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Mayors and Postmasters of Flint, Michigan

Mayors of Flint, 1855-2005 (may be incomplete!)
Grant Decker 1855-56 Robert J. S. Page 1856-57 Henry M. Henderson 1857-58 William M. Fenton 1858-59 Porter Hazelton 1859-60 Henry H. Crapo 1860-61 Ephraim S. Williams 1861-62 William Paterson 1862-63 William Hamilton 1863-65 William B. McCreery 1865-67 Austin B. Witherbee 1867-68 William S. Patrick 1869-70 James B. Walker 1870-71 David S. Fox 1871-73 George H. Durand 1873-75 Alexander McFarlan 1875-76 William Hamilton 1876-77 Edward H. Thompson 1877-78 Jerome Eddy 1878-79 James C. Willson 1879-80 Zacheus Chase 1880-81 Charles A. Mason 1881-82 William A. Atwood 1882-83 George E. Newall 1883-84 William W. Joyner 1884-85 Mathew Davison 1885-86 George T. Warren 1886-87 John C. Dayton 1887-88 Oren Stone 1888-89 Frank D. Baker 1889-90 William A. Paterson 1890-91 Francis H. Rankin, Jr. 1891-92 George E. Taylor 1892-93 Andrew J. Ward 1893-94 Arthur C. McCall 1894-95 John C. Zimmerman, Sr. 1895-96 Samuel C. Randall 1896-97 Milton C. Pettibone 1897-98 George R. Gold 1898-99 H. Alexander Crawford 1899-1900 Charles A. Comings 1900-01 Clark B. Dibble 1901-02 Austin D. Alvord 1902-04 Bruce J. McDonald 1904-05 David D. Aitken 1905-06 George E. McKinley 1906-08 Horace C. Spencer 1908-09 Guy W. Selby 1909-11 John A. C. Menton 1911-12 Charles S. Mott 1912-14 John R. MacDonald 1914-15 William H. McKeighan 1915-16 Earl F. Johnson 1916-17 George C. Kellar 1917-18 Charles S. Mott 1918-19 George C. Kellar 1919-20 Edwin W. Atwood 1920-22 William H. McKeighan 1922-23 David R. Cuthbertson 1923-24 Judson L. Transue 1924-27 William H. McKeighan 1927-28 Ray A. Brownell 1929-30 Harvey J. Mallery 1930-31 William H. McKeighan 1931-33 Ray A. Brownell 1933-34 Howard J. Clifford 1934-35 George E. Boysen 1935-36 Harold E. Bradshaw 1936-38 Harry M. Comins 1938-40 Oliver Tappin 1940 William O. Kelly 1940-44 Edwin C. McLogan 1944-46 Edward J. Viall 1946-48 George G. Wills 1948-50 Paul Lovegrove 1950-52 Donald W. Riegle 1952-54 George M. Algoe 1954-58 Robert J. Egan 1958-60 Charles A. Mobley 1960-62 George R. Poulos 1962-64 Harry K. Cull 1964-66 Floyd J. McCree 1966-68 Donald R. Cronin 1968-70 Francis E. Limmer 1970-73 Paul C. Visser 1973-75 James W. Rutherford 1975-83 James A. Sharp, Jr. 1983-87 Matthew S. Collier 1987-91 Woodrow Stanley 1991- Don Williamson as of 2005

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1880 Apr 5: Zacheus Chase (Rep), elected.
  • 1900 Apr 2: Charles A. Comings (Dem), elected.
  • 1902 Apr 7: Austin D. Alvord (Dem), elected.
  • 1904 Apr 4: Bruce J. McDonald (Rep), elected.
  • 1908 Apr 6: Horace C. Spencer (Rep), elected; George E. McKinley (Dem), defeated.
  • 1909 Apr 5: Guy W. Selby (Rep), elected.
  • 1910 Apr 4: Guy W. Selby (Rep), elected; Austin D. Alvord (Dem), defeated.
  • 1911 Apr 3: John A. C. Menton (Socialist), elected; Edwin W. Atwood (Rep), defeated; William Wildanger (Dem), defeated.
  • 1912 Apr 1: Charles S. Mott (Ind), elected; John A. C. Menton (Socialist), defeated.
  • 1914 Apr 6: Charles S. Mott, defeated; John R. MacDonald (Progressive), elected.
  • 1921 Apr 4: Edwin W. Atwood, elected unopposed.
  • 1922 Apr 3: William H. McKeighan (Rep), elected; Marvin C. Barney (Citizens), defeated.
  • 1923 Apr 2: David R. Cuthbertson (Dem), elected; William H. McKeighan (Rep), defeated.
  • 1991 Aug 6: Dan Kildee, defeated in primary.

    Postmasters at Flint, 1871-1993 (may be incomplete!)
    William Tracy as of 1871-73 Francis H. Rankin as of 1881-83 William W. Joyner as of 1887 George E. Newall as of 1891 James A. Button as of 1901-03 Fred P. Baker as of 1911 William O. Kelly 1949-51 William O. Kelly 1951-56 Virgil F. Worthington 1956 Charles H. Pratt 1956-61 William H. Schwartz 1961-63 William H. Schwartz 1963-93

  • "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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