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Detroit, Michigan
including Delray, St. Clair Heights, Woodmere, Greenfield Township
Mayors, Postmasters, Village Presidents, Township Supervisors

Mayors of Detroit, 1824-2021 (may be incomplete!)
John R. Williams 1824-25 Henry J. Hunt 1826 Jonathan Kearsley 1826 John Biddle 1827-28 Jonathan Kearsley 1829 John R. Williams 1829-30 Marshall Chapin 1831 Levi Cook 1832 Marshall Chapin 1833 Charles Christopher Trowbridge 1834 Andrew Mack 1834 Levi Cook 1835-36 Henry Howard 1837 Augustus S. Porter 1838-39 De Garmo Jones 1839-40 Zina Pitcher 1840-41 Douglass Houghton 1842 Zina Pitcher 1843 John R. Williams 1844-46 James Van Dyke 1847 Frederick Buhl 1848 Charles D. Howard 1849-50 John Ladue 1850-51 Zachariah Chandler 1851-52 John H. Harmon 1852-54 Oliver M. Hyde 1854-55 Henry Ledyard 1855-56 Oliver M. Hyde 1856-57 John Patton 1858-59 Christian H. Buhl 1860-61 William C. Duncan 1862-63 Kirkland C. Barker 1864-65 Merrill I. Mills 1866-67 William W. Wheaton 1868-71 Hugh Moffat 1872-75 Alexander Lewis 1876-77 George C. Langdon 1878-79 William G. Thompson 1880-83 Stephen B. Grummond 1884-85 Marvin H. Chamberlain 1886-87 John Pridgeon, Jr. 1888-89 Hazen S. Pingree 1890-97 William Richert 1897 William C. Maybury 1897-1904 George P. Codd 1905-06 William B. Thompson 1907-08 Philip Breitmeyer 1909-10 William B. Thompson 1911-12 Oscar B. Marx 1913-18 James Couzens 1919-22 John C. Lodge 1922-23 Frank E. Doremus 1923-24 Joseph A. Martin 1924 John C. Lodge 1924 John Smith 1924-28 John C. Lodge 1928-30 Charles E. Bowles 1930 Frank Murphy 1930-33 Frank Couzens 1933 John Smith 1933-34 Frank Couzens 1934-38 Richard W. Reading 1938-40 Edward J. Jeffries, Jr. 1940-48 Eugene I. Van Antwerp 1948-50 Albert E. Cobo 1950-57 Louis C. Miriani 1957-62 Jerome P. Cavanagh 1962-70 Roman S. Gribbs 1970-73 Coleman A. Young 1974-94 Dennis W. Archer 1994-2001 Kwame M. Kilpatrick 2002-08 Ken Cockrel, Jr. 2008-09 David Bing 2009-13 Mike Duggan 2014-

Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1826 Sep 15: Henry J. Hunt, died in office.
  • 1889: Hazen S. Pingree, elected.
  • 1912: Oscar B. Marx, elected.
  • 1918: James Couzens, elected.
  • 1921: Daniel W. Smith, defeated; James Couzens, elected.
  • 1923 Apr 2: Frank E. Doremus, elected; James W. Inches, defeated.
  • 1924 Jun 10: Frank E. Doremus, resigned.
  • 1935 Nov 5: Frank Couzens, elected; Joseph Shemansky, defeated.
  • 1937: Clarence J. McLeod, defeated.
  • 1937 Nov 2: Richard W. Reading, elected; Patrick H. O'Brien, defeated.
  • 1939 Oct 10: Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., nominated; Richard W. Reading, nominated.
  • 1939 Nov 7: Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., elected; Richard W. Reading, defeated.
  • 1943 Nov 2: Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., elected; Frank FitzGerald, defeated.
  • 1945 Aug 7: Richard T. Frankensteen, nominated.
  • 1945 Nov 6: Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., elected; Richard T. Frankensteen, defeated.
  • 1947: Eugene I. Van Antwerp, elected.
  • 1949 Sep 13: Albert E. Cobo, nominated; George Edwards, nominated; Eugene I. Van Antwerp, defeated in primary; Richard T. Frankensteen, defeated in primary; Mort Furay, defeated in primary; Luke Tiller, defeated in primary; Allan F. Giddey, defeated in primary; Charles Dollar, defeated in primary; Harold Warren, defeated in primary; Melvin H. Frahm, defeated in primary; Victor H. Look, defeated in primary.
  • 1949 Nov 8: Albert E. Cobo, elected; George Edwards, defeated.
  • 1953: Frank Lovell, defeated; James H. Lincoln, defeated.
  • 1957: Sarah Lovell, defeated.
  • 1957 Sep 12: Albert E. Cobo, died in office.
  • 1969: Mary V. Beck, defeated in primary.
  • 1969: Richard H. Austin, defeated.
  • 1973: Coleman A. Young, elected.
  • 1985: Helen Halyard, defeated in primary; Tom Barrow, defeated in primary.
  • 1989: Helen Halyard, defeated in primary.
  • 1989: John Conyers, Jr., defeated; Tom Barrow, defeated.
  • 1993: Sharon McPhail, nominated.
  • 1993: Sharon McPhail, defeated.
  • 2001: Nicholas Hood III, defeated in primary.
  • 2001 Nov 6: Kwame M. Kilpatrick, elected; Gil Hill, defeated.
  • 2005 Aug 2: Freman Hendrix, nominated; Kwame M. Kilpatrick, nominated; Sharon McPhail, defeated in primary; Hansen Clarke, defeated in primary; Sarella Johnson, defeated in primary; Clayton V. Johnson, defeated in primary; Angelo Brown, defeated in primary; Veronica Brown, defeated in primary; Tania K. Walton, defeated in primary; Stanley Christmas, defeated in primary; Roy Godwin, defeated in primary; Clifford Brookins II, defeated in primary.
  • 2005 Nov 8: Kwame M. Kilpatrick, elected; Freman Hendrix, defeated.
  • 2008 Sep 18: Kwame M. Kilpatrick, resigned.
  • 2009 Feb 24: David Bing, nominated; Ken Cockrel, Jr., nominated; Freman Hendrix, defeated in primary; Warren C. Evans, defeated in primary; Coleman A. Young II, defeated in primary; Sharon McPhail, defeated in primary; Nicholas Hood III, defeated in primary; Jerroll Sanders, defeated in primary; D. Etta Wilcoxon, defeated in primary; Brenda K. Sanders, defeated in primary; Donald R. Bradley, defeated in primary; Duane Montgomery, defeated in primary; Stanley Christmas, defeated in primary; Joseph W. Holt, defeated in primary; Frances D. Culver, defeated in primary.
  • 2009 May 5: David Bing, elected; Ken Cockrel, Jr., defeated.
  • 2009 Aug 4: David Bing, nominated; Tom Barrow, nominated; Jerroll Sanders, defeated in primary; Duane Montgomery, defeated in primary; D'Artagnan M. Collier, defeated in primary; Bob Allman, defeated in primary.
  • 2009 Nov 3: David Bing, elected; Tom Barrow, defeated.
  • 2013 Aug 6: Mike Duggan, nominated; Benny Napoleon, nominated; Krystal Crittendon, defeated in primary; Lisa Howze, defeated in primary; Tom Barrow, defeated in primary; John Olumba, defeated in primary; Fred Durhal, Jr., defeated in primary; Willie Lipscomb, Jr., defeated in primary; Angelo Brown, defeated in primary; Herman Griffin, defeated in primary; Sigmunt Szczepkowski, Jr., defeated in primary; Mark Murphy, defeated in primary; Jean Vortkamp, defeated in primary; John Telford, defeated in primary; D'Artagnan M. Collier, defeated in primary; Mike Dugeon, defeated in primary.
  • 2013 Nov 5: Mike Duggan, elected; Benny Napoleon, defeated.
  • 2017 Aug 8: Mike Duggan, nominated; Coleman A. Young II, nominated; Donna Marie Pitts, defeated in primary; Edward D. Dean, defeated in primary; Danetta L. Simpson, defeated in primary; Curtis Christopher Greene, defeated in primary; Angelo Brown, defeated in primary; Articia Bomer, defeated in primary.
  • 2017 Nov 7: Mike Duggan, elected; Coleman A. Young II, defeated.

    Postmasters at Detroit, 1802-1976 (may be incomplete!)
    Frederick Bates 1802-05 George Hoffman 1805-06 James Abbott 1806-31 John Norvell 1831-36 Sheldon McKnight 1836-42 Thomas Rowland 1842-45 John S. Bagg 1845-49 Alpheus S. Williams 1849-53 Thornton F. Brodhead 1853-57 Cornelius O. Flynn 1857-59 Henry N. Walker 1859-60 Alexander W. Buel 1860-61 William A. Howard 1861-66 Henry Barnes 1866-67 Frederick W. Swift 1867-75 John H. Kaple 1875-79 George C. Codd 1879-85 Alexander W. Copland 1885-89 Ellwood T. Hance 1889-93 John J. Enright 1893-97 Freeman B. Dickerson 1897-1906 Homer Warren 1906-13 William J. Nagel 1913-22 John Smith 1922-24 Peter Wiggle 1924-25 Charles C. Kellogg 1925 Charles C. Kellogg 1925-33 Roscoe B. Huston 1933-34 Roscoe B. Huston 1934-49 Frank C. Middel 1949-51 Frank C. Middel 1951-53 Edward L. Baker 1953-54 Edward L. Baker 1954-76

    Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1949 Nov 6: Roscoe B. Huston, died in office.

    (annexed to Detroit by 1930)

    Village Presidents of Delray, 1897-1903 (may be incomplete!)
    Frederick J. Clippert 1897 George O. Fisher 1900-01 Joseph Kinnell 1901-03

    Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1900: George O. Fisher, elected.
  • 1901 Mar 11: Joseph Kinnell (Citizens), elected; George O. Fisher (People's), defeated.
  • 1903 Mar 9: W. J. Frasier (Union), elected; Joseph Kinnell (Citizens), defeated.

    Postmasters at Delray, 1871-1903 (may be incomplete!)
    Theodore Negro as of 1871 Josiah A. Riopelle 1872-77 William Zimmerman as of 1879-83 C. Boston as of 1887 John P. Scott, Jr. as of 1891 John P. Scott, Jr. as of 1901-03

    St. Clair Heights
    (annexed to Detroit 1918)

    Postmasters at St. Clair Heights, 1901-11 (may be incomplete!)
    Henry F. Heller as of 1901 Herschel D. Parker as of 1911

    (annexed to Detroit 1905)

    Village Presidents of Woodmere, 1903 (may be incomplete!)

    Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1903 Mar 9: Fred A. Guilbert (Citizens), elected; Frank H. Beard (People's), defeated.

    Greenfield Township
    (annexed to Detroit by 1925)

    Supervisors of Greenfield Township, 1866 (may be incomplete!)

    Events and Candidates (may be incomplete!)

  • 1866 Apr 2: Peter Ternis (Dem), elected.
  • "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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