan A. Read (Vice Consul as of 1897-98) Campbell L. Maxwell (Consul General 1898-1904) Thomas C. Dawson (Consul General 1904-07) Juan A. Read (Vice Consul General as of 1905) Fenton R. McCreery (Consul General 1907-09) Frank Bohr (Vice & Deputy Consul General 1911-13) F. Munroe Endicott (Consul General 1911-12) Charles B. Curtis (Consul General 1912-14) Charles H. Albrecht (Vice Consul 1913-15) William Walker Smith, Jr. (Consul General as of 1914) Carl M. J. von Zielinski (Vice Consul as of 1917) Clement S. Edwards (Consul 1917-19) George A. Makinson (Vice Consul 1919-22) Charles B. Hosmer (Consul as of 1924) Raymond O. Richards (Vice Consul as of 1924) William B. Douglass, Jr. (Vice Consul as of 1926-29) James J. Murphy, Jr. (Consul as of 1926) William B. Lawton (Vice Consul as of 1929) Reed Paige Clark (Consul 1929-30) Hedley V. Cooke, Jr. (Vice Consul as of 1932) Walter S. Reineck (Consul as of 1932) Albion W. Johnson (Vice Consul as of 1932)
   Aguadilla, P.R.: Simeon Rovira (Vice Consul 1905-07) Armando Font, Jr. (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1950)
   Arecibo, P.R.: Angel Sanz y Ambros (Vice Consul 1901-07) Fernando Alemán y Valleé (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1914) Eugenio Lefranc (Honorary Consul as of 1935) Ulpiano Crespo, Jr. (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Baltimore, Md.: William A. Riordan (Vice Consul 1900-26) Julius F. Sandrock (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Boston, Mass.: Cesar Dussault (Honorary Consul as of 1921) Max L. Glazer (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Brooklyn, N.Y.: Arturo Kennedy (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   Buffalo, N.Y.: William Moss (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Charlotte Amalie, V.I.: George Conrad (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Chicago, Ill.: Frederick W. Job (Vice Consul 1900-21) Javier H. Cerecedo (Honorary Consul as of 1935) James T. Case (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935) James T. Case (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Christiansted, V.I.: Luis Golden (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Cleveland, Ohio: Dorothy Kimmel (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Cristobal, Canal Zone: H. J. Henriquez (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935-50)
   Denver, Colo.: René Rodriguez (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Fort Worth, Tex.: Jack Danciger (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Galveston, Tex.: J. A. Torregrosa (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Guánica, P.R.: Enloe L. Lowry (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1926-50)
   Houston, Tex.: T. L. Evans (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Humacao, P.R.: José Janer (Vice Consul 1905-07)
   Jacksonville, Fla.: Herbert B. Moller (Honorary Consul as of 1950) Emilio Carles (Honorary Vice Consul 1950-54)
   Kansas City, Mo.-Kan.: R. W. Lightburne (Vice Consul as of 1921) Victor M. Hinojosa (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Lake Charles, La.: G. P. Hannan (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50)
   Los Angeles, Calif.: Jose S. Saenz y Macho (Honorary Consul as of 1935) Ismael Avilés (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Manila, Philippine Islands: Buenaventura de Erquiaga Palacios (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Mayagüez, P.R.: Enrique A. Rousset (Vice Consul 1904-07) Peregrino Lopez (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Miami, Fla.: A. Perper (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   Mobile, Ala.: T. G. McGonigal (Vice Consul as of 1921-35) John Jones (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   New Orleans, La.: Jacintho Fernandes, Jr. (Honorary Consul as of 1921) Alfredo Blanco (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   New Rochelle, N.Y.: David J. Schweitzer (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Newark, N.J.: Hannibal Viti Mariani (Honorary Consul as of 1935) E. W. Wollmuth (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Newport News, Va.: Harry Keitz (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Orange, N.J.: Walter Seth Kipnis (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Panama Canal Zone: Joshua Jesurum Henriquez (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1926) M. de J. Quijano (Honorary Consul General as of 1935-50) Mauricio Benjamin Fidanque (Honorary Consul as of 1935)
   Philadelphia, Pa.: Thomas B. Wanamaker (Consul for Santo Domingo 1885-94) Thomas B. Wanamaker (Consul 1895-1901) Rodman Wanamaker (Consul as of 1921) Roberto D. Abrahams (Honorary Consul as of 1935-50) John W. Hartzell (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   Ponce, P.R.: Ernesto Moringlane (Consul 1906-07) Felix Matos Bernier (Honorary Consul as of 1935) Carlos M. Petterne Alomar (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   Port Arthur, Tex.: Fernando Pró (Honorary Consul as of 1935) Richard Patrick Flanagan (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Providence, R.I.: Alfred R. Rego (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Rochester, Minn.: Rafael Izquierdo (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   SAINT Thomas, V.I.: Emile A. Berne (Honorary Consul as of 1935) J. Percy Souffront (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935-50)
   San Antonio, Tex.: J. O. Loftin (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   San Francisco, Calif.: John Barneson (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1914) John Barneson (Honorary Consul as of 1921-35) William Fisher (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935)
   San Juan, P.R.: Washington Lithgow (Consul General 1899) Frank J. Richardson (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1935-50) Miguel Such (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Seattle, Wash.: Francis E. Townsend (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1950)
   Tampa, Fla.: Lewis H. Hill, Jr. (Honorary Consul as of 1935) Ernest Santos (Honorary Consul as of 1950)
   Vieques, P.R.: Juan N. Julbe Ponpart (Vice Consul 1905-07)
   Wilmington, N.C.: Andrew J. Howell, Jr. (Vice Consul 1900-07) Thomas F. Wood (Honorary Vice Consul as of 1921)

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