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New Mexico: U.S. Representatives

U.S. Representatives from New Mexico, 1872-2018 (May be incomplete!)

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1872: José Manuel Gallegos, defeated.
  • 1912: Nathan Jaffa, defeated.
  • 1920 Nov 2: Nestor Montoya (Rep), elected; Antonio Lucero (Dem), defeated; A. J. McDonald (Farmer-Labor), defeated.
  • 1922 Nov 7: John Morrow (Dem), elected; Adelina Otero Warren (Rep), defeated.
  • 1923: Nestor Montoya, died in office.
  • 1930: Dennis Chavez, elected.
  • 1940 Nov 5: Clinton P. Anderson (Dem), elected; Herman R. Crile (Rep), defeated.
  • 1942 Nov 3: Clinton P. Anderson (Dem), elected; Antonio M. Fernandez (Dem), elected; William A. Sutherland (Rep), defeated; Reese P. Fullerton (Rep), defeated.
  • 1957: Tom Bolack (Rep), defeated.
  • 1956 Nov 7: Antonio M. Fernandez, died in office.
  • 1958 Mar 11: John J. Dempsey, died in office.
  • 1968: E. S. Johnny Walker (Dem), defeated. Sterling F. Black, defeated for nomination.
  • 1970 Nov 3: Manuel Lujan, Jr. (Rep), elected; Fabian Chavez, Jr. (Dem), defeated.
  • 1974: Robert A. Mondragon, defeated.
  • 1970 Nov 3: Harold Lowell Runnels (Dem), elected; Ed Foreman (Rep), defeated.
  • 1984 Nov 6: Manuel Lujan, Jr. (Rep), elected; Charles Ted Asbury (Dem), defeated; Stephen P. Curtis (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1986 Nov 4: Manuel Lujan, Jr. (Rep), elected; Manny Garcia (Dem), defeated.
  • 1988 Nov 8: Steven Schiff (Rep), elected; Tom Udall (Dem), defeated; Allen M. Parkman (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1980: Joe R. Skeen, elected.
  • 1980 Aug 5: Harold Lowell Runnels, died in office.
  • 1984 Nov 6: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; Peter R. York (Dem), defeated.
  • 1986 Nov 4: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; Michael Runnels (Dem), defeated.
  • 1988 Nov 8: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1982: Robert A. Mondragon (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1984 Nov 6: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; Louis H. Gallegos (Rep), defeated; Shirley Machocky Jones (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1986 Nov 4: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; David F. Cargo (Rep), defeated.
  • 1988 Nov 8: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; Cecilia M. Salazar (Rep), defeated.
  • 1990: James B. Lewis (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1990 Nov 6: Steven Schiff (Rep), elected; Rebecca Vigil-Giron (Dem), defeated.
  • 1992 Nov 3: Steven Schiff (Rep), elected; Robert J. Aragon (Dem), defeated.
  • 1994 Nov 8: Steven Schiff (Rep), elected; Peter L. Zollinger (Dem), defeated.
  • 1996 Nov 5: Steven Schiff (Rep), elected; John V. Wertheim (Dem), defeated; John A. Uhrich (Green), defeated; Betty Turrietta-Koury (Ind), defeated.
  • 1998 Mar 25: Steven Schiff, died in office.
  • 1998 Nov 3: Heather Wilson (Rep), elected; Phillip J. Maloof (Dem), defeated; Robert L. Anderson (Green), defeated.
  • 1990 Nov 6: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected unopposed.
  • 1992 Nov 3: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; Dan Sosa, Jr. (Dem), defeated.
  • 1994 Nov 8: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; Benjamin Anthony Chavez (Dem), defeated; Rex R. Johnson (Green), defeated.
  • 1996 Nov 5: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; E. Shirley Baca (Dem), defeated.
  • 1998 Nov 3: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; E. Shirley Baca (Dem), defeated.
  • 1990 Nov 6: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; Phil T. Archuletta (Rep), defeated.
  • 1992 Nov 3: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; F. Gregg Bemis, Jr. (Rep), defeated; Ed D. Nagel (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1994 Nov 8: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; F. Gregg Bemis, Jr. (Rep), defeated; Ed D. Nagel (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1996 Nov 5: Bill Richardson (Dem), elected; William Thomas Redmond (Rep), defeated; Ed D. Nagel (Libertarian), defeated.
  • 1997 May 13: William Thomas Redmond (Rep), elected; Eric P. Serna (Dem), defeated; Carol A. Miller (Green), defeated; Ed D. Nagel (Libertarian), defeated; Daniel J. Pearlman (Reform), defeated.
  • 1998 Nov 3: Tom Udall (Dem), elected; William Thomas Redmond (Rep), defeated; Carol A. Miller (Green), defeated.
  • 2000 Nov 7: Heather Wilson (Rep), elected; John J. Kelly (Dem), defeated; Daniel Kerlinsky (Green), defeated.
  • 2002 Nov 5: Heather Wilson (Rep), elected; Richard M. Romero (Dem), defeated.
  • 2004 Nov 2: Heather Wilson (Rep), elected; Richard M. Romero (Dem), defeated; Orlin G. Cole (Rep), defeated.
  • 2000 Nov 7: Joe R. Skeen (Rep), elected; Michael A. Montoya (Dem), defeated.
  • 2002 Nov 5: Steve Pearce (Rep), elected; John Arthur Smith (Dem), defeated.
  • 2004 Nov 2: Steve Pearce (Rep), elected; Gary K. King (Dem), defeated.
  • 2000 Nov 7: Tom Udall (Dem), elected; Lisa L. Lutz (Rep), defeated.
  • 2002 Nov 5: Tom Udall (Dem), elected unopposed.
  • 2004 Nov 2: Tom Udall (Dem), elected; Gregory M. Tucker (Rep), defeated.
  • 2018 Dec 31: Michelle Lujan=Grisham, resigned.
  • 2010 Nov 2: Harry Teague (Dem), defeated.
  • "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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