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Florida: State Supreme Court

Justices of the Florida State Supreme Court, 1846-1997 (May be incomplete!)
Thomas Baltzell 1846-50 Thomas Douglas 1846-50 George S. Hawkins 1846-50 George W. McRae 1847 Joseph B. Lancaster 1848-50 Walker Anderson 1851-53 Albert G. Semmes 1851-53 Leslie A. Thompson 1851-53 Benjamin D. Wright 1853 Thomas Baltzell 1854-60 Thomas Douglas 1854-55 Charles H. DuPont 1854-68 Bird M. Pearson 1856-59 William A. Forward 1860-65 David S. Walker 1860-65 James McNair Baker 1865-68 Augustus E. Maxwell 1865-66 Samuel J. Douglas 1866-68 Ossian B. Hart 1868-73 Edwin M. Randall 1868-85 James D. Westcott 1868-85 Franklin D. Fraser 1873-74 Robert B. Van Valkenburgh 1874-88 George G. McWhorter 1885-87 George P. Raney 1885-94 Augustus E. Maxwell 1887-91 Henry L. Mitchell 1888-90 R. Fenwick Taylor 1891-1925 Milton H. Mabry 1891-1903 Benjamin S. Liddon 1894-97 Francis B. Carter 1897-1905 Robert S. Cockrell 1902-17 Evelyn C. Maxwell 1902-04 Thomas M. Shackleford 1902-17 William A. Hocker 1903-15 James B. Whitfield 1904-43 Charles B. Parkhill 1905-11 William H. Ellis 1915-38 Jefferson B. Browne 1917-25 Thomas F. West 1917-25 William Glenn Terrell 1923-64 Armstead Brown 1925-46 Louie W. Strum 1925-31 Rivers H. Buford 1925-48 Fred H. Davis 1931-37 Roy H. Chapman 1937-52 Elwyn Thomas 1938-69 Alto Adams 1940-51 Harold L. Sebring 1943-55 Paul D. Barns 1946-49 T. Frank Hobson 1948-62 B. K. Roberts 1949-76 John E. Mathews 1951-55 E. Harris Drew 1952-71 Stephen C. O'Connell 1955-67 B. Campbell Thornal 1955-70 Millard F. Caldwell, Jr. 1962-69 Richard W. Ervin 1964-75 Alto Adams 1967-68 Wade L. Hopping 1968-69 James C. Adkins, Jr. 1969-87 Joseph A. Boyd, Jr. 1969-87 Vassar B. Carlton 1969-74 David L. McCain 1970-75 Hal P. Dekle 1971-75 Ben F. Overton 1974- Arthur J. England, Jr. 1975-81 Joseph W. Hatchett 1975-79 Alan C. Sundberg 1975-82 Frederick B. Karl 1977-78 James E. Alderman 1978-85 Parker Lee McDonald 1979-94 Raymond Ehrlich 1981-91 Leander J. Shaw, Jr. 1983- Rosemary Barkett 1985-94 Stephen H. Grimes 1987- Gerald Kogan 1987- Major B. Harding 1991- Harry Lee Anstead 1994- Charles T. Wells 1994-

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1888: Charles Swayne (Rep), defeated.
  • 1888 Aug 1: Robert B. Van Valkenburgh, died in office.
  • 1890 Dec 31: Henry L. Mitchell, resigned.
  • 1891 Jan 1: R. Fenwick Taylor, appointed.
  • 1894 May 31: George P. Raney, resigned.
  • 1894 Jun 1: Benjamin S. Liddon, appointed.
  • 1897 Jan 6: Benjamin S. Liddon, resigned.
  • 1897 Jan 11: Francis B. Carter, appointed.
  • 1904 Feb 15: Evelyn C. Maxwell, resigned; James B. Whitfield, appointed.
  • 1905 May 25: Francis B. Carter, resigned; Charles B. Parkhill, appointed.
  • 1924: William M. Gober (Rep), defeated.
  • 1925 Dec 4: Rivers H. Buford, appointed.
  • 1955: Stephen C. O'Connell, appointed.
  • "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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