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New Jersey: Governors

Governors of New Jersey, 1776-2022 (May be incomplete!)
William Livingston 1776-90 Elisha Lawrence 1790 William Paterson 1790-93 Thomas Henderson 1793 Richard Howell 1793-1801 Joseph Bloomfield 1801-02 John Lambert 1802-03 Joseph Bloomfield 1803-12 Aaron Ogden 1812-13 William S. Pennington 1813-15 William Kennedy 1815 Mahlon Dickerson 1815-17 Isaac H. Williamson 1817-29 Peter D. Vroom 1829-32 Samuel L. Southard 1832-33 Elias P. Seeley 1833 Peter D. Vroom 1833-36 Philemon Dickerson 1836-37 William Pennington 1837-43 Daniel Haines 1843-45 Charles C. Stratton 1845-48 Daniel Haines 1848-51 George F. Fort 1851-54 Rodman M. Price 1854-57 William A. Newell 1857-60 Charles S. Olden 1860-63 Joel Parker 1863-66 Marcus L. Ward 1866-69 Theodore F. Randolph 1869-72 Joel Parker 1872-75 Joseph D. Bedle 1875-78 George B. McClellan 1878-81 George C. Ludlow 1881-84 Leon Abbett 1884-87 Robert S. Green 1887-90 Leon Abbett 1890-93 George T. Werts 1893-96 John W. Griggs 1896-98 Foster M. Voorhees 1898 David O. Watkins 1898-99 Foster M. Voorhees 1899-1902 Franklin Murphy 1902-05 Edward C. Stokes 1905-08 J. Franklin Fort 1908-11 Woodrow Wilson 1911-13 James F. Fielder 1913 Leon R. Taylor 1913-14 James F. Fielder 1914-17 Walter E. Edge 1917-19 William N. Runyon 1919-20 Clarence E. Case 1920 Edward I. Edwards 1920-23 George S. Silzer 1923-26 A. Harry Moore 1926-29 Morgan F. Larson 1929-32 A. Harry Moore 1932-35 Clifford R. Powell 1935 Horace G. Prall 1935 Harold G. Hoffman 1935-38 A. Harry Moore 1938-41 Charles Edison 1941-44 Walter E. Edge 1944-47 Alfred E. Driscoll 1947-54 Robert B. Meyner 1954-62 Richard J. Hughes 1962-70 William T. Cahill 1970-74 Brendan T. Byrne 1974-82 Thomas H. Kean 1982-90 James J. Florio 1990-94 Christine Todd Whitman 1994-2001 Donald T. DiFrancesco 2001-02 John Farmer, Jr. 2002 John O. Bennett 2002 Richard J. Codey 2002 Jim McGreevey 2002-04 Richard J. Codey 2004-06 Jon Corzine 2006-10 Chris Christie 2010-18 Phil Murphy 2018-

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1790 Jul 25: William Livingston, died in office.
  • 1847: William Wright, defeated.
  • 1865: Theodore Runyon (Dem), defeated.
  • 1868: John I. Blair (Rep), defeated.
  • 1874: George A. Halsey (Rep), defeated.
  • 1877: William A. Newell, defeated.
  • 1886: Benjamin Franklin Howey (Rep), defeated.
  • 1889: E. Burd Grubb (Rep), defeated.
  • 1892: John Kean, defeated.
  • 1895: Alexander T. McGill (Dem), defeated.
  • 1895 Nov 5: John W. Griggs (Rep), elected.
  • 1898: Elvin Williamson Crane (Dem), defeated; Matthew Maguire (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1901: James M. Seymour (Dem), defeated.
  • 1907: Frank S. Katzenbach, Jr. (Dem), defeated.
  • 1913 Nov 4: James F. Fielder (Dem), elected; Edward C. Stokes (Rep), defeated; Everett Colby (Progressive), defeated; James M. Reilly (Socialist), defeated; James G. Mason (Prohibition), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; Daniel F. Dwyer (Ind), defeated.
  • 1916 Sep 26: Walter E. Edge (Rep), nominated.
  • 1916 Nov 7: Walter E. Edge (Rep), elected; H. Otto Wittpen (Dem), defeated; Frederick Krafft (Socialist), defeated; Harry Vaughan (Prohibition), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1919: William N. Runyon (Rep), defeated in primary; Thomas L. Raymond (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1919 May 16: Walter E. Edge, resigned.
  • 1919 Nov 4: Edward I. Edwards (Dem), elected; Newton A. K. Bugbee (Rep), defeated; Albert Farr (Socialist), defeated; Charles E. Lane (Prohibition), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; Markly Denterfass (Single Tax), defeated.
  • 1922 Nov 7: George S. Silzer (Dem), elected; William N. Runyon (Rep), defeated; George H. Goebel (Socialist), defeated; Martin McDonald (Workers), defeated; Frank Sanders (Socialist Labor), defeated; Edward N. Caffal (Single Tax), defeated.
  • 1925 Nov 3: A. Harry Moore (Dem), elected; Arthur Whitney (Rep), defeated; Leo Harkins (Socialist), defeated; Eugene A. Smith (Prohibition), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; George Pearlman (Workers), defeated; Joseph Ferguson (Commonwealth Land), defeated.
  • 1928 May 15: William L. Dill (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1928 May 15: Morgan F. Larson (Rep), nominated; Robert Carey (Rep), defeated in primary; J. Henry Harrison (Rep), defeated in primary; Cornelius Doremus (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1928 Nov 6: Morgan F. Larson (Rep), elected; William L. Dill (Dem), defeated; Eugene A. Smith (Prohibition), defeated; William K. Tallman (Socialist), defeated; Scott Nearing (Workers), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1931 May 19: A. Harry Moore (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1931 May 19: David Baird, Jr. (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1931 Nov 3: A. Harry Moore (Dem), elected; David Baird, Jr. (Rep), defeated; Edmund R. Halsey (Ind), defeated; Owen M. Bruner (Prohibition), defeated; Herman F. Niessner (Socialist), defeated; John J. Ballam (Communist), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; John A. Kelly (Taxpayers Economy), defeated.
  • 1934 May 15: William L. Dill (Dem), nominated; Theron McCampbell (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1934 May 15: Harold G. Hoffman (Rep), nominated; Robert Carey (Rep), defeated in primary; Joseph G. Wolber (Rep), defeated in primary; Emerson L. Richards (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1934 Nov 6: Harold G. Hoffman (Rep), elected; William L. Dill (Dem), defeated; Herman F. Niessner (Socialist), defeated; Morris Moe Brown (Communist), defeated; Leslie E. Molineux (Prohibition), defeated; George E. Bopp (Socialist Labor), defeated; Charles H. Ingersoll (Plenty for Everybody), defeated; Cornell Joel Grossman (Tax Reduction), defeated.
  • 1937 Sep 21: A. Harry Moore (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1937 Sep 21: Lester H. Clee (Rep), nominated; Clifford R. Powell (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1937 Nov 2: A. Harry Moore (Dem), elected; Lester H. Clee (Rep), defeated; James F. Murray (Roosevelt, Labor, Anti-Hague), defeated; Eugene A. Smith (Prohibition), defeated; Henry Jager (Socialist), defeated; Frank Chandler (Communist), defeated; John T. Kurzawski (Ind), defeated; Dinshah P. Ghadiali, defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1940 May 21: Charles Edison (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1940 May 21: Robert C. Hendrickson (Rep), nominated; Harold G. Hoffman (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1940 Nov 5: Charles Edison (Dem), elected; Robert C. Hendrickson (Rep), defeated; Marion Douglas (Socialist), defeated; Manuel Cantor (Communist), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; Elmo L. Bateman (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1943 Sep 21: Vincent J. Murphy (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1943 Sep 21: Walter E. Edge (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1943 Nov 2: Walter E. Edge (Rep), elected; Vincent J. Murphy (Dem), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; John Binns (Prohibition), defeated; Roy V. H. Wilkinson (Socialist), defeated.
  • 1946 Jun 4: Lewis G. Hansen (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1946 Jun 4: Alfred E. Driscoll (Rep), nominated; Harold G. Hoffman (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1946 Nov 5: Alfred E. Driscoll (Rep), elected; Lewis G. Hansen (Dem), defeated; Alan Kohlman (Socialist Workers), defeated; Lawrence Mahan (Communist), defeated; Rubye Smith (Socialist), defeated; Robert Lee Gittings (Anti-Medical Trust), defeated; George E. Bopp (Socialist Labor), defeated; John Binns (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1949 Apr 19: Elmer H. Wene (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1949 Apr 19: Alfred E. Driscoll (Rep), nominated; Robert L. Adams (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1949 Nov 8: Alfred E. Driscoll (Rep), elected; Elmer H. Wene (Dem), defeated; James Imbrie (Progressive), defeated; John C. Butterworth (Socialist Labor), defeated; Edson R. Leach (Prohibition), defeated.
  • 1953 Apr 21: Robert B. Meyner (Dem), nominated; Elmer H. Wene (Dem), defeated in primary; Alexander F. Ormsby (Dem), defeated in primary; John J. Winberry (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1953 Apr 21: Paul L. Troast (Rep), nominated; Malcolm S. Forbes (Rep), defeated in primary; Kenneth C. Hand (Rep), defeated in primary; Alvin W. Van Schoick (Rep), defeated in primary; Frederick F. Richardson (Rep), defeated in primary; Paul E. Shepard (Rep), defeated in primary; Charles Richard Klein (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1953 Nov 3: Robert B. Meyner (Dem), elected; Paul L. Troast (Rep), defeated; Clendenin Ryan (Independent Voters), defeated; Henry B. Krajewski (Jersey Veterans Bonus), defeated; Albert Ronis (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1957 Apr 16: Robert B. Meyner (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1957 Apr 16: Malcolm S. Forbes (Rep), nominated; Wayne Dumont, Jr. (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1957 Nov 5: Robert B. Meyner (Dem), elected; Malcolm S. Forbes (Rep), defeated; Albert Ronis (Socialist Labor), defeated; Henry B. Krajewski (American Third Party), defeated; Winfred O. Perry (Conservative), defeated; Anthony D. Scipio (All-American), defeated.
  • 1961 Apr 18: Richard J. Hughes (Dem), nominated; Weldon R. Sheets (Dem), defeated in primary; Eugene E. Demarest (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1961 Apr 18: James P. Mitchell (Rep), nominated; Walter H. Jones (Rep), defeated in primary; Wayne Dumont, Jr. (Rep), defeated in primary; Louis Berns (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1961 Nov 7: Richard J. Hughes (Dem), elected; James P. Mitchell (Rep), defeated; Reinhardt V. Metzger (Conservative), defeated; Henry B. Krajewski (Veterans Bonus Now), defeated; Edward James Lueddeke (Prosperity With Liberty), defeated; G. George Addonizio (Ind), defeated; Albert Ronis (Socialist Labor), defeated; Daniel A. Petrino (State Soldiers Bonus), defeated; Ruth F. Shiminsky (Socialist Workers), defeated.
  • 1965 Jun 1: Richard J. Hughes (Dem), nominated; William J. Clark (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1965 Jun 1: Wayne Dumont, Jr. (Rep), nominated; Charles W. Sandman, Jr. (Rep), defeated in primary; Harold P. Poeschel (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1965 Nov 2: Richard J. Hughes (Dem), elected; Wayne Dumont, Jr. (Rep), defeated; Robert L. Schlacter (Conservative), defeated; Christopher Columbus Vespucci, Sr. (Veterans Choice), defeated; Julius Levin (Socialist Labor), defeated; Ruth F. Shiminsky (Socialist Workers), defeated.
  • 1969 Jun 3: Robert B. Meyner (Dem), nominated; William F. Kelly, Jr. (Dem), defeated in primary; Henry Helstoski (Dem), defeated in primary; D. Louis Tonti (Dem), defeated in primary; Ned J. Parsekian (Dem), defeated in primary; John L. Hennessey (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1969 Jun 3: William T. Cahill (Rep), nominated; Charles W. Sandman, Jr. (Rep), defeated in primary; Harry L. Sears (Rep), defeated in primary; Frank X. McDermott (Rep), defeated in primary; William E. Ozzard (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1969 Nov 4: William T. Cahill (Rep), elected; Robert B. Meyner (Dem), defeated; James E. Johnson (Independent Party), defeated; Jack D. Alvino (Ind), defeated; Winfred O. Perry (Conservative), defeated; Louis Vander Plate (Ind), defeated; Julius Levin (Socialist Labor), defeated.
  • 1973 Jun 5: Brendan T. Byrne (Dem), nominated; Ann Klein (Dem), defeated in primary; Ralph C. DeRose (Dem), defeated in primary; Francis A. Forst (Dem), defeated in primary; Vito A. Albanese (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1973 Jun 5: Charles W. Sandman, Jr. (Rep), nominated; William T. Cahill (Rep), defeated in primary; Michael A. Maglio (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1973 Nov 6: Brendan T. Byrne (Dem), elected; Charles W. Sandman, Jr. (Rep), defeated; A. Howard Freund (American), defeated; Alfred V. Colabella, Jr. (Ind), defeated; Robert Clement (Socialist Labor), defeated; John A. Goodson (Libertarian), defeated; James J. Terlizzi (Taxpayers' Watchdog), defeated; Stanley R. Knis (Tax Repeal), defeated; Kenneth E. Newcomb (Communist), defeated; Angelo S. Massaro (Populus), defeated; Jack D. Alvino (Ind), defeated; George Gilk (Defeat Narcotics Crime), defeated.
  • 1977 Jun 7: Brendan T. Byrne (Dem), nominated; Robert A. Roe (Dem), defeated in primary; Ralph C. DeRose (Dem), defeated in primary; James J. Florio (Dem), defeated in primary; Joseph A. Hoffman (Dem), defeated in primary; Raymond Garramone (Dem), defeated in primary; A. Howard Freund (Dem), defeated in primary; Paul T. Jordan (Dem), defeated in primary; Emery J. Zold (Dem), defeated in primary; George Koukos (Dem), defeated in primary; Melvin M. Whaley (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1977 Jun 7: Raymond H. Bateman (Rep), nominated; Thomas H. Kean (Rep), defeated in primary; C. Robert Sarcone (Rep), defeated in primary; William A. Angus, Jr. (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1977 Nov 8: Brendan T. Byrne (Dem), elected; Raymond H. Bateman (Rep), defeated; Francis W. Flowers (Declare Your Independence), defeated; Chester Grabowski (Independents for All), defeated; Frank J. Primich (Libertarian), defeated; Chauncey E. McSpiritt (Cheap, Chauncey, Upstart), defeated; Paul B. Rizzo (Ind), defeated; Richard D. McAleer (Anti-Income Tax), defeated; John F. Donato (Axe The Tax), defeated; Angelo S. Massaro (Populus), defeated; William Zsidisin (One For All), defeated; Julius Levin (Socialist Labor), defeated; Jasper C. Gould (Ind), defeated; Leif Johnson (Labor), defeated; Robert A. Ganteaume (Grass Roots), defeated; William Gahres (Right To Die), defeated.
  • 1981 Jun 2: James J. Florio (Dem), nominated; Robert A. Roe (Dem), defeated in primary; Kenneth A. Gibson (Dem), defeated in primary; Joseph P. Merlino (Dem), defeated in primary; John J. Degnan (Dem), defeated in primary; Thomas F. X. Smith (Dem), defeated in primary; Frank J. Dodd (Dem), defeated in primary; William J. Hamilton, Jr. (Dem), defeated in primary; Barbara McConnell (Dem), defeated in primary; Ann Klein (Dem), defeated in primary; Herbert J. Buehler (Dem), defeated in primary; Stella E. Mann (Dem), defeated in primary; Rose Z. Monyek (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1981 Jun 2: Thomas H. Kean (Rep), nominated; Lawrence F. Kramer (Rep), defeated in primary; Joseph A. Sullivan (Rep), defeated in primary; James H. Wallwork (Rep), defeated in primary; Barry T. Parker (Rep), defeated in primary; Anthony Imperiale (Rep), defeated in primary; John K. Rafferty (Rep), defeated in primary; Richard B. McGlynn (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1981 Nov 3: Thomas H. Kean (Rep), elected; James J. Florio (Dem), defeated; William Gahres (Down With Lawyers), defeated; Chester Grabowski (Suffering Majority), defeated; Jack Moyers (Libertarian), defeated; Paul B. Rizzo (Independent, Honest, Available), defeated; Harry J. Gaynor (Leadership By Example), defeated; James A. Kolyer (Middle Class), defeated; Julius Levin (Socialist Labor), defeated; Charles C. Stone, Jr. (Federalist), defeated; James Harris, Jr. (Socialist Workers), defeated; Ernest C. Pellerino (Law and Order), defeated; Jasper C. Gould (Contempt of Court), defeated.
  • 1985 Jun 4: Peter Shapiro (Dem), nominated; John F. Russo (Dem), defeated in primary; Kenneth A. Gibson (Dem), defeated in primary; Stephen B. Wiley (Dem), defeated in primary; Robert J. Del Tufo (Dem), defeated in primary; Elliot Greenspan (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1985 Jun 4: Thomas H. Kean (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1985 Nov 5: Thomas H. Kean (Rep), elected; Peter Shapiro (Dem), defeated; Roger Headrick (True Light), defeated; Virginia A. Flynn (Libertarian), defeated; Mark Satinoff (Socialist Workers), defeated; Julius Levin (Socialist Labor), defeated; George M. Fishman (Communist), defeated.
  • 1989 Jun 6: James J. Florio (Dem), nominated; Barbara B. Sigmund (Dem), defeated in primary; Alan J. Karcher (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1989 Jun 6: James A. Courter (Rep), nominated; Cary Edwards (Rep), defeated in primary; Chuck Hardwick (Rep), defeated in primary; William L. Gormley (Rep), defeated in primary; Gerald Cardinale (Rep), defeated in primary; Tom Blomquist (Rep), defeated in primary; Lois G. Rand (Rep), defeated in primary; James A. Kolyer (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1989 Nov 7: James J. Florio (Dem), elected; James A. Courter (Rep), defeated; Daniel M. Karlan (Libertarian), defeated; Michael Ziruolo (Better Affordable Government), defeated; Tom Fuscaldo (One Eye On), defeated; Catherine Renee Sedwick (Socialist Workers), defeated.
  • 1993 Jun 8: James J. Florio (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 1993 Jun 8: Christine Todd Whitman (Rep), nominated; Cary Edwards (Rep), defeated in primary; James H. Wallwork (Rep), defeated in primary; Charles P. Hoffman (Rep), defeated in primary; J. Patrick Gilligan (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 1993 Nov 2: Christine Todd Whitman (Rep), elected; James J. Florio (Dem), defeated; Pat Daly (Ind), defeated; Kenneth R. Kaplan (Ind), defeated; Tom Blomquist (Ind), defeated; Joseph Marion (Ind), defeated; Richard J. Lynch (Ind), defeated; Alene S. Ammond (Ind), defeated; Tim Feeney (Ind), defeated; Michael R. Scully (Ind), defeated; Pete DiLauro (Ind), defeated; Marilyn Arons (Ind), defeated; John L. Kucek (Ind), defeated; Tom Fuscaldo (Ind), defeated; Michael Ziruolo (Ind), defeated; Andrew J. Zemel (Ind), defeated; Andrea Lippi (Ind), defeated; Mark J. Rahn (Ind), defeated.
  • 1997 Jun 3: Jim McGreevey (Dem), nominated; Robert E. Andrews (Dem), defeated in primary; W. Michael Murphy (Dem), defeated in primary; Frank C. Marmo (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 1997 Jun 3: Christine Todd Whitman (Rep), nominated unopposed.
  • 1997 Nov 4: Christine Todd Whitman (Rep), elected; Jim McGreevey (Dem), defeated; Murray Sabrin (Libertarian), defeated; Richard J. Pezzullo (N.J. Conservative), defeated; Madelyn R. Hoffman (Green), defeated; Michael Perrone, Jr. (Independent Progressive), defeated; Robert B. Miller (Socialist Workers), defeated; Gregory Pason (Socialist), defeated; Lincoln A. Norton (Natural Law), defeated; Nuncie A. Ripa, Jr. (Ind), defeated.
  • 2001 Jan 31: Christine Todd Whitman, resigned.
  • 2001 Jun 26: Jim McGreevey (Dem), nominated; Elliot Greenspan (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2001 Jun 26: Bret Schundler (Rep), nominated; Bob Franks (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2001 Nov 6: Jim McGreevey (Dem), elected; Bret Schundler (Rep), defeated; William E. Schluter (Ind), defeated; Jerry L. Coleman (Green), defeated; Mark Edgerton (Libertarian), defeated; George Watson, Jr. (Free New Jersey), defeated; Michael W. Koontz (Conservative), defeated; Costantino Rozzo (Socialist), defeated; Kari Sachs (Socialist Workers), defeated.
  • 2004 Jan 15: Jim McGreevey, resigned.
  • 2005 Jun 7: Jon Corzine (Dem), nominated; James D. Kelly, Jr. (Dem), defeated in primary; Francis X. Tenaglio (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2005 Jun 7: Douglas R. Forrester (Rep), nominated; Bret Schundler (Rep), defeated in primary; John J. Murphy (Rep), defeated in primary; Steve Lonegan (Rep), defeated in primary; Robert G. Schroeder (Rep), defeated in primary; Paul DiGaetano (Rep), defeated in primary; Tod Caliguire (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2005 Nov 8: Jon Corzine (Dem), elected; Douglas R. Forrester (Rep), defeated; Hector L. Castillo (Education Not Corruption), defeated; Jeffrey Pawlowski (Libertarian), defeated; Matthew J. Thieke (Green), defeated; Edward Forchion (Legalize Marijuana), defeated; Michael Latigona (One New Jersey), defeated; Wesley K. Bell, defeated; Angela Lariscy (Socialist Workers), defeated; Costantino Rozzo (Socialist), defeated.
  • 2009 Jun 2: Jon Corzine (Dem), nominated; Carl A. Bergmanson (Dem), defeated in primary; Jeff Boss (Dem), defeated in primary; Roger Bacon (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2009 Jun 2: Chris Christie (Rep), nominated; Steve Lonegan (Rep), defeated in primary; Richard A. Merkt (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2009 Nov 3: Chris Christie (Rep), elected; Jon Corzine (Dem), defeated; Christopher J. Daggett, defeated; Kenneth R. Kaplan, defeated; Gary T. Steele, defeated; Jason Cullen, defeated; David R. Meiswinkle, defeated; Kostas Petris, defeated; Gregory Pason, defeated; Gary Stein, defeated; Joshua Leinsdorf, defeated; Alvin Lindsay, Jr., defeated.
  • 2013 Jun 4: Barbara Buono (Dem), nominated; Troy Webster (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2013 Jun 4: Chris Christie (Rep), nominated; Seth Grossman (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2013 Nov 5: Chris Christie (Rep), elected; Barbara Buono (Dem), defeated; Kenneth R. Kaplan (Libertarian), defeated; Steven Welzer (Green), defeated; Diane W. Sare (Glass-Steagall Now), defeated; William Araujo (Peace and Freedom), defeated; Hank Schroeder (Economic Growth), defeated; Jeff Boss (NSA Did 9/11), defeated.
  • 2017 Jun 6: Phil Murphy (Dem), nominated; James Edward Johnson (Dem), defeated in primary; John S. Wisniewski (Dem), defeated in primary; Raymond J. Lesniak (Dem), defeated in primary; William Brennan (Dem), defeated in primary; Mark Zinna (Dem), defeated in primary.
  • 2017 Jun 6: Kimberly M. Guadagno (Rep), nominated; Jack M. Ciattarelli (Rep), defeated in primary; Hirsh V. Singh (Rep), defeated in primary; Joe Rudy Rullo (Rep), defeated in primary; Steven Rogers (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2017 Nov 7: Phil Murphy (Dem), elected; Kimberly M. Guadagno (Rep), defeated; Gina Genovese (Ind), defeated; Peter J. Rohrman (Libertarian), defeated; Seth Kaper-Dale (Green), defeated; Matthew Riccardi (Constitution), defeated; Vincent Ross (Ind), defeated.
  • 2021 Jun 8: Phil Murphy (Dem), nominated unopposed.
  • 2021 Jun 8: Jack M. Ciattarelli (Rep), nominated; Philip Rizzo (Rep), defeated in primary; Hirsh V. Singh (Rep), defeated in primary; Brian D. Levine (Rep), defeated in primary.
  • 2021 Nov 3: Phil Murphy (Dem), elected; Jack M. Ciattarelli (Rep), defeated; Madelyn R. Hoffman (Green), defeated; Gregg Mele (Libertarian), defeated; Joanne S. Kuniansky (Socialist Workers), defeated.
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